Breaking the Hormat


by Kamangir

This expression or word (hormat) we Iranians use may have several meanings in other Languages. The first English meaning that comes to mind is the word 'respect'. This respect or 'hormat' in our daily speech refers to the respect and appreciation we feel and have towards another person. We know, that breaking the hormat, in a relationship will forever have a negative effect on it, same thing can be applied to all other relationships, be this a frienship, father and son, husband and wife, brother and sister....There's a line that should 'never' be crossed and applying this to a larger scale of relationships same thing happens when the 'hormat' is broken between a government and its people. There cannot be respect when the whole relationship is based on fear. Few could possibly argue that it was long ago when the hormat between the Iranian people and the Islamic regime they brought to power, was broken. However, throught the years despite the international situation, Iranians in overall both in Iran and abroad, have kept and enhanced this hormat between themselves and the West. Through massive emigration and through art, Iranians have somehow managed to prove that the current Iranian regime does not represent them. Being one of the very few if not the only country that has managed to get a prestigious name among the European and Western filmmakers, by having created their very own and unique style in delivering their messages, Iranian directors, writers and actors have made most Iranians proud of thei country. In sports, their behavior has always shown the Iranian cultural base of respect and humility. Amongst the large Iranian population living outside Iran, they have been one of the most succesful and respectable communities, specially in the US itself, although part of it has to do with the possibilities this country has offered them. Doctors, surgeons, architects, teachers, artists, bussiness men and women and all others have shown that given basic rights they do not see themselves any different than the best of the world. There are many shortcomings when it comes to unity among the Iranian themselves, however this might be because of the very classist approach Iranians have towards others both outside and inside Iran. Despite all the propaganda on both sides, Iranian people in Iran have always had a love affair with the United States of America, appreciating this country's freedom and way of life. I recall the actor Sean Penn saying, that he hasn't met any people closer to the Americans that Iranian themselves (on Larry King show, after his trip to Iran) I feel that there still is 'hormat' between the Iranian and the US and the West. A large military attack on Iran, the way it seems it has been planned may break this 'hormat'. The Iranian youth would see their country humiliated, burnt and destroyed by the very same country they so much like, the US. Iran is the best cultural ally the US has in the Middle East and Asia, there're other ways of getting rid of the Islamo-Fascist regime of Iran, that both the Iranian and the Americans and many others despise. A war, or military attack of the scales planned may forever break the respect the Iranians have towards America. A still recall what one of my friends said, that during the last 30 years despite the appreances, the world likes us more, because they have known us, whereas before they simply smiled at us because we looked like someone that has all the sudden won the lottery prize, just like the way they smile at the citizens of the UAE. However, with time we have won some real respect, the real hormat, and this shouldn't be broken.


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Re: Very Good Point

by Kamangir on

Dear Mehdi

I do agree with the fact that the international law is for eveyone and should treat everyone the same. However, I am certain that the the Iranian nuclear issue is only an excuse and nothing but that. They know that the Iranian regime would not attack them, as a matter of fact, Iran may have already bought several nuclear arms from other nations. They are looking for an excuse to get rid of the same regime they brought to power some 29 years ago. As an Iranian I do not approve of the current regime existance. It does not represent us as Iranians and it goes without saying how much cultural damage has caused to our country. It's despised by Iranians and it's about time to get rid of it. Therefore, for me the priority is to get rid of the regime entirely, relying on very severe and tough economic sanctions and cutting its gas supply (the one that Iran imports due to its own lack of refinaries) The current regime should not be allowed to go nuclear. Only a democratic, civilized and normal Iranian government should be allowed to do so.



Very Good Point

by Mehdi on

I hope to see an article or something to invite everyone to come up with imaginative ways the situation in Iran could be improved. Maybe an article on just how the potentially nuclear threat could be resolved peacefully. For example, I was thinking the other day that maybe the world or UN or whoever should change their view on nuclear power freedom. I mean I hear that all countries are allowed to develop nuclear energy for power. But then Iran is told it can't, which is against what was agreed by all - at least as far as I understand. So maybe if the world changed this to something like "no country can work towards possessing nuclear power plants unless approved by US, Russia, China, England, Israel, France, Pakistan and all the countries that already have nuclear power or nuclear bombs." I really think that it would at least clear some confusion and take away some pretence - let's face it the powers that be don't trust Iran to have nuclear energy, so why are they pretending that they do? You can call me a supporter of mullahs if you want but isn't the world assuming Iran's regime guilty until proven innocent? Why don't they correct the international law so that it clearly states that only trusted countries can have nuclear power? That way, Iran's regime would be properly sanctioned for violating the law instead of sanctioning or threatening them for the suspecion of a crime. Maybe others have better suggestions on how this issue can peacefully be handled. What do you think?


Thank you for your comment.

by a voice (not verified) on

Thank you for your comment. I think you are very right in what you are saying. Unfortunately there is too much corruption for these beautiful words to be heard. It is all about money and oil. No human voice is being heard. All the dignity to respect "hormat" is vanished. You must have been here over fifty years. We should not have brought our children to this world. The guy who criticises your English does not have the capacity to understand the depth of your words.


"I really wish that those of

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

"I really wish that those of you who cannot read and write properly in the English language refrain from doing so. Type in farsi or something else. I'm tired of reading people's jibberish presented as prose". Well then, don't read them professor stuck-up (no one's twisting your arm to read them).


Crack Pipe

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

Stop smokin' dude. YOU'RE KILLIN' ME HERE! ! ! !


Illiterate People...

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

I really wish that those of you who cannot read and write properly in the English language refrain from doing so. Type in farsi or something else. I'm tired of reading people's jibberish presented as prose.


to empower Iran in becoming foundation for a secular progressive

by Iran_Novin (not verified) on

This religion debacle in the region stinks and it is sad. The future looks more gloomy there than rosy. And, west is risking very high since own created malicious monster is unleashed. The only constructive solution is to empower Iran in becoming foundation for a secular progressive society in that region.
The best solution for Iran is to surprise the entire region and world. The best surprise is to announce internationally of peacefully becoming a modern secular federal republic in six months and have United Nations to oversight its transition and Iranian military in preserving the integrity of country.
Its domino effect in the region will keep Iran safe, secure, and prosper internally and internationally for a long time.