Gates of Hell !

by Kamangir

Please read the report below and find out how the nasty IRI prisons operate, how they are the gates to hell for women and how they use the prisons to send girls to Arab Sheikhs in UAE and elsewhere.



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tired of "tolerance"

by Brandon (not verified) on

im tired of all this "you need to be tolerant" nonsense, people are being killed in iran everyday just because they dont want to cover themselves up and im tired of people telling me "be tolerant". iran NEEDS a revolution islam has done nothing but slow us down and kill us.


kouroush, my last respond to you

by Daryush on

Look man, I lived in a jewish part of the city and went to school with my jewish friends. Let me just tell you that you need help. Also calm down, There is no need to hate Muslims and Palestinians, The Zionists have brain washed you, that's OK, your first step is done, being here. So I am happy to teach you tolerance and human behavior, something that the Zionists are not capable to do. Be open minded, you are Iranian first then Jewish. don't follow Rabbi Shalom, he is worse than Mullas. Believe you me bro, come to the light and leave the hate, you be much happier.  You won't find a better advise anywhere in anywhere, Leave the zionisits and become Iranian again. That's much higher than zionists, the Nazi mentality that is filling you with hate. Think about it, you want to kill, distroy and demolish, isn't that Zionists and Hitler like? Become a human and free yourself from this beast. You are on your own now. I did all I could do.


I did not say "let's kill everybody" . . .

by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

only muslims, people with arabic names . . . now, that's not everybody..shish..I hate being missquoted!


RE: khashmgin1

by Daryush on

Read my post again. the problem with turture and animalistic charactor is not exclusive to Iranian regime. You must know that for a fact. All I am saying is that we need to upgrade our culture, not just a regime change. Believe me, another ass hole would come and do the same, this time with a tie. So what is the difference. It's not like we ever lived in a democratic society... Read my post again. I am tired of typing the same stuff for those who don't even read and want to respond. Responce should be based on what have already said so it would be intersting to discuss, not for me to repeat myself, knowing you haven't read my points...


Prisoner Rights?

by Mehdi on

Isn't that a contradiction in terms? Isn't the whole purpose of prison to make somebody feel pain? If prisoners can have rights, then wouldn't that be more like a hotel? Get real people, have you visited Pakistani prisons? Or for that matter, have you heard of the US "offshore" prisons? It's prison. In it, they take your rights away, they abuse you, they make fun of you, they degrade you. In some countries they also kill you.



Bringing up such issues have no value other than helping the cause of some mentally retarded people like our very own Kouroush Sassanian with his agenda of "let's kill everybody so that we can have peace on Earth." Give it a rest.


There is only one solution to end Iran's misery......

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

destroy the IRI . . .my dream...level all mosques and turn them into Persian cultural centers!!!All Sayeed deported to Saudi Arabia!!! All gohzadeh's graves exhumed and send back to Saudi Arabia!!!All muslims given a chance to return to Saudio Arabia or convert to Zoroasterism if they wish to stay in Iran. All Jews, Buddist and Christians are welcome in Persia!! All names must be change to non-arabic names.

Yes, I know it will never happen, but if it did it will be "pardis" once again.


To: Daryush and Alborzi

by khashmgin1 on

What about if your fucking sisters or mothers were in those prisons getting fucked up their cunt and ass by a poilce chief?


A non confrontational approach may work

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Iranians (and as much as I hate this includes the Gavsalehi Shahis and Mujaheds), we are by nature very stubborn. To the rest of the world, past is past to us we still fight over that coward shah. Anyway the hezbullahis may respond to a non-confrontational NGO/UN organization. Or a declaration of prisoner right, even though probably US and Iran will find it problematic.


Too Sad

by Daryush on

It is too sad for any human being to hear the atrocities that is being committed to the Iranians by the government. All this should be a lesson for those who preach democracy but do not practice tolerance. I want to bring to you another point. This is not the product of the regime alone. The similar or worse instances are being practiced all around the globe. In our regional case, we have to compare ourselves with the common cultures. I want to make sure that the Iranians are not mistaking these horrible actions and relate to the IRI exclusively. If Shah or Mujahedin or Socialists were the current government, we would not be better off. One major reason is the lack of the social developments in our country.  We need to be educated, know our history well so we won’t be fooled the next time the regime is over thrown. We need to realize the importance of tolerance and hopefully the next regime, of the modified IRI, would not be able to demolish any voices that exist within the society. Whether we accept those voices or not. For example, if Mujahedin that I find them to be traitors want to have a voice and followings, they should be allowed to. As the constitution of the current government indicates also. As long as they are not taking arms. During the infancy of the IRI the entire political scene were silent when the voices were being killed one by one. I believe Iran should allow parties such as the current representatives of IRI, Mujahedin (A bit farfetched, but that’s what it takes, even though I don’t like it), Monarchists and Socialists in the government scene. Regarding this atrocity, I have to say that we are a third world nation with a limited social experiences in our humanistic government and system. You find these atrocities in Turkey, UAE, Egypt, China and so forth. That means that “Khaaneh az paayeh kharaab Ast” and we need to upgrade our socio-historic knowledge about our country. Knowledge about our history, including religion that is base of our culture and knowing about them without insulting the beliefs of any of our country men and women is a very important first step. This clears a road to liberal thinking rather than oppressed fanatical reactions. Thanks for posting the link.