US can paralize Iran in 48 hours!


by Kamangir

When it comes to the very likely possibility of military confrontation with Iran, the US won't have any trouble paralizing Iran's defences and military in less that 48 hours. The American air power is mighty and few could resist its wrath and sofisticated weaponery, much less Iran, with its very obsolete and insufficient defence system and air force. US has tested and improved its latest weapons in the last 4 years in Iraq. The latest air defence system Iran bought from Russia won't help much, simply because Syria had acquired the same Russian system and last month Israel breached it undetected and knocked out a nuclear plant. Besides, the American or Israeli raid can take place from several directions at the same time. Knocking out Iran's air force would be matter of hours, as Iran has a very limited number of old planes. During the first gulf war more than 140.000 members of the Iraqi army were killed only in 8 weeks. Their sofisticated and large military infrastructure was destroyed completely and all that was done without much effort. Same thing applies to Iran. Some Iranians claim that Iran has 8 years of war experience, forgetting that Iraq had the same experience and above all ignoring that the US military and specially air power might is something of another dimension, something to be avoided at all costs. Chances of such attack on Iran are extremely high and realistic and can happen any time. I guess the IRI is caught in a dead end road, with no exit. The only people who can avoid such attack and the ones that so far have stopped Bush's administration from doing so, are the heavy weight senior military generals and leaders in the US army who are opposed to such action as they consider this will have bad consequences for everyone. It goes without saying that the regime really wants and needs such a attack as that is the only way they manage to stay in power. In this case you would have an injured animal, much more agressive and wilder than ever that won't hesitate to squeeze and crush even more, the Iranian people. Others claim that very massive and intensive air srikes could eliminate part of the IRI stablishment, but an attack of such scales and magnitude would only be comparable to what happened to Germany during second world war, which would lead to the desintegration of Iran. None of the military options seems good. For more details as per how the attack on Iran will be carried out check: //


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Hesse Sheshom Migeh....

by Shamshir (not verified) on

Without a doubt Israeli and US missils can reach all of our reactors and they can drop whatever bomb they have, BUT, what happens after the initial bombing is the reason Israel or US haven't started their mission yet. Iranian missils and Jets can quickly get to American bases in Iraq, Afghanistan and UAE, millions of armed Shia Iraqis may turn against US troops in Iraq. Irani missils will pour on Tel-aviv and Jeroslem. 30,000 Hezbollah forces will attack Israel, Syria troops will follow hezbollah. Rain of missils sink US and UK navy ships which cripples their airpower, Strait of Hormoz will be closed and oil price will climb to $130/bbl. Mr. Bush will celebrate the millions of extra dollars revenue from his Texas oil wells and probably sells 3 of the wells to a Saudi prince at triple the price.
After 2 weeks the whole bombing campaign is over and Iran re-starts it's reactors which were actually in different spots than the dummy buildings where bombed :) and Israel? hmmmm...
OR, they stop the acting and tell everyone that no, we, the American government, are Nazis, and Nazis won't bomb Aryans for Jews!


Shalom bazam zer zadi?

by XerXes (not verified) on

with Iranians like Shalom (aka Kouroush Susulian) who needs an enemy?


America is going to radaite on the cancer (Islamic Republic)

by Anonymous^1/2 (not verified) on

using bombs ... Kouroush Sassanian hit the nail on the head. All those supported the Revolution of 1979 have to pay now.



by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Cancer is often confronted with radition therapy - the Mullahs are a cancer on Iran, its people and the World!

Iran and Iranians have to pay for the murder and rape of thousands of innocent people. The Iran-Iraq clearly was not enough. Some of you support the government by inaction and many of you defend the IRI.

Bekeshen mar jendehah..enghelab karden...hala paee larzesh beshenen!!!!LOL!!!


Kamangi; With or without

by 12349 (not verified) on

With or without Islamic Republic West wants to spread its sway in Iran and Asia. This sway was mostly lost due to many revolutions. Still, propaganda bombardmnent is trying to show the same effect of real bombs.


Dear friends The kind of

by Kamangir on

Dear friends

The kind of weapons that would be against Iran are scary, inhuman and have very ong side effects on live beings. This is not the solution. I was one the most pro-war individuals you could come across, but that was because of my grudge against the islamo-fascists, which I obviously still hold. But, I'm realistic now. War has never been and shouldn't be a solution. IRI is too fragile, they're many other ways of getting rid of them.


