by Kamangir

If you are an Iranian, you're probably familiar with the overall negative steorotype image of ourselves that we Iranians have. This is much more noticeable outside Iran, where despite the known concerts and major parties here and there, we tend to avoid dealing with other Iranians, mainly because we have assumed that (jensemoon sheeshe khoorde dare!)

Among all the negative aspects of our attitude there's one that really stands out! It's none other than 'vanity' and all its ramifications.

I guess this has its roots in Iran itself, a country without clear identity, where the national subcounciouss relies on the good and better West and the bad and lower 'rest'. Most Iranians are naturally attracted to the better and superior West, imitating and adopting ways of life and attitudes that naturally belong to other cultures and nations. However, all these adopted attitudes stay on a very superficial level, a level visible to the eyes. Once here in the West, specially in some countries like Canada, this 'wanna-be' attitude reaches its peak, where most (but not all) Iranians resemble a bunch of recently arrived kids to a huge toy store, where each kid quickly finds its favourite section grabbing as many toys as possible, while giving the looks of 'don't touch my toys' to the other kids. Back to the real world, in the daily affairs and mainly in the work enviroment, Iranians have always shown a very unique attitude 'ass kissing' and 'selling' other Iranians in order to make a good impression and impress their blond and blue eyed managers and bosses. Years ago, one heavy weight Canadian police chief in Vancouver had clearly mentioned that there're times they have to work hard to get spies within so many minorities living here, but with the Iranian community no effort was needed as this particular community has a large number of 'volunteers' doing the job happily.

Without a clear understanding of their homeland and what really took place there, without having any curiosity about their 'second' country, you have a bunch of westerner wanna be consumers, whose only gathering as a community happens from concert to concert, where the last thing that matters is the music played but the car, clothes, grirl-friend or boyfriend showing off. I'm well aware that not all Iranians are like this and that the population outside Iran varies from county to country, but believe, me the overall population of Iranians in Canada, specially in Vancouver are just like that. This city with a very large Iranian population, does NOT have a single 'cultural center', where you would go to meet interesting people, in order to have interesting conversations and debates. To me, despite the appearances, the very best of Iran is still in Iran, the very best and pure of the Persian soul is still there. In the meantime, while Iran is evolving, growing, slowly but surely, while the world is changing, we are so lost in our 'oghdeha' with our crap, that are missing everything around us. We're pathetic as a community.

By the way, when is the next concert?


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Redneckistan, Pacifica, New American Republic

by Redneckistan (not verified) on

Just a note about "Redneckistan". The term has been around since 2002 or earlier. It has often been used to refer to the middle part of a fictional three-way split of the USA sometime in the not too distant future. The other two parts are known as Pacifica (west) and the New American Republic (northeast quarter).



Re to blunt

by Kamangir on

Reply to blunt:

I know that you're not trying to provoke me. Chances are that there's a negative pattern in most issues I've brought up, including the last one. However, how do you bring up an issue that you're not happy about or disagree with, without a nagative tone of speech?

These are written articles and comments I have made here and there to express my view about certain issues in order to find out what others think. These writings about specific issues, do not really represent all and everything I am and think about life. I'd clearly mentioned that I'm aware that not all Iranians are like that, Iranians like your sister and many others, you're right, maybe I should pay more attention to the positive and respectable Iranians living here.

I do agree with you in saying that what some Iranians do is their problem, yes, it's true, that shouldn't affect me.  I do appreciate honesty and your feedback was very honest, therefore I very much thank you for it.

 All the best



Mr. Kamangir, Having read

by blunt (not verified) on

Mr. Kamangir,
Having read several of your articles, I have a simple question. I hope you don't take it personally.

What is your problem?

A continuous negative perspective rediates from all your articles. I dislike to bring it up, but for your own sake, have you ever thought you may suffer from a mild case of depression? I am telling this just to provoke you to do something and/or reflect on yourself. I have absolutely no intention to insult or offend you.

