Armenian Iranians' Loyalty


by Kamangir

I still recall that beautiful church in Tehran and the accounts of my relatives and childhood friends about the 'Armenian Weddings' and Christmas and parties. It was just couple of years ago that I started somehow educating myself a bit more about those good christian friends in Tehran and the ones I met abroad. On a trip to Iran, years ago I bought a series of books called (keshvramoon ro behtar beshnasim) a well written and easy to read compilation of different regions, cultures and customes of Iran. I started realizing the important and long lasting effect of their presence and contibutions to Iran. Being very uneducated on the subject as I was, I was astonished by finding out that many Armenian Iranians participated in the war we had with Iraq and many were killed or 'martyred' in it. This still amazes me because, the whole 'official' martyrdom in Iran was and is based on Islamic shiism, whereas the Iranian christians killed in the war were simply christians that didn't come from islamic religious background. Nobody that I know of, has ever publicly expressed any kind gratitude towards our dear Armenian and Assyrian Iranian citizens. Some may wonder why anyone needs to thank them, however a more careful look at their contributions since the very first years of their presence in Iran, answers that question.

Their cultural influence in Iran covers almost any aspect of art, music, film making art and industry, technical tardes, knowledge of languages, etc...

Up to a point it makes me wonder how Iran would be like, without their presence. I even dislike referring to them as Armenian Iranian, because they're simply Iranian, good, hard working Iranian citizens that have had to pay a heavy price by staying in Iran after the so called revolution. By staying, they have to abide by the harsh islamic codes of life, something very uncommon within other christian communities in other islamic nations. They all feel very close to Iran and the rest of Iranians, even compared to Armenia itself. The one thing that I consider valuable is the fact that the last 3 decades have not changed the love and loyalty and strong feelings of our dear christian community towards their country Iran. I dream that one day we all cheristian, jewish, zorostrian, bahai and atheist...azari, kurdish, arab and all others live side by side in our beloved Iran, just like the old days, this time with more experience, with more appreciation of each other. I hope we all make it through this very harsh and long winter, that we don't fall into the nasty trap the enmies of our frienship have prepared for us. The love and loyalty of our christian friends towards Iran, simply gives me hope.

My God bless Iran


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Iranian Armenians

by Albert (not verified) on

So much has been said about the cordial relationship between Armenians and Persians from Ancient time. Today, Iran and Armenia enjoy a warm and friendly relationship despite the current geopolitics. I am, too, an Armenian from Iran and I remember growing up in Tehran in an Armenian neighborhood. Our house was right next to an Armenian school/church. My Persian neighbor across the street grew up learning Armenian and spoke Armenian fluently.

It's no secret that the Iranian revolution and the chaos in early years brought hardship to a lot of Iranians. Religious minorities were no exception and they went through several setbacks in Iran. The implementation of Islamic rules in Iran alienated religious minorities from the mainstream to an extent. Despite these setbacks, Armenians in Iran are well respected and enjoy a warm and friendly relationship with their Muslim compatriots.

After the independence of Armenia from Soviet Russia, Armenia and Iran have become two friendly nations. Armenians and Iranians continue to maintain their friendly relationship despite Azeri and Turkish influence to destroy the tie between these two nations.

I'm proud of my heritage, and I continue calling myself Iranian-Armenians anywhere I go. Some of my Persian friends try to hide their identity in the U.S. but I never did.

Let there be peace among all nations!


Armenian Iranians

by Erexsa Kalhor (not verified) on

Well I am only a quarter Armenian-Iranian (my grandmother) and the rest Iranian/Kurdish and I have to also agree that of all outside ethnic groups within Iran, Armenians are very well spoken for in the Iranian community...ya know ya got the turk/azeri jokes, kurds are thought of as these rebellious unsettled people, afghans are stereotyped as poor and uneducated....but one says anything horrible or stereotypical about armenians..they have truely assimilated within Iranian culture...and let me add that they are truely beautiful...they look like iranians with just one difference....better noses ( which is the aesthetic iranians desire)..not trying to offend anyone but thats just a physical trait ive noticed with any armenian-iranians ive met....however..i have met some armenian-iranians that try to distance themselves from Iran as if they are embarrassed..but who could blame them...our country has killed itself..but hopefully one day ( and I hope I can live to see this day) Iran will resurrect itself with a secular democracy...and this time the US wont fuck it up --- i.e. mosadegh



The only thing is there are

by Anonymous Stranger (not verified) on

The only thing is there are a lot of Armenian-Iranians that don't see themselves as Iranian at all even though they have lived there for so long after they come to America. A lot of them have hatered for Muslims and they see most Iranians as that. That's why so many Armenians hated Vigen as they it as him betraying his own people. Its quite unfortunate. My mother is Iranian and my father is Iranian-Armenian and I live somewhere with a prevalent amount of Armenian-Iranians in the USA so i know what i'm talking about.


