Virgin Dollars


by Kamangir

I just watched the 'faghr va fahsha' documentary of Masoud Dehnamaki. I downloaded it it fom the site:

Just like many of you I had heard many stories of poverty in Iran and the kind of things poor families are doing there just to make ends meet. However, when you watch this documentary, you cannot but feel betrayed, insulted and angered. Specially when it comes to the 'exportation' of young Iranian girls to Dubai. In the documentary you can hear their own stories and why they're doing it and believe me my friends, it hurts. When you have a 18 year old Iranian girl, that goes to Dubai to make money so her father can get his life saving surgery, and in order to make the money, she has to lose her virginity by a rich Arab , how should it feel? What is this?Iran is the third exporter of gas in the world, why is this happening? Why aren't other much poorer arab nations, such as Syria, Lebanon and Egipt, in the same situation? Selling a kidney, seling your beloved daughter to a pervert sick arab, having your wife selling her body to whoever pays for it, what kind of life is this? Is this your revolution? Is this the so famous 'Iranian Gheirat'? Are this your values? Don't we see what they are doing to Iran? To our young generation? I have been living outside Iran for the last 22 years and despite having grown up in Europe, I finally realized that one way or the other I'm being reminded that I'm guest, that they are doing me a 'favour' by allowing me there. I left Europe and came to Canada, where to my surprise there's deep racism and segregation beneath the beuatiful and international name of peace loving Canada, although I see many Iranians here in Vancouver, so happy (over-excited) with being here.... I had thoughts of perhaps moving to Dubai, where I thought life seems interesting, since I heard so many good things about it from friends and others, but the more attention I pay to it, that whole nation doesn't add up. It seems a fake and segregated society, where only the very rich plus the white westerners are enjoying themselves, then you have the very rich Iranians there, just as you have them here in Vancouver, but what about others? Is it normal to see very young and innocent Iranian girls from large and small towns of Iran, selling themselves, because they have no choice in Iran? The whole thing just doesn't add up, Iran is rich, much richer than many so called European countries, so why is this happeing? Will the evils who are doing this to my nation ever face justice? Was Iran like this during Shah time? When are we going to fix our country? Plese tell me when and how, please.

I have this feeling that on of our biggest cultural problems is our lack of community sense. In Iran nobody cares about community, the word doesn't have any meaning, and Iranians abroad reflect this same aspect very much. We tend to gather, only when there's a concert, party or something like it. Maybe I'm wrong, but the presence of Islam, combined with extreme Persian attention to appearence, created one of the most selfish, selfless and mediocre societies on earth. What's wrong with us? Why are we so immature as a nation and people? When are we going to learn anyting? The more I look at it the more a Irealize Iran isn't in Iranian hands, but in the hands of those who deep inside have much in common with those who pay good dollars for virginity. The virginity dollars.


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We have not yet hit the bottom

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

We have not yet hit the bottom to strongly bounce back. The slope is steep as you and I see it.

Nation is on verge of bankruptcy in every aspect. Wake up call is coming soon.

Iranians must prevail against all wicked forces this time just as Europe did.


Re: what kind of kamangir are you?

by Kamangir on

No, my friend. In this world, not even you attitude will save you from being discriminated against. Go tell this to many Iranians living in Sweden and Nordic countries. Discriminiation can be against poor, against rich, against black and white and when it's agianst your background and nationality, there isn't much you can do (coloring your hair blond, and using blue contact lesnses and changing your name from Akbar to Al, won't help either) I know this, because I can see it here in Canada on daily basis.

I'm not victmizing myself, I'm just seeing real victims of our selfish, rotten pseudo-arabic culture.



what kind of kamangir are you?

by jonbe shari (not verified) on

even though I did not watch the documentary that you are taking about I feel your pain, but for your own situation stop victimizing yourself and go enjoy this wonderful country you are blessed to live in. I have been living in the states for 28 years and not even once I was disseminated. now that you are in Canada you have unlimited resources to get ahead and become rich or anything you want to be. but don't be fool money alone will not get you out of being discriminated its all in your attitude.


I am impressed by your

by Arash2008 (not verified) on

I am impressed by your strong feelings of sadness and sorrow for the misguided deeceived and abused women.
I just like to add some lines from a book here. It is a short story called Boomerang from the
book: LIFE AS IT HAPPENS:Short stories
" Son, Let the world snd generations to come know what happened, and what can happen to nations or people who tip the balance of nature and create wealth for self, while making others miserable........when self interest with injustice , becomes destructive like boomerang and comes back and haunts ......"

One solution is for the Hajis to give their money to the poor girls and not saudis.
If I were an Aya... the first fatwa would be to make haj free and hotels in Saudi arabia paid for by saudis. After all they have enough oil and they use the money to buy Typhoon and other planes to show loyalty to foreigners to keep themselves in power.