Khalkhali & the IRI subculture (clip)

by Kamangir

I recommend you watch the below clip. Khalkhali represented the subculture behind the IRI and its followers.


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Re: jimzbund

by Iranian- on

I am not a supporter of Mr. Khalkhali's but I don't appreciate you slandering Qu'ran. Why don't you say of all the evil your people did to Muslims and other innocent people throughout the history?

Genocides in Bosnia, your Crusaders, genocide of Indians in the Americas and much more. Why have you shut up about all that?

How could anyone behead 700 people in one day? You are a pathetic lier. Since you are not a Muslim and know nothing of the religion, then you are better off shutting your trap.


Kamangir: why was my comment

by Anonymouswhatever (not verified) on

Kamangir: why was my comment not published. I just provided links to debunk the IRI's goons like almo5000 and other Islamic gang members...Was it too long???

Ben Madadi

Regarding some racist comments...

by Ben Madadi on

Khalkhali, or any other Turk Iranian, did not kill non-Turks, they liked or disliked (killed and not killed) people because of their ideological and religious beliefs. Please do not throw racist words around. Would that be okay for some people to attack Reza shah and call him a Far butcher, or to attack Khomeini and call him another Fars butcher? And the fact is that they were both of mixed backgrounds. All these butchers are Iranians, no matter which part of Iran. Please do not use racist slander against your countrymen!

Mona 19

The Most Evil...

by Mona 19 on

In the latter days a grivous calamities shall befall my people at the hands of their ruler....the Doctors of the that age shall be THE MOST EVIL the world hath ever seen.MISCHIEF hath proceeded from them, and on them will it recoil.

~Muhammadan Tradition

O Concourse Of Muslim divines!Ye assudly followed your EVIL and CORRUPT DESIRE, and witness the result of your deeds;for the lord, my God,lieth in wait and is watchful of YOUR BEHAVIOR....By Your deeds the exalted station of the peple hath been abased, the standard of Islam hath been reversed, and its Mighty Throne hath fallen.





Childhood problem

by Behrooz (Persian name) (not verified) on

When a person act viciously upon animals and kill them only for joy by dismembering them and kill human being and display the corps and enjoying it and so on …….. Like Khalkhali and other mullahs, bottom line is that psychologically they had a horrible childhood.
One of the sign is they have been molested or raped by father or some other male in their lives and that will count for most of the mullahs.
These psychopaths or sadomasochist are never admit to their wrong doing and justify everything by labeling it (In the name of Islam) so they can use power of religion. Like kill kids and rape women and sodomize young boy and so on…..

And there are many like Khalkhali running the show.


His final breaths and many like him anti Truth

by Seagull (not verified) on

"And the angel of chastisement received his spirit, and a voice proclaimed: "Enter the bottomless pit which hath been promised in the Book, and whose existence thou didst day and night deny!"

"Thereupon he cried out in such distress as to cause the people of the graves to tremble, and was seized by the Hand of invincible power. A voice then proclaimed: "Return unto the seat of wrath in the fire of hell; wretched and evil be thine abode!"

"Say: Canst thou find anyone to protect thee when the wrath of God, the All-Powerful, the Unconstrained, is visited upon thee?"  


Anti cult just read what is in store for you!!!!

by Tahirih on

 O CONCOURSE of Persian divines:

 Erelong will all that ye possess perish, and your glory be turned into the most wretched abasement, and ye shall behold the punishment for what ye have wrought, as decreed by God, the Ordainer, the All-Wise.



Anti cult, I must have....

by Tahirih on

touched a painfull button !!!!I will not leave it alone . Be assured I will be there always!!!!!The truth is out there like the sun, and people know about it . Just read the comments.




by maziar58 (not verified) on

please don't forget the hanged pishees in chehrazi.


The only god mullah is a

by Anonymousqw (not verified) on

The only god mullah is a DEAD mullah!


