Ctesiphone in fire!

by Kamangir

Ctesiphone (where taghe kasra) is located, was one of the most important and beautiful cities of Persia. Being the administrative capital of the Sassanids, was one of the first cities to be destroyed and looted by the invading Arabs. The link below takes you to some sections of the publications 'Payame Azadegan' which was later closed. //iranpoliticsclub.net/history/ctesiphone/


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Reza Azami

by Anonhhhhous (not verified) on

you seems to be a very mean poor person, "To bessyaar bee-Shakhsiyati" !!



by Reza Azami (not verified) on

get a life man, who cares about Ctesiphone or
whatever, people are dying there and you care
about 2500 years ago? wake up man, iran is
a muslim country man, you can't change it.
Korosh, Daryush, sasanids whoever they were are
history, we are a muslic country now. like it
or not, that's how it is.
nothing you can do to take it to those dark ages of sasanids.



by ahvazi on

I was talking to one of my Iraqi friends who was telling me about the site of Ctesiphone, where as kids they used to go there for picnic and  spoke about the high ceiling, and how even now after centuries the site carried some magnificance of its past. Saddam later put a fence around it to stop visitors to go there and perhaps diminish its historical significance. Saddam wasted his time since there are Iranians who are doing that for him!

Saddam Bekhab Ke Maa Bidaarim!


Dr. Aryamanesh was assassinated by Islamic Republic Terrorists

by Iran First (not verified) on

Thanks Kamangir.

"Persian Holocaust"!

Dr. Aryamanesh was assassinated by Islamic Republic Terrorists in Paris.

"For the first time on Internet and after Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh's assassination by Islamic Republic' Terrorists, we have finally decided to dig into our archives and publish the final and unfinished Masterpiece of our mentor and master Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, online. Learn the hidden history unveiled by the great historian, scholar, criminologist, professor and author, Kourosh Aryamanesh. This book is about the history they do not teach you in schools of Iran, the true historical events of how Islam entered Iran or shall we say the "Persian Holocaust"!


Stop Genocide of Iranians by Islamists

by SGI (not verified) on

Stop Genocide of Iranians by Islamists
Islamists in Iran are like KKK in USA.


taagh kasra

by Yaser Ebrahimi (not verified) on

It was a place for injustice, and the social gap between rich and poor was huge, Sasanians were buch of
aristocrat dimwits who fucked up the country, that's how the savage arabs managed to capture it.
Regarding tisphone if you look at history you will see that it wasn't a great city at all, it was captured so many times by romans before, it was sacked so many times... it was a garbage city, nothing glorious about it.