Blond & Blue Eyed Iranians


by Kamangir

Since I was a child I always noticed that those blond blue eyed kids at school or neighbourhood were somehow a rarity among us. They were referd to as 'foreig looking' or 'khareji looking' but they were Iranian. Even now, I've noticed other Iranians making comments such as: He/she doesn't look Iranian at all....

To some or I should say many, these blond and fair skin Iranians are the 'proof' of our Aryan ancestors. Once outside Iran, I noticed that this is less of a rarity among other Middle Eastern nationalities such as the Turkish, or the Lebanese, and definitely present in Iraq, Syria. Egypt and most other countries in the region. However, none of the above seem to link this to their Aryan roots. Couple of years ago a friend of mine traveled to Afganistan as part of a team of European doctors and spent almost a year there, mainly in Kabul and northen provinces of that country. On his return he told me how he and his colleagues were all amazed by the very visible presence of very blond, tall and blue eyed afganis that didn't resemble the Russian. He had taken many pictures and showed me many of them and I saw what he meant. These were 100% nordic looking afganis, some very good looking. He rated the percentage of this type of physical features up to 35 or 40%. Once I read that during in ancient times, the soldiers or guards standing by the main gates of Persepolis and other main palaces in Persia were mostly from the Eastern provinces of the empire, once called 'Ariana' located in today's Afghanistan. The guards were selected because of their physical appearance, very tall and robust, blond and blue eyed. However, anyone familar with Iran and its different regions could realize that such physical attributes are present in many regions of Iran, in Azerbayian, Kurdistan, Fars, Khuzestan and obviously the Northern Caspian provinces with lesser degree in the central provinces. However; in Iran there's a very visible trace of the Arab influence all over the country and more so among what has been refered to as the 'Persian' Historical records of Tarikhe Tabari and Zarrinkoob make clear reference to the heavy relocation of many Arab tribes from Arabia to Persia, in the centuries after the fall of the Sassanid empire. These tribes were literally installed in Iran in order to control the intensive Persian resistance against the invasion. In some instances, entire cities and villages were abondoned by Persians who fled to the mountaineous Eastern provinces (the city of Ghom, is an example of this) now part of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Some others howver; fled their homeland and after years of travelling got to India (the Parsis) and some others, mainly the upper-classes of politicians and royal families arrived in China, including Pirooz the son of Yazdgerd. For arabs that invaded Iran the fairer and blonder Persian women were the most valuable and the ones that were transported and sold in Arabia. These whole shiftings of population changed the ethnic structure of Iran and may as well explain the very visible presence of the fair and blond type in the Eastern provinces now, Afganistan as well as in the remote and mountaineous regions of Iran itself. The arabized physionomy in Iran far exceeds the blond and fair type while the vast majority of then population remains close to what the vast majority of the Iranians looked like during the Sassanid times, which is mainly a Mediterranean physionomy. Besides the visible mix with the Arab type there's another breed of Monghol and or Far East looking type not present in other Middle Eastern countries. Ferdowsi makes clear reference to this in Shahnameh when he says: Ze Irano Torkano Tazian, nejadi padid ayad dar mian, na dehghano torko tazi bowad, sokhanan be kerdare bazi bowad.

Please note that by saying Torkan (Ferdowsi was refering to the Turkeman tribes, descendants of the Moghols in Iran) and by saying Dehghan, he was refering to the Persian and obviosuly the Tazian meant the Arabs.

It's worth mentioning that the blond and fair type of physic is also present among the Zoroastrian community, also being a minority among themselves. Therefore; one could conclude that even in ancient Persia the fair type was not very common either. Now, why would Cyrus and other Persian kings refer to themselves as king of the Aryans, may remain a mystery...


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programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Europes history is not old at all. Everyone knows, that if a indo-european migration occured, then they migrated TO europe.

Excuse me, but that is complete garbage. That claim is in contradiction to ALL of the evidence. There isn't any academic in good standing who would support you on that. It's only the Iranian and Indian versions of Hitler (extreme racial nationalists) who even attempt to put it forward.



Indo-Europeans did NOT migrate to iran

by Americanoo (not verified) on

The idea of a blueeyed and blond aryan is just something hitler invented. And that the first aryans were found in northern-europe where they migrated to iran is not even something scholars claim.

Europes history is not old at all. Everyone knows, that if a indo-european migration occured, then they migrated TO europe.

There are blond and blueeyed ARABS and ASSYRIANS and JEWS to, and they are not aryan. Even the mongols where described as "blond devils" by the chineses.

It is most likely that the aryans migrated from India, Kurdistan, Iran or Afghanistan.

It's so stupid to think from europe.


Blond & Blue Eyed Iranians

by Beo (not verified) on

This may be of interest.

Blonds in the Far East and American Northwest




by Mehdi on

I find it kind of funny how most Iranians hate racism but at the same time work hard trying to prove they are Aryan - whatever that means. They are really trying to say they are from a better race, or at least that they are not from a lower race/culture/ethnicity/geneology (these terms are not exact and they will never be). What is the osession with race? What does it matter what color your hair is? Aryans trying to prove they are better/pure, etc. And then there is Jewsih/semetic/whatever who are trying to show them! Very funny stuff. They work so hard to define themselves in terms of body feature, beliefs, language or other such vague distinctions. Maybe we should be looking forward to a day when science is so advanced that you can take a pill and your gene, language accent, body features, etc. can change from one race/ethnicity/culture, etc to another! That would be so cool! I wonder what would happen then to such nonsense like "Islamic Republic" or "Kurdish pride" or "Jewish State" or "Aryan Race." That would be funny times - seeing all these races anxious to "protect" their beloved "heritage." Very funny indeed.


