Entertainment Response on 9/11 (must watch)

by Kamangir

Please watch the very interesting video about what some known individuals are saying. They are being brave enough



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Food for Thought

Is America finally waking up?

by Food for Thought on

Or are 'they' (they being the real perpetrators of this conspiracy against the public) getting ready to find another scapegoat as a way to get themselves out of a corner? After all most Americans know there was a cover up but few are brave enough to admit it... Then 'they' can blame it on Bush perhaps (or whomever they choose...), just so the American public will feel satisfied that there is justice in the 'land of the free' ... then the show can go on... and Americans can go back to sleep again??? The media don't allow things that they don't want to 'get out' to do so unless it's part of an accepted, planned strategy... Watch this other 'Hollywood' take on the same topic and more... to look at how things really work at a deeper level: //video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5420753830426590918 Thanks for the post. Keep 'em coming... F4T