The Old and new Crew Together

by Kamangir

They were the ones who brought to us the unforgettable programes such as 'Mahaleye Borobia' or 'Madreseye Mooshha'. This time they've managed to make a film that seems that only Iranians make nowadays.

The old crew (Ostad Entezami, Roya Teymoorian, Fatemeh Motamed Aria, Hamid Jebeli, Akbar Abdi among others..) produced some of the finest and most sensitive social films in the Iranian cinema. Films such as, 'Ejare neshinha' 'Zire Derakhte Holoo' or 'Khabe Sefid' where social and cultural issues were discussed through comedy. In this ocassion however, Akbar Abdi and Mrs.Teymoorian join a very bright group of very young actors and actresses (children) to expose sensibly and beautifuly another issue.

The film is titled 'gooshvareh' and is worth watching every minute of it. A film with honest and beautiful messages to both the young and old. It's the story of a very young girl whose social and economical status is considered low and poor in the society. She's invited to a birthday party where both the host and other kids attending belong to richer families all living in better areas... The film manages to show, yet very sensibly and through comedy the social contrasts and differences. It's worth watching. To watch it please visit:




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