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Please note, that there are several other candidates intreviwed, It's worth watching them all.



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The Ardabili man is smarter than Ali Kamaneie

by Buick (not verified) on

At least the Ardabili farmer produces Potatos with his hard work. what is the production of his hamshari, Ali Kameneie? Nothing, just sitting and fooling the Iranian people.


To: Kamangir to be honest I did think about Ahmadinejad!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Yep, when I was looking at the roostayee guy and his honesty, I had the same thought, I probably would have said the same thing if I had seen Ahmadinejad.

I have to say when Ahmadinejad first got elected I called a couple of friends and inquired what they thought of him! They all said he is an honest person, very open and with the people; he doesn't care how women dress and says leave the people alone etc. "we have more important things to worry about"!

There was a period when he had just come to power when women were dressing more liberally than in the past. If you remember he didn't think anything was wrong for women to go to a football match until he was stopped by the hard core clerics.

What happened I don't know!

I personally was hoping that this would be the end of the Mullahs; Ahmadinejad was the first president who was not a cleric. I thought maybe this is the start of a change, and we can slowly move away from the clerical regime.

Obviously, I was wrong!


I'd vote for the "roostaaee" guy!?

by Lucifercus (not verified) on



Yes but...

by Kamangir on

There're several points to be made, at least the way I see it. If you watch other individuals other than the 'roostayee' being interviewd, there's a common pattern in all of them and that's the lack of respect and harsh tone of voice the interviewers use. This is true for the young lady, the 'ghaleebaf' who wants a 'coponi' government and also for several others. Unfortunately enough, it seems that in Iran when you work for a known agency, you have the right to look down on others. On the other hand, regarding the honesty of the roostaee man, we should recall that these same alleged 'honet' attributes were the ones that made some Iranians vote for 'ahmadinejad'  He seemed honest too. With his basic house, cheap car and basiji record and his ways, he seemed very much honest. But can you imagine the roostayi man representing your country?

Do you see how pathetic ahmadinejad looks when he goes elsewhere?  Iran has many very honest but also well-mannered and educated individuals who could actually be good leaders (and that's why their candisacy gets rejected, everytime) by the assembly of the 'wise'.




I didn't see the video but

by n.zanincanadai on

I didn't see the video but in general "roostaee" people never get respect. In fact, "dehaati" which in my opinion is a sweet word, is used as a pejorative. And many people feel that when you are faced with someone who is SUPPOSEDLY less sophisticated, who is "dehaati", it's ok to pretend like you own them! But they don't realize that these people are the back bone of society and world economy!


This video was fantastic!!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

This roosta candidate was great. Obviously, one needs alot more qualifications, but he was honest, had integrity, principles, and compassion.

Obviously trying to help his country, was important enough for him to make the long trip from his village to Tehran (I am assuming that's where he was).

To be honest he sounded smarter than many so called intellectuals running for presidency.

He exemplied what I love about the Iranian people!

Thank you Kamangir.

Ali P.

I'd vote for the "roostaaee' guy!

by Ali P. on

Honesty and integrity are pouring out of his eyes!

Refreshing quality in a leader in Iran, and of course, everywhere.

What struck me was the lack of respect these so-called reporters are showing him. I was taught to call people I don't know, and those older than me, "shomaa", rather than "to". The reporters sounded much younger than him. What makes the lame reporter call him "to", right off the bat? Is it the gentleman's appearance? Where he is from? His job? His Azari accent?

Or is the reporter just trying to get a cheap laugh at the candidate's expense?

 You want to put a politician on the hot seat ? Go and ask Khamenei for an explanation on human rights record in Iran!


Man we've got a looooong way to go....