Routine Emergency Drill?


by Kamangir

By reading the news below regarding Israel's 'routine' drill' one can sort of understand that this drill is to enhance Israel's protection against massive rocket attacks, however; when looking at a larger picture, it seems that the recent arrival of several US navy ships in Israel and Lebanon's waters, suggests that Israel is getting ready for an eventual attack. This would only happen if Iran is attacked by the US. 

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 JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A day before Israel implements a "routine" emergency drill, an Israeli official Monday said the entire country is at risk of Hezbollah rocket attacks and blamed Iran for "provoking us" by backing the terrorist group."An Iranian attack will lead to a harsh retaliation by Israel," says Benyamin Ben Eliezer.Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benyamin Ben Eliezer warned against an attack by Iran, which he said is unlikely to happen. "An Iranian attack will lead to a harsh retaliation by Israel, which will lead to the destruction of the Iranian nation," Ben Eliezer said, pointing out that Iran "will not attack Israel so quickly because they understand the ramifications.""They are certainly aware of our strength," he said. "Nonetheless, the Iranians are provoking us through their allies Syria and Hezbollah, (providing) them with much weaponry, and with that we have to contend."On Tuesday, Israel will begin a nationwide emergency response starting with a 90-second-long siren that will sound across Israel at 10 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) except in the southern town of Sderot, a frequent target of rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants in Gaza.Ben Eliezer stressed that the nationwide emergency drill "is not aimed at threatening any of the countries surrounding us." But he offered a bleak scenario for Israel in the face of a future war.

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"I predict that in the opening strike, hundreds of rockets will land in Israel," Ben Eliezer said. "There will not be a place in the country out of the range of the missiles and rockets of Syria and Hezbollah."

During Tuesday's drill, Israeli television will show a message from the military as well as instructional videos on how to seek shelter during an alert. During that time, Israeli schools and government offices will practice entering protected spaces.The country will also begin practicing its response to a variety of attacks, including rocket strikes and incidents involving chemical and biological agents.Haemek Hospital in Afula will be one of the institutions taking part in those drills, which will end on Thursday.Speaking on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stressed the exercise "is only a drill" and has nothing to do with "exaggerated" reports of heightened tensions with Syria."I would like to make it unequivocally clear that this is a routine drill," Olmert said before the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting."The state of Israel is not intent on any violent confrontation in the north. On the contrary, we have said more than once that we have an interest in holding peace negotiations with Syria. They know exactly what our expectations are. I can also say that we know what their expectations are; if these conditions will bear fruit, then this is what we are intent on and nothing else."Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the exercise is a direct result of Israel's 2006 war with Hezbollah militants based in Lebanon, which failed to weaken the Hezbollah either militarily or politically."The Second Lebanon War created a situation by which the home front is part of the front," Barak said Monday. "Israel has no interest in escalating the situation in the region


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Bahram the Iranian

You won Jamshid, you won

by Bahram the Iranian on

You are the man, be happy!!!!!!



by jamshid on

Instead of disputing my numbers you simply claim that I am doing safsateh. It is quite the contrary. But I'll take the fact that you failed to dispute or refute my numbers, as the failing of your argument.

Bahram the Iranian

you would be good muallah Jamshid

by Bahram the Iranian on

there is a subject in theology study called'safsateh' or maniuplation, muallah are a master of that(yeas I too dislike most of muallahs, very few are good and should go back to their mosuqe leaving politics for politicians). You seem to know this science very well.

You make me smile every time you come up with some number and solution on how to liberate Iran and defea IRI,  keep it on coming.


Re: Bahram the Iranian (wanna be)

by jamshid on

20 million basijis? You talk like a child. 20 million is almost one third of Iran's population. It is mathematically false.

And no there are not 100 people who are against the IRI. Almost the entire kurdish, arab, balouchi, lori, and torkman population, more than one fourth of Iran's population are against the IRI. That leaves you with 50 million azari and farsis.

Even if a quarter of azaris and farsis support the IRI, you are left with 12 millions. Take the children and the elderly (25%) and you are left with 9 million. Take the girls and women and you are left with 4.5 million. Ok, the IRI sends half a million Zeynab and Khadijehs to the front, so you have now 5 millions.

