Khalkhali & the IRI subculture (clip)

by Kamangir

I recommend you watch the below clip. Khalkhali represented the subculture behind the IRI and its followers.


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I don't know..

by Parthian on

I am not sure how the "generation of the revolution" is going to explain itself to history and future generations. Bunch of western educated leftist radicals lining themselves up with bunch of tazi loving 6 century radicals. It is simply mind boggling what has happened to Iran, and I have yet to see a good, macro explanation for it. How could a country with such a long history, and rich civilization destroy itself in such a suicidal manner? Normally, we have blamed the arabs, mongols, and brittish. Who knew our own degenerate leftist punks, radical islamofascists would be far worse or as bad as those foreingers?



by M.Hojjat,Ph.d (not verified) on

Thaks, It was very good piece of this vicious, SOB Arab Mullah.
May he is burning in hell!