Hostages and Hostage takers (interview!)

by Kamangir

Hostages and hostage takers speak out about their experiences when revolutionary 'students' took the American embassy staff hostage. At one point one of the hostage takers compares that event to guntanamo and abu gharib's an interesting clip!


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Bahram the Iranian

2 issues

by Bahram the Iranian on

I ve seen this clip before, It is a nice one particulary the american gentlman speaking persian.however he didnt realy adress the question which I assume it was 'how was the treament like?'by every count the hostage taking event in 1980 in Iran was wrong. the second question will be how the hostages were treated?

Americans hostages were treated humanily, they werent waterboarded or their holy book flushed down the toiliet, nor they were deprivied from sleep.......however that doesnt justify their wrong action.