Farzad Hasani, against Fascism and Terror


by Kamangir

Farzad Hasani was a TV presnter in Iran.

In his famous TV live programe called 'koole poshti' he interviewed know Iranians. On his last or one of thlast shows he interviewd 'Sardar' Radan, Tehran's police chief. The chief behind the recent, vicious crackdown on dress-coce and what they have called 'arazele-Obash'. This police chief who happens to be a native of the city Ispahan, came to Farza's programe in order to to be interviewd. What he didn't expect was the kind of issues and questions Farzad brought up and specially the way Farzad did it.

The police chief, kept calm and avoided any sign of anger, but you could see he was surprised and amazed by Farzad's direct and honest speech. Obviously that ended Farzad's job as days later he was replaced by sombody else. It was the very first time, that an Iranian citizen challenged and ridiculed the actions of the Islamo-Fascist regime and chances are that was the very last time anyone would do it in public or live on TV. When you watch the interview, you notice that Farzad somehow lost his patience, he became emotional and sarcastic and this is something he hadn't planned. But this only adds to his honesty as we Persians say (harfe delesh ro zad) and he said what the vast majority of Iranians in Iran would say, if they could. Farzad questioned the methods, the reasons, the fairness and above all the manners of the 'anti-corruption' police. However, he did it face to face in front of one of the ultra-right wing heavy weights. You can watch the entire interview on: //youtube.com/watch?v=W_h2sg28MHE

There're several sections of it on Youtube. Farzad lost his job and the prospect of getting a similar one, I think he went back to Radio programs. As an Iranian I'm proud of you Farzad jan. To jorbozei ro dari ke kam afradi darand. To harfe dele mardome irano zadi, ba shojaat va sedaghat. Be to eftekhar mikonam.

God bless you my friend.


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Stumbling Upon Iranian Mass Grave

by Get Real about Iran (not verified) on

Foreign Filmmaker Thrown in Evin Prison After Stumbling Upon Iranian Mass Grave


French-Iranian filmmaker Mehrnoushe Solouki came to Tehran to shoot a documentary about the burial rites of Iran's religious minorities.

Unfortunately for her, she stumbled upon a massive gravesite of opposition opponents slaughtered by the regime in 1988.

The regime confiscated the filmmaker's equipment.
Mehrnoushe was sent to Tehran's notorious Evin prison.

Judith Apter Klinghoffer reported on the Iranian dissidents who are revolting against the brutal regime today at the History News Network- including Mehrnoushe Solouki.

Mehrnoushe Solouki will go to court on November 17th. She is urging the international community for support at this time.
Radio Free Europe reported:

Solouki is due to go before an Iranian court on November 17. She apparently faces charges of intending to make antiestablishment propaganda, which she denies. But the proceedings will take place behind closed doors, their outcome far from certain. And fearing the worst, Solouki is urging the international community to shine a light on her case, with a particular appeal to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"For the past nine months, I have lived with fear the whole time," said Solouki, 38. "The pressure includes mental as well as monetary pressure -- mental pressure because I am extremely worried about my safety."

On February 17, police stormed Solouki's residence in Tehran and arrested her, saying they had learned that she had filmed the mass graves. Solouki says her documentary at the time had yet to be filmed, and that none of the equipment seized from her gave any indication of the film's content. So she is accused, she says, of harboring "presumed intentions" to produce antiestablishment propaganda.
The CBC has more on the case against Solouki.


Islamic Republic Regime is

by Mehran (not verified) on

Islamic Republic Regime is an illegitimate, corrupt, and bankrupt to its bone.


Re: Brave man this Hassani...

by jamshid on

Thanks for the video. I wateched all 5 parts. It was a pleasure to see this so called "sardaar" be put in his place. I hope Hassani's life and freedom is not in danger after this ....