Divorce Iranian Style (documentary)

by Kamangir

An interesting documentary on real cases of divorce in Iran's tribunals. All individuals are real and so are their stories. (More than 1hr documentary)


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Azarin Sadegh

Dear Kamangir

by Azarin Sadegh on

You're right. It's just a small part of a much bigger problem. But I realized that most people have already gotten used to it, so they don't even feel any outrage. Or they're afraid (like the women in the documentary), or they're not moved by something that feels so far and doesn't apply to them anymore (like the rest of us in Diaspora).

Thanks for posting it...we need to be reminded of what is going on in our homeland.



Re: Azarin

by Kamangir on

Dear Azrin

Documentaries an films like this one, do remind us what Iranians are going throgh under the IRI and this is nothing compared to the real cultural and generational damages being caused...

They say tat te truth hurts!



Azarin Sadegh

I just feel so angry watching it

by Azarin Sadegh on

"interesting" is not the right adjective. I would have used "outrageous".

It is 1:30 AM on the eve of my B-day, and I feel a bit stupid watching this documentary, and to feel so angry. Tomorrow I would not be in the mood of celebration after this.

I know. Some might think I should still feel happy since , at least, I can express my anger as much as I want to. That I should feel lucky, just because I am not living there anymore.

I guess my anger tells something else. Even if I have left Iran, somehow Iran hasn’t left me yet. That’s why I come back to Iranian.com to feel like being at home. But why this home looks so ugly, so terrible, so unfair?

So “lucky” isn’t good enough. Sometimes even expressing the anger is not good enough. How can I feel lucky, or happy, when I can feel so angry, by watching an “interesting” documentary of the facts of life in Iran? Why should I so easily collapse, even if I am free to do whatever I want? Why Nadias and I are the only ones commenting on this? Where are the others? The other outraged ones?

No. Not tomorrow. Not this year. I will celebrate my B-day on another day. Some day.



I had no idea that.......

by Nadias on

it was this awful in court.


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