People debating Nuclear Enery (clip!)

by Kamangir

Average Iranians debating the Nuclear Issue. It's interesting to hear what they believe.


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Bang Man


by Bang Man on

"what they believe" is what we (I) believe!

Do you remember this song ?

WE are "Kofriom"


the original Zangalu changed to "ZADALOO"

Happy days are back ... "ZADALOO"




yeky nist be in aghabmondeha

by aa (not verified) on

yeky nist be in aghabmondeha bege haghe mosalame shoma azady hast, haghe entekhab va neveshtan ast na energiye hastee, ina ke daran javab midan bishtar javon hastan eyne man va mohasel, yani ina to on tarikhy ke khondan nadidan ke kole jahane eslam to in 1400 sal ye asprin vase bashariat natoneste ekhtera kone va bad be hamin sadegy harchy akhonde rafezi mige kosh mikonan, akhe in melat ta key mikhad tan be in nango, fromayegy bede ?? baba ye nasly vaghean bayad kare in sarzamino once and for all ye sare kone.



Bravo Young Iranians

by kadkhoda (not verified) on

It seems that US Government's expenditures on their VoA and the like TV and Radio propaganda has not worked in terms of brainwashing the young iranians. Bravo.


great video

by I AGREE~ (not verified) on

I love how people are against every type of development in our country just because the govenrment in power is one they oppose. get OVER IT! people. nuclear energy is good. your insulting our people if you dont think so, since the overwhelming majority are in favor of it. they have done their homework!

Moreover, this video shows democracy taking root in Iran.


digging into IranNegah's

by jamshid on

digging into IranNegah's video archive. A sewage of IRI made videos...


khoob sare mardomo garm kardan

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

Yek ja ba gas o naft o energie haste i
jaye digar ba Nighty panty of paris hilton
khoob sare mardomo garm kardan, make your choice. switzerland have chosen the first modality.

David ET

khoob sare mardomo garm kardan

by David ET on

Very sad. It seems like we still have a long way to recognize what the real problem is something else.

Having nuclear energy does not solve problems of Iran and is only another scapegoat by the current regime.





by B-Naam on

...only two of the interviewees are women: one lives in the U.S., but the other one makes the most sense. 

Everyone brings up valid points though.