Jews in Iran (documentary!)

by Kamangir

You can watch it on the following link


Ba sepas


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Jews (and Kapos) in Iran

by Zion on

A very informative article about the reality of Jewish condition in Iran:

It seems they have to live under not just the Islamists but their version of Kapos as well, like the puppet Jewish MP at their fascistic parliament.


"Iran is our mother": Hamas says 150 jihadists currently trainin

by Babak56 (not verified) on

In case you are wonderfing why we have 5 million addicts in Iran and 2 million prutituts. Our oil money goes to the terrorists organizations. Shame on Islmists.

Palestinian group Hamas admits that its fighters are trained in Iran
Sun. 09 Mar 2008
The Sunday Times

Marie Colvin, Gaza City

THE Palestinian group Hamas, blamed for last week’s massacre of eight students at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem, has revealed that hundreds of its fighters have been trained in Iran.

A senior commander interviewed by The Sunday Times said 300 of the group’s “best brains” had been secretly sent to Tehran.

Half are still being trained by Revolutionary Guards. They are learning how to make explosives from everyday items and produce deadlier rockets.

The rest have already returned from a Revolutionary Guard base in Tehran. Some have been trained as snipers. Others have learnt to use tunnels in attacks on Israeli forces.

“Iran is our mother,” the commander said. “She gives us information, military supplies and financial support.”

Seven separate groups of Hamas militants have spent up to six months in Tehran since the training began in 2005.

The scale of Iran’s operation exceeds Israeli intelligence suspicions that Hamas had dispatched “tens” of fighters to Tehran. Yuval Diskin, the head of Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service, said last week: “I see this as the strategic danger, more than any weapons smuggled into Gaza.”

Israeli officials believe that Iran is waging a “proxy war” against their country on two fronts – through Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Hamas commander said Iranian-trained instructors had also taught more than 700 fighters at a base in Syria.


The Gulf is not acceptable.Persian Gulf forever.

by farhang (not verified) on

They used the name Gulf instead of Persian Gulf on the map at the beginning of the video clip. We need to find the producers of this video and let them know that they did the mistake. Hopefully it was not intentional !!!!. I hope all Jews specifically Iranian Jews care about it and show some reaction to that. They have a moral obligation to this matter and they should not forget what Cyrus the great did for them !!!!.


Why killing Palestinian babies

by observer (not verified) on


Why killing the Jews?

by Babk56 (not verified) on


I enjoyed watching this documentary

by observer (not verified) on

Very good,
These Iranian jews seem to be living a normal life in Iran. They don't want to leave Iran and they identify themselves as Iranian.


Not bad

by Zion on

It was not as wishy-washy and did actually touch on the sever pressure under which Jews in Iran have to live today. Moses baba was indeed great. I worry for him, I hope his honesty won`t cause him trouble.


I like this documentary

by rr (not verified) on

It was interesting to watch, specially moses baba with his great sense of humor