Ali Santoori Film

by Kamangir

Days ago I watched the film 'Ali Santoori' casting Bahram Radan and Golshifteh Farahani. I was once again amazed by a wonderful job performed carefully, sensibly. Once again I realized, that when Iranians really commit themselves to something the result can be second to none!

The film's director is the well experienced Dariush Mehrjooyi and when you have Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia as your assistant the result cannot be otherwise. The scripts, filmography, picture, cast are all matched by a great soundtrack. You can listen to one of the songs here:


The director got the permission to make the film but then later the film was not allowed in Iran's theaters and was not part of Fajr Festival. It's worth watching.

Dame bachehaye Iran kehili garm!


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Copying or Stealing ????

by Zubair (not verified) on

My point here is quite different from all of you people ....

y point here is that .. i m in pakistan and cant buy persian movies in stores because they are not available mostly so the best thing is to copy or download it ... so it will help ur industry to grow.. but i totally agree that in Iran it should not be copied nor be downloaded... but for other countries where these movies are not available should be deliever or permitted to downlaod ...

enjoy Ramazan


copyright voilation

by Mary Mo (not verified) on

From the management of Nima Entertainment,
You have 24 Hours to take this movie of your site.
The movie “Santouri the music man” it is own solely and exclusively by Nima Entertainment, and no other entity has any right for showing, screening or advertising and marketing of this movie in any way audio and video. Nima entertainment, producer of the movie, director and all the other staff who they work very hard for this movie have suffered a great financial lost and emotional distress as a result of this matter and they will take legal action against the subject web site and any company and entity who were involved with such a scam. Whether you download a movie from an unauthorized source or sell counterfeit DVDs on the street, you are a movie thief whose crimes carry serious legal consequences of which you should be aware. Federal and state laws and international treaties exist to stop people from stealing valuable copyrighted material. Pirates all over the world should know that law enforcement entities are committed to protecting copyrighted material because creative works such as motion pictures and television are as valuable as any other type of property.
The MPAA and its member companies have a multi-pronged approach to fighting piracy, which includes educating people about the consequences of piracy, taking action against Internet thieves, cooperating with law enforcement authorities around the world to root out pirate operations, and encouraging the development of new technologies that ensure movies can be made available legally over the Internet and other digital media. As an industry, we are working hard to protect our creative works. Nima entertainment had reported this matter to proper government agencies such as FBI to investigate this matter as well as filling a law sued.
Mary Mo
VP of Marketing and sales

persian westender

Comparing to 'Hamoon',

by persian westender on

Comparing to 'Hamoon', 'Banoo' and 'Derakhte golabi';  the Santoori is a downgrade. however I found the performances as excellent, specially Golshifteh Farahani. You could feel the cultural ministry pressures and presences in the all parts of the movie. It is not to say that touching of two lovers by medium of a scarf is an imposed and rediculous solution. by the same token touching can be illustrated and approved between two sweethearts by hitting!!!

The traces of Kimiaei in 'gavaznha' who consider the addictions or poverty as  products of the society's abnormalities is recognizable. At the end, movie is descriptive in how the process of self-destruction may occure in an artist without going through the reasons behind it. 'Hanieh's'(Golshifteh Farahani) fight for saving ali santoori is illustrated weak and lost in her struggle in not to falling in a her cliche interest to a rival. this could have more potentials.

I like Mehrjooi's works. but this one is like entering to a zone that you already know can not go much further...    



Downloading IS stealing.

by negar on

Downloading IS stealing. It's not very different from copying. I'm not going to debate that because it's an already established fact in the intellectual property laws. Moreover, Youtube can and does get sued for hosting copy righted material and in all cases it has removed them from its server. (read about the Viacom case for instance)

What makes you think that just because a film has a message it has been made for non-profit?! Read a couple of issues of Film magazine and see how many directors and producers are flat out begging the audience not to download or buy copied VCDs. And just so you know there are places in Iran where you can buy original VCDs and the proceeds do go to the producer (and become a source of revenue, I hope).

Last but not least I don't have a problem with you downloading, although I still find it unethical. What I was objecting to was the fact that you put the link up and encouraged others to watch it too. If cared about intellectual property or the fate of Iranian cinema, JJ would remove the link from your post. Lucky you, nothing is sacred here!

Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation. I can't wait to watch it :)


Red Wine

bad movie

by Red Wine on

Another bad movie . Heif-e poul keh kharjesh shodeh ! 


Excellent change!

by New Kamangir Fan (not verified) on

I want to share something with you and I am truly sincere on that.
A few months ago when I read some of your articles in this website I had a very negative view of you.
you know what articles I am talking about (in Farsi).

But After I quit this website for a month (in December) and came back in early January I saw a new and refined Kamangir. I wish everyone would change for good like that (including myself).

Now your judgements have matured and I am seeing good news and "impartial judgements" coming out of your blogs.

Very good,
Keep up the good job and remain in the good path!



by XerXes (not verified) on

Kamangir I love your blogs man. Thanks, really fun:)


Promotion by debating!

by Kamangir on

To negar:

Stealing is a serious word, don't you think?  

They don't make the films for charity, but such films in Iran are not made for financial reasons only something you don't seem to get). There're well organized groups and networks in Iran and abroad whose main job is to make money by copying CDs and DVDs, which besides being illegal, is inmoral. We're just talking about downloading it (go after the sites)

Can you go after youtube? NO, because they're neither copying nor selling anything. Santoori can also be watch on youtube. 

The VCD you may buy outside Iran, is just that a VCD, which means that even though you're paying for it, someone already copied it in large scale. I'd like other Iranians to watch the film (you can buy it) in order to get the message their own way. There was a message and that was the purpose of Dariush Mehrjooyi.  Therefore I recommend you 'buy' and watch the film (which according to me) is a great film. 



promotion by stealing?!!!

by negar on

I don't think you're doing the cast and crew any favor by encouraging people to download the film. In fact as I read somewhere, Dariush Mehrjooei explicitly pleaded with people not to download the film. Surely they have families to feed too. They don't make these great films (according to you - i haven't seen it yet) for charity!


Mohsen Chavoshi the singer

by Kamangir on

The singer of the song and the other songs of the film is 'Mohsen Chavoshi' You can hear his songs on youtube, his songs have great lyrics.  Regarding the film itself, well, it's a realistic approach to what unemployment, drugs and sicial preasures are doing to the Iranian youth, with clear finger pointing at the regime, hence the film was not allowed in the movie theaters. It's not a sad film at all, it's a film of hope and revival.  Golshifte Farahani once again amazes you with her unique acting, so does Bahram Radan. I really liked the film. Hope you enjoy it



by IRANdokht on

thanks for the review, now I want to see it again. I was told that it's a very sad and heartbreaking story...

do you know if they used someone else or was it Bahram Radan who sang the beautiful songs himself?