When a hardliner makes a point!

by Kamangir

I was recently watching a documentary I had downloaded called, 'Filme Siah' or the Black Tape. The documentary is about the proliferation of porn film and footages, mainly homemade, in Iran. It helps you see how the lastest technology of mobile phones is being used to spread soft and hardcore porn, mainly in Tehran and how the 'authorities' in Iran are trying to prevent this.

I personally think that the IRI is main cause of most social illnesses Iran has today, however; in the documentary several people, many avarage citizens and some others involved in the law system are interviewd. Among them is the Greater Tehran Police Chief, 'Sardar Radan'.

This man is behind the harshest of measures recently put into practice in Iran, called the 'dress code'. As a very ultra-conservative individual, he has always defended his policies and measures all in the name of fighting the growing social 'corruption'. However; during the interview, he raises the following question for which I have no answer. The question was:

Why would I, record on tape the most private moments of my life? Would I do it in order to have a good 'yadegari'? If so, that must be the most meaningless 'yadegari' I could come up with.

He was referring to the growing cases of stolen 'private' tapes of couples that have been put into circulation, mainly in Tehran. Now, without approving anything this man (radan) and others of his kind do, I cannot but ask myself the same question. Why would I do that? For which I have no answer. For a moment, I considered, this: that sometimes, anyone can make a point, even the current police chief of Tehran.

If you're interested in watching the documentay, please check:




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none of his business

by IRANdokht on

The point is that this guy thinks just because he doesn't want or like to do something nobody else should either!

If he likes to see women in uniform all over the country, he comes up with a "dress code" for them!

the question is: what kind of person gives himself the right to make decisions for others? why does he think his moral values surpass all others? and why does he believe that if he doesn't have a reason to do certain things nobody else should either?

the pressure that he and people like him have put on the Iranian society is exactly why this type of home-made movies have become so popular. He and the ones like him have suffocated people long enough.



Agreed with Ali P

by Iva (not verified) on

Radan is a criminal and his opinion or in this case his question is meaningless. Private lives of citizens has nothing to do with the crime that is being committed. I guess, next time someone complain that thieves have invaded thier home, Radan would ask, Why would anyone buy a rug or jewlery knowing well that it could be stolen?! so, in effect you are guilty by inticing the thieves.

Please don't encourage criminals who are in charge in Iran.

Ben Madadi

Some people do tape!

by Ben Madadi on

There are people who do it just for fun, to be seen by others. There have always been.

One can also, like this IRI hardliner, can ask "why do women need to dress fancy and beautiful? I can't understand why a woman would want to dress 'provocative' and sexy!" So, he would think that people's free choices of doing this and that with their own body needs punishment because he, or somebody else, simply cannot comprehend WHY!

I have a question for them too! I cannot comprehend what is this fellow's business what others do. Why does he leave a beard anyway? I can't see why!

Ali P.

What point?

by Ali P. on

The question posed, was:"Why would I, record on tape the most private moments of my life?

The answer:

OK. You wouldn't.

 I wouldn't.

(And if you did, or I did, what is it of anyone's business?)

Why is it such a great question?