Racism & Islamofobia in Australia

by Kamangir

Short documentary about racism and islamofobia in Australia


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by getreal (not verified) on

assume this cenario in iran or any moslem country. assume a bunch of foriners wanted to stay and be accepted!
this meeting in an islamic country would have never taken place, they just dont care about people. this would have been a joke and would be settled with sowrd and blood shed, untill nobody would dare to talk. we should all learn something from these people.


I left Iran because ....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

I left Iran because I could not tolerate how I was treated in my own country. I left becasue my freedom (at least my social freedom) was taken away from me and my family. I was insulted by them asking me and my family to follow so called Islamic way of life. I knew why I was leaving my home-land and what is expected from me as a NEW citizen I call it my second home. By accepting my second home I accepted to follow their way of life. My mother did not agree and stayed behind. If I was in disagreement with West and their way of life I should have stayed in Iran.

From a different point of view: We know that Iran and other fundamentalist Muslim countries do not allow the same tolerance we required from West to apply in their countries for foreigners, tourists, contractors, diplomats etc then why Australia and others should follow suite?. It is a two way street. We want them to accept our way of life in their countries, while we would not allow them the same rights in our coutries.
(acceptance of Indian Sikhs, in various countries somehow is a good example of two way street)

We want to use their freedom in their countries and not allow them the same in ours.

Islamic way of life preserves it's true value when one lives in an environment that everyone observes it (you cannot look at other women/men in your daily contact, shake hands or see them at the beaches etc while your wife/husband, daughter are using Hejab, you can not eat anywhere you like, because Halal meat may not have been used for instance), in another words, a true Muslim must stay where all citizens are following the same rituals, habits, clothing, shaving, using Halal food, using same segregated beaches, washrooms etc. Being a true Muslim is about doing a cluster of things and Hejab is a one small practice from this big issue.
It is very difficult if not impossible to stay in a society where 99% of people are not observing Islamic rules/law unless one could stay in absolute isolation or create a seperate community within a big country and if that's the case, why bothere to move to another country!.


racism in australia

by skippy (not verified) on

Australia has gone through this same phobia with the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Yugoslavs, and Asians - all of whom are now quite thouroughly assimilated. Middle Easterners pose the newest challenge to Australian citizens of all ethnicities, made harder because of the stigma on their religion. Australians hate anybody claiming moral ascendancy over them, and are quick to spot facades. We value down-to-earthness, "khaaki", and seek to share this value with muslims. After that's done, we would be proud to welcome rich Middle Eastern cultures into our nation. Kebabs are already a hit, and i think the shishah will take off soon, amongst others.

Bahram the Iranian

Soraya well said

by Bahram the Iranian on

that is how I feel too, I am far from being an observent muslim but there basic things that I have to have them done  according to shria, like marraige or birth and death. by disowning islam I would be denouncing my own fathers and endorsing others(whoever they may be)islam is part of my culture and for many more iranians is their firm believe, I should respect my grandfathers as well as those fellow iranians who are believers.of course the same respect should go to other belivers of other religions.



by Soraya (not verified) on

It is tragic that the whites (who like to think of themselves as the Aussies) stole the land from the Aborigines by masscaring them - yet they have the audacity to shun Moslems. Regrettably, we contribute to this ourselves and think we can change our spot by disowing the Moslem heritage. Islam is not a part of our religious ideology for many of us, but it is an undeniable part of our culture.


Just in case

by Parham on

"Phobia" is written with "ph", not "f".
I tried to correct it, but couldn't.


Its a phase

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Jews went through this several times. In facts Moslem people will come out of it with realization they cannot deny their background, they need to accept it as a fact. Just like Jews most Moslems do not pray 5 times a day or believe in virgins in heaven, but they need to accept that's what the rest of the world will paint them so they better do something.


to the people who censor everything non-....

by An,,ug; (not verified) on

unbelievable how you censor and not let opinions be expressed. the truth does not have to conform to your limited mentality. so just keep on censoring, brothers like you have done this in Arabia and Iran for over 1400 years, look at the outcome! by censuring peoples opinion,
you will acomplish NOTHING.

Aussies don't care for the dress code, what is wrong with that!!


Racism & Islamofobia in Australia

by kanga (not verified) on

It seems what the aussies dont appreciate is the dress code that is a symbol of backwardness, and opprssion to them!
it is not the moslems but mostly the appearance, it makes a huge difference!
that head scarff and veil reminds aussies of saudi arabia, iran... and ofcours they think you are bringin it to them. and that is good nough to sacre anyone living outside an islamic country.