I really enjoyed your

by Christina (not verified) on

I really enjoyed your article and everybody else's comments. Being an Iranian Armenian myself, I am proud of being Iranian. Today I had a discussion with one of my Armenian from Armenia coworkers. She was insisting that I should reffer to myself as armenian. No matter how I hard I tried to explain to her that I and my anscesters have been in Iran for 500 years which makes me an Iranian. She would just not get it. I think it is hard for other Armenian to sort of understand our love for our beloved Iran. They do not understand how we could be proud of being Iranian with the current government . They do not get it that being and Iranian has nothing to do with politic and religion, it is the love for that beloved country, those streets, alleys, and memories of our beautiful days in Iran. I think no one would understand us besides those who have been blessed by having been born in Iran. Long live Iran and its wonderful nation



by Armin (not verified) on

Im not that Armin no. i wouldnt even set my foot in USA to live there.

Im in Scandinavia not that Armin you think sorry.

Yes huge thanks to Viguen one of Irans best musicians ever.

Zendebad Iran


from Grandpa!

by Grandpa (not verified) on

Do you think Vigen (or all other Armenians, are not always in our hearts?!)
Especially for me Vigen was Iran!!
He was my youth!
May God rest his soul.


Thank you

by Frieda (not verified) on

As an Iranian-Armenian, I thank you for this great post and your acknowledgment. It is also so nice to read all the positive comments about Iranian-Armenians.

Armenians have 400 years history in Iran and it is so sad that Armenian population has decreased more than 50% in Iran(by some estimate that number is even higher). Many churches are being abandoned and due to many difficulties (some due to government pressure and so economical reasons),the young generation sees no future for themselves and they are leaving 400 years history behind.

Thank you readers for your wonderful support.


Armenians are in our hearts

by XerXes (not verified) on

Armenians are in the hearts of every Iranian.


They are economically suffering

by Alborzi (not verified) on

My parents had an accident on the way to Rezayeh, the accident was pretty bad and my parents were transferred to
the hospital in Rezayeh in coma, I was kept by an Armenian farmer near the site, later on they kept in touch and I attended their Christmas, Janvieh and PAK parties, unfortunately on my last visit to Iran (after 30 years) none of those farms were held by Armenians They were always poor but now they are even poorer, its economic cleansing.



by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

It is wright, that we iranians have lived with our armenic countrymates in peace and understandig. after the islamic revolution are the friendly relation to the armenian intensifeid.A colligue of mein is from armenia, a very nice fellow. In tehran i knew also several armenies. The turky may have had different relations to armenians. is this now a reason for europeans and soon america to damn turky? Why do they politisize the very old history? My Friend does not want to know a word about thease KASSE GARMTAR AS ASH HA. which missuse the , may be not in all points correct interpreted, history for their own devilish purposesGreetings


Armenians are the most

by Kurdboy (not verified) on

Armenians are the most peaceful and pleasant people that I have met.


well said

by MRX (not verified) on

History of Iran and Armenia are intertwined and some what linked together. Today we share a lot of similarities in our culture, music, and way of life and so on....
Iranian Armenian are among some of the best Iranians out there and I am proud to have some of them as friends and as a “ham mihan”.



by bang (not verified) on

Armenians are a nice bunch. Very pleasnat people. In fact, people from all sorts of religions and sects have been, more or less, living in harmony, except members of MEK who all they did was social unrest, terror, and assassination, while their chief was busy banging his followers's wives :)



by MJ (not verified) on

I am not Armenian but have 3 close Armenian friends, and all thru my life I've never thought of them as Armenians! They are simply my close friends and I love them from the bottom of my heart. I pretty much think they love me the same way too.
Yay for A and M and C!!!


To "Armenian-Iranian" Armin.

by Majid on

Armin ! is that you ? is your last name Rosta...... from Northridge, CA?????????


Thank You

by Hooman (not verified) on

As a Moslem Iranian, I had the pleasure of attending an Arminian-run elementary school in Tehran (Bahar e No). I could'nt agree more with your comments. I found Arminian Iranians to be first and foremost Iranian. A strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to Iran resonated in every aspect of thier teachings. May they (along with all other Iranian ethnicities) continue to be part of the fabric of the great nation of Iran.

As far as the "Islamic Republic" thing goes....this shall also pass.


Thank you for reminding us of good and kind Armenian compatriots

by Parsua (not verified) on

I have the best memories of all Armenians in Iran. Infact, everything for my wedding was done by the great hearted Armenians and what a fantastic job! I grew up among Armenians and I never forget their honesty, kindness and wisdom. I also have some Armenian friends here in US and I cherished them all. They are blessings to Iran.