To: sarbazIran (re: Anti-Shah"

by + (not verified) on

You say "SAVAK did whatever it was neccessary to maintain Iran's safety and security and the security of the people. "

Mollahs can claim the same. In fact it was more important to maintain public safety at the time of revolution than it was under the king of kings!!!



by mash on

 What's the matter JACK CARPENTER, are you affraid of using your sudo names you Mullah Ass Kisser. Bastards like you that have no kahones to come out and tell it like it is are so full of bullsh*t. You mean to tell me that there was no drug use in Iran before shah. You are such an ass wanting everyone to be as Dumb and Ignorant as you and your AGHAJOONs. Your bastard Masters are a bunch of filthy maggots and just keep devouring the flesh and body of BEAUTIFUL IRAN. JUST CURL UP AND DIE.


almo5000 and all those anti-Shah people

by SarbazIran on

Wake up and use the brain you have!

SAVAK did whatever it was neccessary to maintain Irans safety and security and the security of the people. The people that were killed (executed, which was according to the Iranian law completely OK so you can't go against that. It was approved by the Majles and the Majles was choosen by the people) were terrorists like this people.

God. You people talk so much, you go on you attack Shah you attack SAVAK yet, yet.. you don't put up ONE NAME, ONE NUMBER, ONE EVIDENCE, ONE IMAGE, ONE ARITICLE. Nothing! It's just pure talk. The same BS talk USA and the west world fabricated against the Shah.

All intellgence agencies torture. You can't deny that. For the safety of the country and the people torture is needed, now you can discuss what kind of torture.


Now go back into your hole. This is the biggest joke I have heard. SAVAK killing people, what do you think it was some kind of banana republic just going around killing people? You can't be serious.


Get over yourself and use the brain next time you attack His Imperial Majesty, Light of Aryans, Shahanshah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.




some data...

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

shah appears to have been a saint that let these monsters survive him. Did anyone could ever imagine that we had such beasts amongst us. Wouldn't have been better for iran had shah eliminated all these monsters, from khomeini to khalkhali, and from rafsanjani to yazdi. They only came to kill in a single day in evin or in less than a week in kurdestan as many as shah eliminated in his entire reign. We cannot judge who they were those who were killed by savak, but we know who were the ones who survived savak, a bunch of criminal murderous thugs, and the biggest criminals of recent iranian history.

The only way for islamists to justify the atrocities of the islamic regime and their destruction of the country as well as their anti-iranian pro-arab stance is to keep repeating that shah was even worse. But at some point peopel stopping believing and start sensing who the real evil is.

(1) About 370 = Total killings by savak (in prisons + executions + in fightings on the streets, excluding those killed during revolution) from 1963 to 1979 according to ex-revolutionary Emad Baghi who investigated all savak documents, and later confirmed by Akbar Ganji.

(2) Around 4800 = Total executions documented in 1988 by islamic republic.

You be the judge!


Khalkhali did some very good deads

by . (not verified) on

For him to hang and execute drug dealers was a great accomplishment. While he was doing that and for a very long time after that, there were no traits of drug dealings in Iran (mind you all these drig business started in Iran under the Shah with Ashraf Pahlavi bringing Herion into Iran. She got arrested in France once for doing that while on official business !! -- what a disaster for the King of Kings!)


He had Gengizkan's blood

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Sadegh Khalkhali did what all his ancestors have done in the past in Iran. If you like to know why Khalkhli did all those crimes just start reading the history of Iran when it was ruled by Turkish butchers from Gaznavied to Qajar dynasty then you will have an idea of it. Zendeh baad Iran.



by mash on

 First of all stick to the subject in hand, This is about Khalkhali and his alike ( ALL AKHOONDS AND MULLAHS ). If you want to vent off about how cruel and murderous Shah was you can wait for another subject soon enough I am sure, WE IRANIANS DO REMEMBER ALL THOSE YOUNG AND OLD WHOM LOST THEIR LIVES TO THE MURDEROUS SHAH, BUT ALSO REMEMBER THESE S.O.Bs THAT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH AND MOHAMMAD JUST WENT THRU MURDERING PEOPLE LIKE THEY WERE KILLING FLIES. You say " As bad as Khalkhali (MAY) have been during the revoloution, it was alot worst under the shah and his murderous Savak".  There is no QUESTION if or may or whatsoever that this bastard was KhonKhoor. As far as I am concerned The MURDEROUS SHAH SHOULD HAVE KILLED EVERYONE OF THESE BASTARDS.  LONG LIVE IRAN AND ALL IRANIANS AND DEATH TO ALL WHO TRY TO HARM THE NATION AND IT"S PEOPLE. I am sure that Mr. Jack ass Carpenter will soon interject and give us all his version of Mullah ass kissing.