Did you say "bunker busters"?

by Eric Jerpe (not verified) on

In response to "Cruise Missiles at $900,000 each", allegedly by Kouroush Sassanian:

"Bunker busters", which use spent-fuel uranium to exponentially increase the impact of bombs, blur the distinction between nuclear and conventional warfare. They also release radiation and cause enormous collateral damage. They were used extensively against Iraq in the Gulf War of 1991 and resulted in an epedemic of birth defects. Ironically, the Reagan adminstration provided bunker busters to Iran during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war (just as it provided chemical weapons to Iraq) in order to keep the Iran-Iraq war going as long as possible. Don't think an aerial bombardment of Iran will do anything to free Iran from the oppressive rule of the mullahs.


Kamangir; Our history is

by 12349 (not verified) on

Our history is filled with invasions and destructions and reconstructions. Somehow we are captives of our geographic location. Do you every think this is the first time that we have been under threat of invasion by the West or any other invador? In emergency situations like war situation, always wartugs have been able to mobilize people around their aim and rob their liberties and prosperity. Do you remember when Iraq attacked Iran, inside the country, every kind of dissent and freedom were robbed under the banner of "Iran is in danger"; "Islam is in danger"? Do you remember in the United States almost every kind of freedoms were reduced after September eleven; and specially after invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? How much lies were given to the public in order to reduce their social benefits? Who benefitted from these? Definitely, not a worker like me or an intellectual like you? Still Islamic Republic, in these days and months, is busily involved in curbing many social spendings and social freedoms. They need social agitation to moblized popular movement behind themselves. On this stance, there is no difference between warmongers of different colors. Still, look it is Western powers that do not leave us to ourselves. Since four hundred years ago, they have camped at our door and sing the "Rajaz" of war. Look at pacifist Mosaddegh; look at the Qajar Family; and the 1979 Revolution. Do you ever think even if there is the most deocratic governemnt according to the Western-defined standards ruling in Iran,they will leave that people to themselves? My response is a big fat "NO". They have shown this in the past and present. They want market, political sway, freehand in our deomestic afairs, military bases, cheap labor, and... To this dillema most people consent to having the domestic dictator than an invador who is there to rob and destroy only. Iranians see how much democracy and prosperity has arrived Iraq with the invadors. This is one reason that Iranians will support the present government, regardless how cruel it might be.


Important Issue

by Gilani (not verified) on

Dear Kamangir,

I love reading your articles as they point to the important Iranian issues that are generally ignored. I hope that the readers of this website continue to read more of your great posts.

Best regards,



by MRX (not verified) on

I am more concerned about infrastructure getting destroyed otherwise don't give rats ass if Basij, pasadar, hezbolah and the rest of these thugs get killed in any bombings in fact I am looking forward to it.


What Happened to my post?

by Daryush on

I posted something last night and it's gone this morning.
What happened to it? Regarding this topic, you can never predict the future
about war and military. The superises are all around, down and up. I think Iran
is a very strong country and it's in a decent position. But we have Bush and
Chaney so anything is possible. I don't think they can destroy Iranian attack,
because the Iranian military is very mobile and it's not located in a
stationary position. The American military can damage the Iranian economy:
Factories, bridges, dams, electric generators and so on. Iranian military is
capable to damage the American military with a very precise missiles, thousands
at a time. I believe that as long as the United States has military inside Iraq it would be foolish to
attack Iran. That is if Bush and Chaney don’t care for American lives then they
would attack Iran. High casualty for US makes Iran a winner. Last point, the
Iranian government has time and wants to (and will) make the war last long,
while the American regime wants a quick result. In this scenario a quick result
is impossible. Let’s hope that war never happens.


Re: My friend; in military

by Kamangir on

My friend

You claim that time for being 'redneck' and killing innocent civilians has expired. I really wish this was true, but as we're commenting here, right now, there're innocent civilians being killed in Iraq and elsewhere. I used to be very much in favour of a massive US attack on (IRI mafia) but I have come to realize that the solution to the problems of my country is not war. Unfortunately everything indicates than there will be a disasterous war, because both sides want it (yes, the IRI mafia is desperate for it) they need it to survive.  Iraq, had a large and somehow sofisticated middle class, the best medicare system in the middle east, look at it now, it's all gonne. I do not want this for my country. The IRI is rottening every cell in Iran, they are the real enemy but the solution is neither a war nor dialogue. Only peaceful and civil Iranian an international pressure for regime change. Regime change is the only way out, Iran is 'full' of intelligent people that can easily replace the mulahs (for those who wonder what we are going to replace them with)