There is no cultural centre? You go ahead and setup one.

Iranian girls want too much money? Go and marry a good looking westerner. That is what I did when I had no money. Surprisingly, I made a lot of money after marriage!

Concerts are places to show off? Do not attend. Or better yet, get a gilrfriend and attend together.

Do not like Iranian community? Do not hang around them.

For once, if you can write a positive article?!! Go and find Nazanin Afshin-Jam and interview her.

My sister, a Kidney transplant surgeon also lives in Vancouver. Go and interview her. Ask her why despite her great accomplishments, she has done a nose job?!! I always ask her this question.

UBC has many successful Iranian acedemics. Go and write about them and their scientific discoveries.

Self-made CEOs of several of vancouver's fastet growing high-tech companies are Iranians. Write about them.

Every few weeks, you show up with yet another article complaining about Iranian concerts? Come on, they like to show off. It is their problem.

Not that I disagree with what issues you discuss, but as I said, it appears you are kind of addicted to negative analysis of everything.

Enjoy life.


iranians are not the only minorities for "kon much kardan"

by del khor ... (not verified) on

you have described a very popular business life style in USA. Iranians are not the only nationalities for brown nosing in USA and Canada. Let you know; it is the business system which promotes "ass kissing & back stabbing". Here are couple of business managerial tactics:
internal spies and dirty competition: minorities like Hendies, Orientals, Pakis, ,.and Iranians....more). best attributes for Bad mouthing behind their colleagues any time.
sorry and I do not mean to generalize everyone and I am sure there are many decent human being among us. farsi: loti gari tamom shod jonam.
Your interesting & invented word "Redneckistan" identifies the new era for "Encapsulated slavery of 21 century".


Mr. Kamangir article can

by 2cents (not verified) on

Mr. Kamangir article can potentially open a gate to a comprehensive round table debate. Here is my 2 cents based on personal experiences.

Throughout years, I have dealt with a really large number of individuals from many nationalities as Engineering Professor (Thousands of students), and later as president of my own company (my employees plus customers) headquartered in Toronto. I have a lot of funny, sad, and sometimes scary stories about what is goinig on inside Indian, Chinese, and many other ethnic communities. However, my conclusion is as follows:

The social behaviours mentioned by Mr. Kamangir is quite common among most migrant groups. You may as well re-write your article, perhaps with some fine-tuning, and replace "Iran" with India, China, or any other country of your choice in developing world. The same psychological and socio-economic drivers are at work for all people.

However, different ethnic groups usually confine their attitudes and behaviour to their respective communities, while putting up a relaxed happy face to the outside world. This is why you may look at them from outside and imagine it is just the Iranian commnunity who exhibits these problems.

In particular, it appears to me that Indian and Chinese communities who reside in western world, are currently dealing with much more internal social turbulance than Iranians.


no need to be irani for.....

by maziar58 (not verified) on

as a personal opinion I want to say be iranian for ourseleves and promote it for within our own family (both parent or one of them being from Iran)and try to ( M O O B)mind our own bus....
DO NOT WANT TO JUDGE here anybody


No, I don't know you, but I

by interested reader (not verified) on

No, I don't know you, but I was just interested in differenes in immigration in to different countries, regarding social, psychological, financial, or other related aspects. This could be more valuable if expressed by someone who has lived in different places. But anyways, no pressure. Peace to you. :)


to Interested reader

by Souri on

Thanks. Your writing is very familiar to me. Do I know you personally ?

Please give me a hint if so...

Usually I don't reply to  unregistered comment, as a rule!

 I'd like to know who you are or what are your motivation (at least where you do live) to be able to open the conversation.

