Cheney ordered nuking Iran

by Kamangir

Report: Cheney ordered nuking Iran Sat, 06 Oct 2007 22:52:12

A B-52 bomber taking off A new report has linked the mysterious flight of a nuclear armed B-52 bomber to the US Vice President's secret plan to attack Iran. Earlier, news outlets revealed that, on August 30, a B-52 bomber loaded with six nuclear armed cruise missiles had flown for more than three hours over several states. The incident prompted an Air Force investigation and the firing of one commander. The report by Webster Tarpley published on Rense website on Saturday claimed that many analysts believed those weapons were destined to be used in a nuclear blitz on Iran, which may have been scheduled for September 6, the day that Israel launched its own aerial attack on Syria. The report adds " Even more heinous uses of these cruise missiles here inside the United States can also not be excluded, given the insistence of the Cheney Doctrine on a terrorist act in the US to be blamed on Iran as the immediate pretext for the Iran war ­ as Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate Foreign relations Committee on Feb. 1, 2007.” Many sources (see Wayne Madsen Report, September 24) agree that the transfer of these nuclear weapons to Iran was blocked by US Air Force personnel, backed up by anti-Cheney factions in the intelligence community, who refused to obey an illegal order. It is also important to note that some half dozen personnel linked to the Minot and Barksdale air bases have reportedly died under mysterious circumstances since July. Elsewhere in his report, Terpley quotes his sources as saying that "It is unlikely that a sneak attack on Iran could get through the normal channels of the US national security interagency process. The realization of Cheney's war plan depends upon an outside manufactured event, along the lines of 9/11, which could be used to engineer the typical neocon end run around the standard operating procedures and launch the wider war. "


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To concerned Iranian

by Kamangir on

Dear fellow

There's been many serious investigations carried out by real, honest abd patriotic Americans regarding 9/11 and again those who are seriously questioning the official version of events, are in fact 100% Americans themselves.


This line of thinkinbg is akin to hallucination

by Concerend Iranian (not verified) on

Dear Kamnagir,'
Your letter sounds good to the unwary, and I am sure you believe it yourself. The problem is, it is like hallucination. It is not true. No, I do not have any inside information. But this line of thinking is quite dangerous, if not outright reckless. To say someone manufactured 9/11 and to say now the Cheney "group" intended to bomb Americans to justify its "evil" intentions, is simply naive. It bespeaks of the writers' utter lack of knowledge of the American Pscyche. It is easy to tag eveything this administration does with a conspiracy label, but it is not true. One needs to study (really study!) the American mind before making these irresponsbile accousations. It is not enough that you may live in the U.S., you need to see if an American will do, what you accuse him of doing.


Its just a show

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its saber rattling, I agree the plane with the nuke looked ominous, but that was the purpose of it to scare the Iranians,
however it was just a show.


Pahlavi Cabals and Stooges like ........ DK

by Foad on

 Those stooges who are planning to go back to Iran to fill their bottomless packets take note. Sacrificing millions of motherland brothers and sisters for money and power is ugly.



No one can do a damn thing

by Daryush (not verified) on

Any attack on Iran in the long run make the aggressor lose. Therefore no one can do a damn thing.


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by no_name (not verified) on