My friend; in military

by 12349 (not verified) on

My friend; in military considerations sometimes mere survival is the greatest victory. Military operations are at the same time political considerations. Let's do not forget that Israel pombed everywhere in Lebonan which is a tiny counrty and not the south only. Israel destroyed infrastructure of the country. They launched a ground attack that was to push Hizbollah aback and was totally defeated. Indeed, Israel's demolishion of Lebonan had no military gain and Hezbollah stayed there "sor o mor o gondeh" and more powereful than before. Again, remember that it was Israel that used to reach Beirut within a few days after the first shell was launched. I am old enough to remember these. And do not forget that Israel several times had fought the nationalist Arab armies previously and had gained victory with her own imposed cease-fire conditions. What happened that same Israel fought Hezbollah which is a tiny guerrilla group for thirty-four days and gained no victory while smart bombs and cluster bombs were sent to her through England and Qatar? Definitely, something has substantially changed. The time for being a redneck and massacring defensless civilians and expelling them from their homeland has expired however warmongers are still sweetly dreaming of reviving it under any pretext: relevant or irrelevant.


Mullahs Looking Good

by Mehdi on

I think if the US attacks Iran, in whatever way, it will make mullah's regin look like a peaceful period of Iranian history. I think within hours of such an attack there will be more dead than all who were killed during mullahs. I think it will make them really look like just and fine rullers!


Good subject. It is time!

by Concerend Iranian (not verified) on

This was a good article by this author, whom I have previously berated and chided. He/she should rely on more facts when writing. I don't think there are any Iranians who would like to see their country bombed. However, in this case our country was bombed by these idiot mullahs (as well as their Iranian helpers) 30 years ago. They, just like much of the opposition abroad do not deserve to be in power. These are incompetent imbecils at the very least. They are selling our conunrty, our respources to everyone who can claim to be their friend, even for a day, be it Nicaragua, Venezuela, Russia, China, or anyone else. These are not statesmen. They are uneducated (I mean culturally) individuals who have axes to grind against each other as well as against their foes. They are not really worthy of power.This is not the rule of dictatorship the likes of Lenin or the fearsome might of Hitler. These people ae money and power hungry, who don't even know how to go about solidifying their power. True, the people of Iran for the most part are easy preys to these people. Nonetheless, they still have a hard time holding on. I believe that as disorganized as we know they are, the government's organization will come apart over a very short period of time, when or if the bombing starts. There is no other alternative. The status quo has been a total disaster: the Iranian people who used to be known for their greatness and kindness have turned into money hungry greedy individuals. The individuals in the government, too, are only interested in lining their own pockets, expecting the party to be over at any given moment.
No mater what happnes (other than the status quo), it will take years, perhaps decades for people to rediscover their greatness. But the bottom line is that we should start somewhere.


Re: Do you need to or do you have to?

by Kamangir on

Javadak, why don't you tell us what constructive action you want to carry out this coming week? Why don't you 'write' your own stuff and enlighten us with your Knowledge? If you don't like an article or things people write here, simply walk away or get lost (intor kami sangin tari)


My advice to pro-Israelis:

by Aaron (not verified) on

My advice to pro-Israelis:
Do not advocate war effort - it will surely end up burning you too. Peace is in the interest of all. It's amazing how selfish Kamankesh and saggsanian are. Peace is good for everybody. the only people I see looking for the destruction of Iran are pro-Israelis!


Do you need to or do you have to?

by Javad agha (not verified) on

Do you need to or do you have to keep writing these sorts of non-sense?


How about getting out and doing something constructive rather than keep harping U.S. can or will do? The U.S. does not need your or others permission. When it needs money or hide its problems, it will attack, if not Iran, any country which has any resource.


Now get lost for a week, and report back what a constructive thing you have done. Thanks.


To Kouroush Sassanian

by Anonymous12 (not verified) on

Kouroush Sassanian you mother F'er..... i F'ing hate your stupid ass.

don't ever write here anymore.


Cruise Missiles at $900,000 each!!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

The U.S. has no intention of putting boots on the ground. With all the bombing raids the IRI military will be set back to the time when we did not have an organized military - Qajar!

There is no need to spent trillions of dollars to attack IRI. Imagine hitting IRI with 1000 cruise missles and then for good measure drop a few 500lbs bombs to follow with bunker busters!!!