Alternatively, you can send me your email by the way of

Then we will discuss more about the subject. One question: if you are a friend living in France or Iran, why are you so interested to the Canadian immigration?


souri khanoum

by interested reader (not verified) on

I liked what you wrote about immigrants in Canada, focusing in Iranians there. If you have hosele, and time, please elaborate on that, may be in a separate blog, as not to derail this blog. Thanks

Manoucher Avaznia

Great Job

by Manoucher Avaznia on


This is a great job and an honest and brave disclosure of the realities around us.  We need to be ourselves as our ancesters over and over came to the same conclusion that however we may look ugly but our salvation is in what we are.  This was the very reason that they physically and culturaly repeled the conquerors.  It is very simple.  Once others use us, they will trample us like dispicable pieces of trash as they have repeatedly done.  We always have had enormous resources and talents.  We need to rediscover them and use them again and again. 


Iranian communities

by Souri on

I do agree with Ben first about "writing here is getting more & more difficult" ..then I agree with both Kamangir and Ben, about the the Iranian community.

Contrary at what think Nader, I believe that if someone has a "real" cultural base and a solid will to preserve it, they shouldn't fall into that trap of getting "lost" here abroad.

About the Iranian communities, I see and hear lots of common stories as the Kamangir's. I lived mostly in France, then in USA and now here in Montréal.

Can say the best Iranian community I have ever seen was in NYC. The worst as I heard about is in Germany !!!

I attribute this big difference in Iranian's behaviour in different societies, to the economic situation of the country in which they live. Put aside, the "Snobbish" manner which is general among almost all Iranians (inside and outside Iran).

Most Iranian immigrants in West, get the same attitude of the people of their asylum country.

American people generally speaking, are more generous, don't have so much culture or "etiquette" but are tolerant, so Iranian-American feel more comfortable in America among those type of people.

In Canada, things are very different. Canada is a "multi-cultural" country as like USA, but this mosaic is very new compared to the American tissue' s.

Canadian immigrant are mostly poor. Almost %70 of the Canadian population are the immigrants and only %3.5 are very rich ! The percentage of the immigrant families who have an average wealth is said around %24, it means that almost %72 of the immigrant in Canada (among them, the Iranian who landed here in recent years) are really poor, or at least live below of the average life's standard.

Here, it comes why some of  our dear hamvatan, become aggressive, deceptive, jealous of each others or competitive at the best.

Same thing is true about Germany, while in France, things are quiet different because of the French tendency for "culture" and "civilization"....although our dear Iranian in France tend to become as "Snobbish" as the French bourgeoisie but they try to keep the same protocol as the French, which is said to be "well manner" ....



TO: Ben Madadi

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Please no Martin Luther King for us. We have plenty of them and they have been selling us morality and ethics for the past 30 years. Also Mr. Kamangir a cultural center in 'Vancouver' would only turn into a pick up joint and fail to bring us anything cultural.

The root problem is that we have several identities and we all mix up the timing and sequencing of when each should be put into action. At home we are at t=0, at work place we want to excel so we shift into high gear, at social level we want to please everybody and be popular, at our community level we are in idle gear or 'dandeh khalaas' unless there is some thing in it for us. So in a way it is like driving a Peykan in Tehran traffic. Too much clutch, brake, and gear shifting causes our heads to wobble and we don't think straight.

Showing off is another problem. We all come to the 'West' with our Peykan and want to show it off as Lamborghini. And everytime we are criticized by westerners, we go back 2500 years and show off our rich history.

My solution, just drive automatic.

Ben Madadi

:)) great...

by Ben Madadi on

Kamangir, good points! I need to write something about this too. But writing is so difficult and I more and more feel that it is getting even more difficult, instead of getting better. Because you become more and more familiar with the audience and sort of become unable to reach your own soul to write.
Anyway, about the subject! Iranians lack a clear identity. That is also my opinion, and that is the cause for many of our troubles inside and outside Iran. And it is a pity that our traditions are disappearing one by one, whatever is remained. We need someone like Martin Luther King to say simple things to us! And we need a better regime to love its citizens rather than love nukes!