Syriana and Iran


by Kamangir

Almost everyone that I spoke to, had liked the film Syriana. I'm saying almost everyone, because some may have not liked it as a film, as it contained long and complex conversations going from one part of the planet to the other. However, having watched it several times myself, I realize that besides being a one of a kind realistic movie, it contains many messages including a clear one on Iran. The message comes in following sentence: India is our ally, Russia is our ally, even China will be an ally. Everyobdy between Morocco and Pakistan is the problem, failed states and failed economies, but Iran is a natural cultural ally of the US. Are we gonne have a nice pro-western, pro-business, secular government? Whether or not we agree with US foreign policies and regardless of how we feel about the current situation in Iran, there's no doubt that the film made an effort to distinguish Iran from other states in the region. This whole sentence or the film itself may not be that important, simply because it's just that, a film. However, if we bear in mind that as an Oscar winning film it was probbaly watched by millions around the world, the message may have had some impact. Other very staright forward and direct sentences about other situations in the middle east, make the film, in my opinion an honest effort to say things as they really are. For instance when Matt Damon tells the Arab prince: Do you really want to know what they are thinking? they are thinking that's running out and that 90% of what's left is in the Middle East. Look at the progression, Versaille, Suez, 1973, Gulf war one, Gulf war 2, this is a fight to death, so keep playing, keep buying yourself new toys, keep spending 50.000$ a night on your hotel room, but don't invest in your infrastructure, don't build a real economy, so that when you finally wake up, they'll have sucked you dry. The prince then offers an even more interesting answer and so on so forth... The conversations are powerful and realistic and I know that the director, made his homework before putting the pieces together. The bottom line is what we already know, it's running out and everything we see now is the result of the hidden and not so hidden powers of the world trying to shape the region where most of the most precious product is located. However, I think that if I try to look at this whole situation as an impartial human being, instead of an Iranian citizen, I'd see that the whole situation is so globalized and complex that it cannot be discussed easily. The product is in one specific region of the planet, the original and initial 'knowledge' and the 'know-how' of it came from the west, the technology of extracting it came from the west, up to the point Iran is wasting large quantities of oil, due to the fact its extraction devices and procedures are outdated and obsolete. The embargo doesn't allow the country to buy new tools as only 3 major nations (US, Canada and Japan) make the best extraction tools. On the other hand, Iran doesn't have the capacity of refining all the oil it extracts and therefore imports more than 45% of its own gas (a very bizarre situation) therefore, one thing leads to another. The world relies on technology and this technology is being made and updated in the west, other nations depend on this up to a point an isolated nation may survive, but not exist in a normal way. The films talks about all these things making another powerful statement: Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiency in the form of regulation, we've laws gainst it so precisly we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection, it keeps us safe and warm, corruption is why we win. And as the film front page advertising says: Everything is connected. This simply confirms one thing: that the current iranian regime, was brought to power for a mission, once expired and without support and guidelines, will not survive, it could, if Iran had the real technological know-how, but whether we like it or not, the West does.






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Monie? Nannie? These words are not in the text and neither is money nor nanny. Where did you get them from?



Not "allie", ally. Also not

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Not "allie", ally. Also not "monie", money; not "nannie" but nanny, etc.


United States and Europe are natural cultural allies of Iranians

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From movie- "But Iran is a natural cultural ally of the US. Are we going to have a nice pro-western, pro-business, secular government?"

This is a two way street. Here we go:

United States and Europe are natural cultural allies of Iranians. Are we going to have a a nice pro-western, pro-business, secular government? Or, have all type of fanatics on our side?