If you take all of those 5 millions to war, then who would run the TV, radio, goverment offices, police, oil facilities, factories, civilian offices, etc, who? Those who oppose the IRI? If yes, then the IRI overthrew itself. If you leave even only a half of those 5 millions to hold on to their civilian posts to keep the IRI alive, then you are left with 2.5 million. Let's say two third of those are willing to die and become a martyr. That leaves you with 1.5 million. Just about twice the number during the Iran-Iraq war.

Saddam had a one million strong army and a replinished and upgraded military equipment, and he still got wiped out in less than three months.

You bahram are living in your corrupt fantasies. You together with your even more corrupt and ignorant IRI is taking Iran to the path of war and destruction.

Kamangir: The price of oil has reached an all time high and it keeps increasing. Such increase in oil price has always been a precursor to a major war. The irresponsible IRI and its band of corrupt criminal supporters together with the current US bully admin are taking our dear country to an even deeper abyss than it is today.

May god damn Khomeini's soul for what he brought to Iran.

Bahram the Iranian


by Bahram the Iranian on

I am here and enjoying it not lossing a minute of sleep over a nonsens of 'contemplating  about an attack' on Iran.I feel secure.where will I be on the case of a hypothitical attack?only time can answer it. Since you are very thoughtful and concerened about such an attack, did yourself ever think where you will be???


Re: Bahram the Iranian

by Kamangir on

Where do you live Bahram the Iranian? I hope by the time the US is beating the crap out of the IRI you'll be there defending them. I really hope you be there, instead of being in front of the computer writing nonesenses!

Bahram the Iranian

Answer to your question Jamshid

by Bahram the Iranian on

You ask and I quote'Where is god? Where is justice? When will these ignorant and corrupt fanatics be punished for their crimes?'

when you and the others who call themselves, open mind, free thinkers, western democracy lovers will find enough courage to leave their homes in the western world, abrupt their daily routines and go back to Iran to face off with 20millions basijis over there and I tell you right now It is going to take more than 100 pepole to get the job done. have you found your 100??no i dont think so!!!you wont find even one guy ready to do what I just said above in your group of political affiliation.

for time being be happy with your blog and leave Iran to real Iranians living in Iran.

Bahram the Iranian

let them be mad at us and

by Bahram the Iranian on

let them be mad at us and die of their madness, no need to say who used this expression fist, go and figure


Saddam is scared like a dog...

by jamshid on

"Saddam is scared like a dog (sadam mesleh sag mitarseh)".

That's what we kept hearing early in the revolution when khomeini and his gang were meddling in Iraq's Shia affairs and therefore provoking Saddam.

But Saddam wasn't scared, was he? He invaded Iran and started an eight year war, with khomeini forcefully continuing the last seven years of that war, which resulted in more than one million Iranian lives and cripples, not to mention the war homeless and the Iraqi side of casualities.

Here we have a person who calls himself "bahram the iranian" who , just like many ignorant leaders of IRI, is parroting the same crap of 28 years ago, but now this time against the Israel or USA. These ignorants simply can't learn. Their bankrupt and failed ideology does not permit them to "think", as the act of thinking is striclty against their ideology. Additionally, their bankrupt ideology does not place any values on human life.

Hence, "sho'ars" like zionists are scared like dogs, or US can't do jack.

The US bully and the IRI and its gang of criminal ignorant supporters are taking both countries to a path of a devastating war. However, this time it won't be both sides that would suffer. It would be only Iran who would be devastated.

Where is god? Where is justice? When will these ignorant and corrupt fanatics be punished for their crimes? I long for the day that they are all placed in labor camps to work the remaining of their miserable lives building roads, and therefore for once, actually serve their country.

Bahram the Iranian

zionists are scared like dogs

by Bahram the Iranian on

I dont know what you are talking about with this obssession of americans or others doing warfares, every military in this world should keep routine drill in order to have high level of readiness.the thing you maybe affriad and you live where?Canada?pepole in Iran who live there arent, Iran and the president Ahmadienejad adminstration are not going to be intimidated and step back. the sons of 1979 reveloution arent little rocky pissing fearful fighters like the imperial army of Reza pahlavi was, didnt you see 33 days war with hezbullah.zionists are fearful of Iran and her allies you just sit tight in your home in canada and watch how brave sepah and artesh kick their ass,