To: programmer craig

by Iranian- on

Yes, the indo-Europeans had better military and war fighting skills but with archeological diggings and carbon dating it has been determined that the buildings and tools and in some cases the way of life of the original inhabitants were more advanced.

Actually there was a slow but mass migration from parts of Europe and Northern Caucuses to present day Iran. It is indicated that it started around 4,000 years ago. But there has been an ancient civilization residing in Iran that dates back as far as 10,000 years ago.

Actually, if you live in New York City, visit the Museum of Natural History there and they may still have the exhibits there. I was there more than 10 years ago and they had quite a bit of information on this.


programmer craig

To: Iranian-

by programmer craig on

It is true that tribes of Northern Europeans migrated to Iranian
Plateau over a period of several thousand years

I've never heard taht, actually. Central and Eastern Europe, yes. In fact, I think it's pretty safe to say the majority of Iranians are th descendants of Europeans (not necessarily the Proto-Indo_Europeans) - there is much evidence of tribal migrations from Europe into Iran. Sarmatians, Dacians, Scythians, etc.

but the facts indicate
that the local people (darker skinned/black hair) people who lived in
those lands were actually more superior in culture and technology to
the Indo Europeans who migrated there from Europe.

I don't know how you can assert "facts" from pre-history! It's called pre-history for a reason! :)

The Proto-Indo-Europeans (Aryans) were almost assuredly seens as "superior" by the local inhabitants, either militarily or culturally or both. They simply wouldn't ahve been able to transmit their language the way they did if they weren't able to establish control in the areas they migrated through. Whether they were blond with blue eyes or not, it makes perfect sense that those traits would begin to vanish over time when the majority of local inhabitants don't have them. They are both recessive genetic traits. The only way for offspring to have those traits is if the allele is present in both parents. These traits (blond hair and blue eyes) are becoming quite rare even in notrhern europe, where they were at one time extremely common, for the same reason.


Mr Kamangir

by Iranian- on

Troneg is correct. The 'bond hair, blue eyed Aryan was a Nazi concept, which was refined by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the German SS in 1930s. It is absolutely senseless and in a way, a funny method to classify people.

Later, with the approval of Hitler, Himmler started bringing in Northern Europeans who were mostly blond hair/blue eye and have them mix with the German SS soldiers to 'improve' the German race!

It is true that tribes of Northern Europeans migrated to Iranian Plateau over a period of several thousand years, but the facts indicate that the local people (darker skinned/black hair) people who lived in those lands were actually more superior in culture and technology to the Indo Europeans who migrated there from Europe.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

The word "Aryan" is not really used any more. Nor are any of the old theories about the migration patterns of the "Proto-Indo_Europeans", which is the correct term.


"Aryan" refers to them, but the word "Aryan" only exists on the Indian Subcontinent. And the current theories about the Proto-Indo-Europeans are that they migrated in several directions from their starting point (wherever it was) and that the Indian subcontinent is only one of the places they ended up. (Which is why "Aryan" is not considred a valid name for them).

And you are right, Troneg. Nobody knows what they looked like. Nobody even knows where they came from originally. There are several competing theories, all based on linguistics - nothing based on archaelogical evidence. All that is known for sure (realtively speaking!) is that they did exist. The spread of their language is the proof of it.

Kamangir, as far as blondes with blue eyes in Afghanistan, I've heard that they are the descendants of Thracians who served in Alexander's armies. The Thracians were described by Herodotus as blond and ruddy. I think in most Arab countries (and in Turkey) the explanation is much simpler and much more recent. German tribes (Goths, Vandals, etc) began invading Arab lands and Asia Minor about 1700 years ago, and that continued with Scandinavian tribes (Normans, Varangians, etc) right up until the fall of the Byzantine empire.

You may be right about the presence of those traits in Iran coming from the "Aryans" (whatever one wants to call them). I'm not aware of any alternate explanation.



Hello Mr. Kamangir..

by *Anonymous (not verified) on

How about blond and green eyed Iranian??

Just kidding... :)
Anyhow I think we have more green eyed than blue...


Who Told you Arians were Blond and Blue Eyed

by Troneg on

It was an Hitlerian assumption how himself was small and brown haired !

Arian is not only about appearance. It is a culture. We are from the Indo European family who migrated from somewhere in North of Siberie to South. Some tributes (Med, Perse, Kurd) stayed in Iran and the reste went to India.

The proof is given by our language. just an easy fact : We say Madar and Pedar which is very near to (Mother, Father - Père- Mère (FR) - Padre -Madre (IT). There are all Indo European Language. Arabe and Jews (Semite language say Abi and Ama).

Turkish migrated to region many centeries later and between the time we had Alexandre coming and many war with Greeks. People do war but also make children during the peace periode ;-) so it is normal we have a big diversity of colour in Iran. We had also Monghol and today our Turkeman have "Chinese Eyes".

Appearence dont make Culture or history but the reverse id true