Driving in Tehran (spontaneous!)

by Kamangir

Could you drive there? I guess it's all matter of practicing it!


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driving is hard, crossing by foot is dangerous

by Troneg on

It reminde me a joke.

An american who lived in Iran come back home and friends ask him did you learn some words. He rely yes, I learned 2 words !

Inchalah : before crossing the street

mashalah : when I crossed it.

In Teheran, driving is hard but walking and crossing streests are dangerous.

PS: Tokyo is fine, if you compare it with Shanghai !


You are too Americanized

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its actually not the worst, Tokyo was even worst,
not only there are way too many cars, but they all drive on the other side (not to be confused with homos)
Anyway many other cities are even worst so deal with it.


not to worry

by out of touch u guys are (not verified) on

u need not to worry about it, keep telling us your cute stories of your chilhood.that is all u have left from Iran and guess what?there wont be any thing more for u.