Graphic footage from Iran

by Kamangir

Please note that the images are really graphic and therefore discretion is advised. This happened at a circus in Iran. Check link below:



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Javatti, why is it that you

by Kamangir on

Javatti, why is it that you have to relate this incident with what happened at the Airport in Vancouver? Are you OK?

I did watch what happened to that poor man at the airport and like most people I'm deeply disgusted at the Canadian police and their redneck methods, however, I simply posted the video above, as something very unsual that happened coicidentally in Iran, that's all. Again, are you drunk or something?


Javad agha

by Javad agha (not verified) on

hey Kamangir, did not you watch the news in Canada? Did you see the Canadian MPs kill the poor tourist? Wasn't that graphic?

You keep proving to be An-ranian AND Ey-ranian.