Presidential Freaks!

by Kamangir

Hillary Rodham Clinton, claims that the US could totally obliterate" Iran in retaliation for a nuclear strike against Israel. This comment may sound insignificant just as the 'bomb Iran' song of John McCain.

My understanding is that Ahmadinejad's comments on Israel (the wipe Israel off the world's map..) was taken very seriously by the Western politicians and media and clearly blown out of proportion. However; Ahmadinejad does not represent Iranians, he only represents the bunch of fanatics 'runing' Iran now. We shouldn't be too surprised if someone like him makes ludicrous comments like those, but Hillary 'Rodham' Clinton and John McCain are considered to be well educated and experienced individuals that may run a country like the United States. Therefore there's something wrong with this whole picture. Using such a hostile language seems fine for 'Rodhams' and McCains but not for Ahmadinejads. Sometimes such comments by Western politicians are dismissed and played down with an 'uppsss!!' but Ahmadinejad comments become 'imminent threat'. Now, if Iran had ever used atomic weapons against another nations, I'd be very concerned with Ahmadienjad's comments about Israel, just as I'm very concerned with 'Hillary Rodham Clinton' comments about 'obliterating Iran'. After all the US has used its atomic bombs elsewhere, not once but twice! In all fairness, there're times I find Ahmadinejd as being wiser than some freak like 'Rodham' and I don't like Ahmadinejad.


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To; Q, unfortunately you are right!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

What you said is correct. Unfortunately, when we don't bash IRI our own hamvatans think we are in agreement with the policies of the IRI. No we are not. But we are fully aware of the mentality of the U.S., they will use any excuse as a pretext to serve their own interest.

America neighter cares about democracy, liberation, or freedom for Iranians, or any other country for that matter.

Right now the U.S. Gov. is stuck between having a majority Shiite Gov. in Iraq which will be friendly with Iran, or a imposing a dictator friendly to the U.S. Of course they wish for a dictator friendly to the U.S.!

Are the wishes of the Iraqi people being taken into account? No!!

In return what have the Iraqis received from the Shock & Awe which was delivered to their door steps via bombs: starvation, poverty, millions dead, millions displaced, no clean water, no medicine, hospitals destroyed, child mortality at its highest ever, women having to resort to prostitution to feed their families, their oil contracts in the control of the U.S., their cities fenced in separating people from one another (sounds like Palestine) and an ancient country destroyed.

The Iraqis can't even cross the street without fear of being killed!!

And of course, Al-Qaeda in Iraq!

If this is what our hamvatans want for Iran well then they should continue doing as they have.


She is a Liberman

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She might have female hairdo, but just like mission impossible, she pulls the face off and underneath she is Liberman. And that's why Bill Clinton
did Monica, he was tires of Joe.


Kamangir and Rashidian why are you surprised?

by Q on

Just what do you think was going to happen after years and years of demonizing Iran with the enthusiastic participation of many Iranians in America?

This is the fruit of the "Jav Sazi" that has been going on for years, and intensely since Bush came to power.

When misguided Iranian Americans trash talk Iran and it's present government what do you think the average American understands from this? When Iranians themselves say that Iran is dangerous and should not have nuclear energy, this is a message to Americans that it's OK to attack it.

This is what many of my unfortunate hamvatans don't understand in this country. I fully agree with demonstrating against grievances of the IRI, but what can doing so in America accomplish? Is it anything other than signal to opportunistic Americans that THEY need to "do something" about Iran?


It's the nature of politics

by Abarmard on

The American politicians are after money, and the financial market is owned by AIPAC groups, it's just natural for the politicians to want to align themselves to AIPAC. Iranians can also have a piece of this pie if we support pro Iranian (not government) organizations such as NIAC. The choice is ours. The future of NIAC can be as bright as AIPAC!


She is a total idiot anyway

by farokh2000 on

The Media and the Politicians in this country are selective in what they take out of anything, speeches from people they don't like being one good example.