Who is concerned about Shah's murderous acts?

by almo5000 on

As bad as Khalkhali may have been during the revolution, it was a lot worse under the Shah and his murderous Savak. Millions of Iranians, young and old lost their lives, just because they did not want a stooge of CIA to run our nation. Those young and old iranians who lost their lives to the murderous Shah also deserve our respect and we should NEVER forget them.




Khalkhali joon....

by mash on

 Shenidam ke JAHANNAM por az oon Homosexualha va bi mazhabha va ghachaghchiha ke to har rooz mikoshti.  Migam hatman beto dareh khoosh migzareh. Hamoon khodat rooheto laanat bekooneh, kasafat. May you and Imam Kokomeni Rot in hell,you bastards.



by anti-cult (not verified) on

leave islam for muslim,


Another cruel Individual, founder of this apartheid regime.....

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

After the revolution he set up his Islamic revolutionary court in Iranian Kurdistan and court sentenced to death up to 60 Kurds a day. May his soul burn in hell.


O concourse of divines......

by Tahirih on

BECAUSE of you the Apostle (Muḥammad) lamented, and the Chaste One (Fátimihs) cried out, and the countries were laid waste, and darkness fell upon all regions. O concourse  of divines! Because of you the people were abased, and the banner of Islám was hauled down, and its mighty throne subverted. Every time a man of discernment hath sought to hold fast unto that which would exalt Islám, you raised a clamour, and thereby was He deterred from achieving His purpose, while the land remained fallen in clear ruin. Bahaullah  Bahaullah saw their true face over 150 years ago, we are just seeing glimps of it now!!!!!!! Tahirih


Pro-Khalkhali on this site

by Anonymous 22 (not verified) on

khalkhali was a President candidate of, also, some unbearded IRI's supporters. These traitors are still protecting the Khalkhali's post-generation.
Of course they do not dare react on this thread despite their omni-present on this site.


Saadeg Khalkhali was a great donkey!!!!!!

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Sadegeh Khalkahli was from donkey heritage and was not Iranian.


Khalkhali was a great Mullah

by jimzbund on

He truly practised "oghteloo( kill) prescribed in Quran and a true follower of Imam Ali ( PBUH)  who beheaded 700 men in one day. Other Mullahs are soosools. Someone nicely described these creatures as " Zendeh kosheh mordeh parast ".



Bund, Jimz Bund


How is it possible?

by Iva (not verified) on

To anser the question "how on earth was this man born into an Iranian family?"

it's called Fayzeiyeh, Qom and Islamic doctrine. That's how. Send young people to brainwashing schools run by vicious moslem clerics and after few years when tons of garbage is pounded into their heads the result would be Khalkhali (khar-e-khali), khomeini (hedni), rafsanjani (rasman-jani) and the rest of them including the sayyed khandan khatami. The love for human being, nature, country and any sense of decency leaves and viciousness, lack of mercy replaces it ... that's the islamic way.


I cannot believe how vicous

by joon (not verified) on

I cannot believe how vicous human nature can become. But how on earth was this man born into an Iranian family? This entire regime, its a complete anomoly of our heritage...where is the kindness we have been taught as children? the pride in our histroy? the ambition? I just cannot fathom this man being Iranian he's so tainted


Two Ghaffaris in Hoveyda's life

by mahmoudg on

Ali Ghaffari (of Kashi background) served him for many years as a trusted advisor and stood by him to the end.  Hadi Ghaffari (of turkish background) a murderer and phsycopath murdered him in cold blood.  How ironic that two last names, yet worlds apart, had a profound impact on this great man's life


Political and/or social criminals MUST die

by . (not verified) on

Death through hanging or execuation is the ultimate punishment for those who used to go to US and Bristish embassies every morning to take orders for the infamous shah on how to run the country. Shah and his Savak agents killed millions of people (many young men and women among them), and his stooges such as Hoveyda deserve what was coming.


according to Ebrahim Yazdi,hojatalslam Ghafari shot him

by samsam1111 on

in the lobby on his way to so called court from the back and told khakhali "here i did it ,now it,s done"..they did it so bazargan couldn,t get a chance to meddle that morning according to folks who were involved.I have seen ghafari a few times ..he is the lowest cast of killers ..he is billioner now...with 3 , 20 stories high rises in north tehran.