Let's see how tough the Mullahs are when missiles start flying!


Re: This writing, perhaps, comes

by Kamangir on

What shameful Israeli withrawal? They knocked hezbollah out flattened large parts of South Beirut, with their air power. Hezbollah did not do anything but launching primitive missiles, that didn't cause anything worth mentioning. It's amazing the ease whith which the IRI and others claim 'victories'. The other day, the US army in Iraq releases 5 Iranians that were kept there for a year and in Iran they make a big deal of it, claiming it was a 'victory' over the 'Amrikaye Jahankhar'. In the first gulf war, the US and its coalition destroyed Iraq's military and infrastructure, with ease and he (saddam) claimed 'having won the mother of all wars' There's a tendency to really exagerate and change reality among all muslim countries. (shoarhaye yek gherooni) Why don't you go on about the response (real valid response) that Iran could give to such attack? Iran has no real options, just bluff as usual. I remind you that is not Iran or any other middle eastern nation that has cornered the US, but vice versa.  I agree with you in saying that war is not the solution.


This writing, perhaps, comes

by 12349 (not verified) on

This writing, perhaps, comes from someone whose military knowledge perhaps comes from newspaper. Excuse my English, they said the same noneses when Irael attacked Lebonan last year. They got the result of that shameful withdrawal and admitting the deafeat. Do not forget everything the writer has mentioned in his article was prevassively used by Israel. If Hezbollah is jost a "Nowche", then wait for the master to show its skill. If America did not attack Iran two years ago, it was because it saw the result of few limited military manouvers; not if they cared about our life; or they shed tears for humanity. Also, lets not forget the whole span of the Persian Gulf and Omman Sea is under the direct Iranian shells; and Iranian drones even have flown over the so-called aricraft-carriers. Check the news again. War is a disastor for Iranians as well as Americans. Only warmongers like it.


Concerned about people

by Famoli (not verified) on

Dear Friends

Certainly this regim is a tyarnt, unpopular one, but if US launches an attack on iran ( God forbid), this will be people who suffer from the consequences and collateral damages not those stupid , dried -brains extremist.

This gouvernment has turned to a real problem for people of iran , they neither leave the country ( After sucking blood of innocent people for about 30 years )nor can be replaced.
My only hope is students inside iran and also out-of-country iranians ( who are mostly educated and have positions in different universities around the world).


nice dreams, same mistake Bush did on Iraq

by bush stupid (not verified) on

I don't know how you are American can be stupid and silly and never learn about past Vietnamese's, Iraqi, now Iranian? a country have over 2 million revolutionary fighters + 4 million volunteer's they ready take out on street in matter of the day . I personally like to see to american make one more mistake to get fuck off one and for ever....


It can also be 'paralyse'

by Kamangir on

It can also be paralyse with an 's'. Yes, paralize is wrong, thanks.



FYI for my fellow hamvatan

by Iranian (not verified) on

FYI for my fellow hamvatan doosts, it's "paralyze" and "paralyzed", not paralize or paralized ;-).



by Anonymouscannot believe this world (not verified) on


"The T- regime faced international scrutiny and condemnation for its policies. Only Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates recognized the T. as Afghanistan's legitimate government. "

Jeesh Daram

Good point, however Labor law requires shift brake

by Jeesh Daram on

Considering each shift has to take half an hour meal brake and ten minutes for each hour, you can safely theorize that the annihilation can be done in even less than 48 hours.


So, the point is whether IRI will sign off more concessions of Caspian oil to Russians? Will they agree a solid 30 years oil sale to China at a floating price? Will they continue to follow British guidelines of selling their oil with Euro? And if the answer is affirmative the destruction machine of US military will get involved and not a single country will come to our aid, not a single one.


IRI is biting the hands that fed them. All US wants is for Iran to negate its secret contracts with the Russo-British and give a chance to us for its lion share of Iran's wealth.


This is nothing more than a revisit of Quajar chess mate. History does repeat itself.


thanks professor...

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Thanks professor. Now we know!!! I'm glad you're here to tell us these things otherwise we all would be in the dark.....



by Anonymous^infinity (not verified) on

You are too generous! I would submit to you that it would take 48 minutes (not taking into account the in-flight time of the missiles) for America to bring the entire IR infrastructure to a halt! Looking for ward to see and hear on TV the devastating impact of such attack on the Islamic Republic SoB's.