If Hugo Chavez says he wants to donate some Oil to some poor people in South America, they will blow it out like he is a mad man and is trying to take over. Be afraid, be very afraid!

It is the nature of things here and since the Politicians and the Media are owned by AIPAC, then they behave the best way they can to please them and follow their orders.

I am sure Hillary and McCain both are in the pockets of AIPAC and will do anything and say anything to kiss their asses.


I think the mullahs should

by sdfdf (not verified) on

I think the mullahs should take this threat very seriously, especially coming from Hillary. Hillary has gone even to the right of McCain. Hillary's every word is deliberate and calculated. This is significant change in policy...

Note: The nuking of Japanese had nothing to do with losing the war because the emperor of Japan had already surrendered. The nuking of Japan was to teach a lesson to the world that you don't mess with the US, plain and simple!!!


Right on Kamangir

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

First, Ahmadinejad never said that he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. People have gotten blue in the face showing the exact translation. However, this was another "pretext" used by the Zionists to twist this statement around to their liking to ensure the world regards Iran as a threat to the existance of Israel.

Demonizing Iran has become the beating drumbs of the warmongers. To have a presidential candidate of the United States make such an audacious statement just shows not only the type of person Hillary is all about, but how much control the Israeli Lobby and Israel have on the foreign policy of the United States.

With a laugh and tune to a song, very callously John McCain sings bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.. as if this was funny.

Unfortunately it shows the sick minds of those who are willing to engage in wars of destruction with absolutely no remorse.

One million Iraqis are killed so far another 4 million displaced and there is absolutey no mention of this by the presidential candidates. It just goes to show that if millions of people are killed in Iran, it also doesn't matter much to these characters. These people have absolutely no respect for human life and the misery they bring to nations and their people.

And Iran attacking Israel is a joke - maybe these presidential candidates should for once try to use their brains (if there is anything upstairs) before responding to such a stupid question.

At present, there is only one country in the Middle East with "secret" and ambiguous stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Over the last 50 years, Israel has been directly and indirectly aided and funded in its development of weapons of mass destruction by the United States, France, Norway, Britain and Germany. These powerful nations have neither been forthright nor accountable in their roles in giving one small country in the Middle East enough clout to wipe out most of their neighbors via nuclear holocaust. Such a stance is not only controversial and hypocritical to non proliferation, it is intrinsically detrimental to all other diplomacy and hope(s) concerning peace in the future of the Middle East.

It is not Israel who has signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty, but Iran; It is Israel who has refused to sign or negotiate any commitment against the use of biological weapons, such as the 1972 Biological Weapons Conventions; but Iran has signed this agreement.

Thus another ambiguous stance when peace requires making more clear the moral conscience and commitment towards peace and non violence.

It is not Iran who has nuclear weapons but Israel, it is not Iran who has the 4th largest and most sophistical military but Israel; it is not Iran who has been involved in acts of genocide and land grab but Israel; it was not Iran's president who told President Bush in 2002 that if you want to invade Iraq finish the job by invading Iran; but Israel's Ariel Sharon. It was not Iran who was telling the British Foreign Minister, Jack Straw in 2002 that Iran should be bombed but Mr. Ariel Sharon.

So which one of these two countries is the real threat to the other? ISRAEL!

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

I agree with you that many malice media and western politicians misuse the name of "Iran" to refer some anti-Iranian Mullahs and their protegés occupying Iran. This false nomination is exactly what the IRI wants to. As you also described, nothing is more antagonistic than the IRI and Iran.

The Clinton's threat to "obliterate Iran" remains one her political blunders.


Ahmadinejad is an angel comparing to Zionists

by XerXes (not verified) on

These Zionist A holes who think they are above the rest of us, because they cheated and are rich, got what they deserve from Hitler. Take a look at these Zionists and their words and actions, know their thoughts and realize that Ahmadinejad is a beautiful angel comparing to these Nazi's. Ahmadinejad said something, these devils kill. America is such a kiss ass to Israel. Makes anyone with a bit of pride and brain SICK.