Thanks again


Armenian males and females were the top class Iranian citizens

by Kaveh K (not verified) on

Do you guys remember "Charshabeh Soories"? The Armenians were the best to treat our crowd with their goodness and generosities. Armenians were civilized in appearance, social skill, life style, celebration, parties, education, and work ethics. They always treated others with preserving their dignities. They had great influence in our neighborhood.

There were stupid and ignorant Muslim kids calling them “Armani Sag Armani” (Armenians are dogs) or “Armani kon nashoor” (Armenians do not wash their asses). We always felt awful hearing such verbal lashes and abuses since we had many Armenian friends in our koocheh (alley) that we would exchange home visits on regular basis.

Their dance parties, Christmas celebrations, social and dinner gatherings, listening to them play music, exchanging good books and more were enlightening life experiences for our friends and my family.

Armenian males and females were the top class Iranian citizens. I am x-Muslim. Let me express my intense apology to all Iranian-Armenians for my other Iranian citizens mistreating you all out of dogma that they themselves have been a victim of.

From upper portion of Bahar Street – Tehran.

Jahanshah Javid

Thank you

by Jahanshah Javid on

Wonderful piece. It's rare that we acknowledge "others" among us.


Me too

by Love (not verified) on

I am not armenian, yet i love armenians. I am still looking for my armenian school friend who walked with me home every day and we talked about everything. I also miss the armenian sandwich shop that i bought salad oliviyeh sandwich from for lunch. Does anyone remember that, on one of the side street crossing shah avenue.

Mohammad Ala

We are Iranians

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for your article.   We all are Iranians who have different background and traditions.  I am happy to see one of the old Churches in Tehran (Karim Khan street).  Actually, there is a place in North West Iran where Armenians come together from all over the world to celebrate their tradition in Spring of each year.  Iran belongs to many people.   We are Azari, Armenian, Zoroastrian, Sumerian, Asurian, Kurds, etc.  We are Iranians.  I respect those individuals who value where they came from and help to advance it.


Dr. Ala is Professor of Business and and a Board member of,, and


Thank you for your lovely text

by caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

I have yet to meet an Armenian-Iranian, who isn't civilised, educated, cultured, well-mannered, generous, gentle and astute. It would be interesting if a sociologist made a study on how this group of immigrants have managed to 'fit in' for over 500 years, as well as keeping their own cultural heritage alive and enriching to the point of respect from the current regime in Iran (although, it must be said that Iranians do tend to be in general a hospital lot).


Right on. It was a blessing

by Gilani (not verified) on

Right on. It was a blessing for Iran that many nationalities and religions were forced, or chose to live in Iran. In my view, the Armenians have been the best community because they contributed the most (per capita) to the progress of Iran with their skills and power of minds. I once read that Reza Shah noticed that our female population at the time looked like cave women with the exception of girls in Armenian neighborhoods. Indeed, we have learnt a lot from the Armenians and hope one day, we can provide them with a decent living environment in their country, Iran.
PS. The coolest thing that I recently learnt was that Iran has about 140,000 African-Iranians currently living in Iran. Apparently, they moved to Iran during slave trades about 400 years ago.


from an "armenian-iranian"

by armin (not verified) on


its so wonderful to read your text.
My mother is iranian-armenian and my father persian. i can tell you that some of the most nationalistic (iran loving) people ive meet are from my mothers side.

I know armenian families myself that lost sons to the war. we love our iran and my home will always be iran.

interesting that you are referring to the term armenian-iranian. i dont consider my self iranian-armenian. i always say im 100% iranian when people ask me about nationality. We armenians were so happy in iran. unfortunately this current could be a little more open to armenians, for instance nothing have been said about armenians who lost their lives for our country. if i had stayed in iran i also probably would fight for my dear iran.

one of the saddest things that have happened is that most of the minorities have fled the country after the revolution. there was even a general that was armenian during the reza shah era i think. nowadays almost all armenians have fled the country. and its sad when we remember how much minorities have contributed to iran. there is shockingly many things that was started by armenians. some of the car industry. some of the best instrument maker in iran were armenians. my own family did a lot of work for reza shah. my grandmother for instance made some of his curtains for one of his palaces. and my grandfather helped reza shah with the marmor stone for a palace.

i will never come over the fact that this regime caused most armenians to flee to bloody america. that alone saddens me.

we are iranians and darn proud to be iranians.


Respect and Love your fellow man!!!

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

"IMAGINE" Kamangir your writing is AWSOME!!! As I was growing up in Iran in 1970's I had many close friends whom weren't Muslims and this it was the same with my parents. I was and I'm blessed to have known such folks in my life!!!! Thanks again for your thoughts.