Saint Jackassin!

by Kamangir

With all due respect to all those who celebrate this St.Valentin day, I have this strong need to say what I think about this event.

It's pathetic as it could be and the fact that some celebrate it even in Iran, makes it even more pathetic. If you just spend a minute thinking about its commercial aspect, its origins and everything else about it, every single aspect of it sucks! I've never, ever celebrated it and there've been times that the most complicated part has been convincing my partner not to do it either. There must be a campaign against this event, which forces people to imitate others, that makes the single people feel like outcast and creates huge profits to the retail section.

This event should only be acceptable by the teenagers, however has become the most important day in the romantic life of many human beings (even in Tehran)

If you love someone, there're many ways to express your appreciation and love, in a more discreet and unexpected way.


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Actions year round speak

by Anonymoussssssss (not verified) on

Actions year round speak much stronger than a pre-programmed single day

Whoever wants to celebrate Valentine's day, good for them. And whoever finds this day of "love" a bit facetious and over the top and doesn't celebrate (a comerical hoax which belittles "love" in its commercialized purpose), good for them also. To each their own. I don't and belong to group number two, no offense.

One's actions, year round
Sokhan-e eshgh, na aanast ke aayad be zabaan

Saaghee-aa may de o kootaah kon, een goft o shenoft

By Hafiz


unlike the writer

by MRX1 (not verified) on

some of us see the glass half full and happy there is such a jouys occasion as valentine. we once were a nation that had a celeberation for every month of the year. The writer does not like valentine, so what? there is a commercial aspect to just about anything so what? you have no problem giving money or gift to some one on their birthday or nourouz, or shall we ban those events because there is commercial aspect to it too?
I am glad the youth celeberating it in iran. could be the start of some thing good, a renesance of some kind who knows....


To Mahmoud Ghaffari

by Ali (not verified) on

This topic has NOTHING to do with Islam. Some people's obsession with blaming Islam for everything is really becoming ridiculous.


Another Mahmoud Ghaffari

by Your average X (not "Mr. X") (not verified) on

Another Mahmoud Ghaffari popped up ("MRX"), as usual.

".....what do you prefer another day of mourn, azadari, worshiping death."

It's hilarious how they try to attack people and deliberately twist people's comments (this time, Kamangir's comment on Saint Valentine's day).


get a life

by MRX1 (not verified) on

there is nothing wrong with valentine day and I am happy to see the youth in Iran embracing it. what better than dedicating a day to love. what do you prefer another day of mourn, azadari, worshiping death.


Oh yeah "Mahmoud Ghaffari",

by Samuell (not verified) on

Oh yeah "Mahmoud Ghaffari", Iranians don't know anything about love, it's not in their lives, so they need ONE day so they will be reminded of it.

I agree for the need for joyous celebrations for the sake of the happiness and well-being of people and society. However and as usual, you somehow injected "Islam" into this (and any topic).

If someone farts in your town (outside of Iran), let me guess, you're going to say it was Islam's fault (and indirectly and by extension, all muslims' fault, including the 99% of Iranians who are practicng muslims, or are non-practicng muslims and by birth).



Saint Valentine's Day (Saint/Hazrat'e Bizhan va Manizh'e)

by Anonymousssssssssssss (not verified) on

St. Valentine's day is about money and business (it's a "love"ly day, for retailers), it's not about love. It is about love, but on the surface only.


I look at it from a different angle

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

Coming from an Islamic (sic) background, we have always been taught to mourn and celebrate death. I think it is refreshing to see celebration of joy and love. Perhaps a bit of this in Iran would go a long way.