Babak Khorramdin & Sorkh Jamegan

by Kamangir

A short clip about Babak Khorramdin

He was a true national hero. A real Persian.


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My dear True Iranian

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I am not disputing the fact that there was war between persians ans arabs,I am saying lets stop these thoughts of domination.If all we are thinking is one dominating over the other ,then when will we have peace on Earth?For how long mothers have to see their sons dying and slautherd in the name of religion ,race, nationality and so other prejudices.We used to be this great nation lets strive to be great in art of tolerance and brotherhood of human race.


To Oh My God

by True Iranian (not verified) on

Yes, if Hazrate Mohammad comes back to life today, he would still discriminate against all non-Arabs (Ajams) especially Iranians. As he did so to his best comrade and confidant, Salman Farsi (the Persian), the only educated person in his group who not just taught him the art of modern warfare, but pretty much turned Mohammad’s ideas into a full fledged religion. His successors, namely Abubakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, proved their discrimination and hatred by forcing Iranians into slavery. I am still puzzled why Iranians adopted Islam as their religion. It had to be by force, there is no other explanation for it. So next time your heart starts bleeding for Mohammad or any other Arab, take a glance at history and remember how they united against Iran during Saddam's agression.
So, salute to Bbak Khoramdin and all who fought against Arab occupation of Persia!


Oh My God!

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I can not believe that we are talking about domination !!Any form of domination is wrong and it has been wrong,even God does not speak about dominating his creatures.Only bullies dominate!
We should not talk about arabs or anyone like this.the color of our blood the shape of our heart is the same we are all from human race.
Please stop this game of domination of one over the other.If Hazrate Mohamad comes back to life do you think he makes lines between arabs and iranians or anyone else for that matter? It is the religious leaders that are teaching us to hate and separate.


Put it in historical context!

by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

With the passage of time the Arabs will eventually realize (and by the way they are realizing at this moment) that it is in their interest to submit again to Persian domination like during the Sassanian times than to Roman domination.

Look at it this way:
Roughly speaking over 500 thousand Iraqi Arabs died in Iran-Iraq war.
How many thousand Kuwaiti Arabs were killed by Iraqi Arabs?
How many Iraqi Arabs were killed in 1991 operation Desert Storm?
Between 1991 and 2003 due to Roman-imposed sanctions every year 100 thousand Iraqi Arabs died.
After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 till now over one million Iraqi Arabs died.

The Arabs themselves are converting in unprecedented numbers to Persian religion of Shi'ism.
So I say to all Arabs under Persian protection you will be able to have far more self-respect and independence than under Roman domination.
With the establishment of an indigenous military-industrial complex in Iran which is in the process of happening the Arabs would do well to vote in favour of their children.