When the obstacle is not the IRI


by Kamangir

It's a very simple concept that may become very complex if we get into its details but without digging too much into it it's hard to believe that the IRI is the real problem the US (to be more accurate the Anglo-EU-American Establishment) is facing.

When you look at its progression and when you compare it to other Middle Eastern nations, it seems that the US has 'always' had issues with with all and every single Iranian government, both with the Pahlevi Monarchy and with the IRI.

If they had no interest in Iran's politics why would they go after Mosadegh?If the Pahlevi monarchy, regardless of our personal opinion about it was really pro-American and an American Puppet why would they (Americans) allow its collapse? If their problem was the IRI why on earth they didn't take care of it in the last three decades?

Why is it that the Iranian nuclear program has become such a big issue when one of the most unstable and dangerous countries in the Middle East (Pakistan) has it? Do you see the progression? There's always a problem with Iran regardless of who and what shape of government is in charge of it. But why Iran? Why not Egypt or Turkey ? (you may say well, they don't have oil) but what about the Saudia Arabia or the UAE and Kuwait? They 'do' have oil in abundance. Therefore 'oil' cannot be the only factor, neither is the Persian Gulf or the Caspian sea. It seems to me that the real problem the hidden powers of the world have with Iran is actually its people and its 'essence'. What does this have anything to do with their policies? Well, to make it clearer they very much disliked Mosadegh, for obvious reasons but we should bear in mind that Mosadegh was a nationalist and so are millions and millions of Iranians and 'that' is their problem. If I were a business man trying to take over another business I wouldn't like that business to have couple of very smart and intelligent lawyers, they could be a problem. I would wish they were all a bunch of jackasses, party goers whose concerns weren't those of their company they are working for, that way I could bribe them, threaten them, scare them and also 'promise' false promises to them, promises the same level of their intelligence and or view. Now, the smart lawyers if beside being smart were loyal to their company, I'd definitely have to get rid of them. When Mossadegh said and did things they didn't like they got rid of him. Later The Pahlevi Monarchy had the same fate (I've always refused to believe a revolution took place in Iran) mainly because they also had nationalistic views and wanted to put them into practice. The IRI, however hasn't accomplished its real mission, somewhere along the way their arabization of Iran has gone sour,although severe damage has been caused they haven't managed to kill the Iranian nationalism (not to be confused with anti-Western rhetoric and Shiite fervor)

In the film Syrianna there's a dialog between the Arab prince and the Oil company consultant. The prince asks: what to you (American and westerners in general) think of us? to which the consultant answers: we think that 100 years ago you were here in the desert living in tents and chopping each other's head off and in another 100 years you'll be chopping each other's head again. Now, I think the consultant couldn't say the same thing about Iran but he'd wish that in another 50 or 100 years Iran be just that, somewhere where people are too busy fighting each other in a tribal way. That's their whole problem, Iran doesn't want to be arabized, Iranians do think and care and because of their rich past and history do have this sense of pride that they are none less than anyone in the West. That attitude and mind-set is a problem and that's the real enemy (so long as there's oil, of course!)


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re: comment by mr.. Al Sefati

by al (not verified) on

IRI may have said no to US in the open (not sure what's going on behind the door) ..but they also paid $6 billion for outdated nuclear technology to mr Putin and his gobment..

so, don't be proud of that "NO" to US and don't be fooled 'cause it's "yes" and a loud "auuuukhkh" to our big neighbor..

we paying one way or another...


This is why US has problem with Iran's government

by Al Sefati (not verified) on


Mosadegh made it national, Shah talked about making it to $100 a barrel, and IRI literally said fuck you to US.

US wants to make Iran like those other fucking sell out Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but our Iranian spirit says not GO TO HELL.

This is regardless of our government, our people under any circumistance are going to let some private company owning their Oil.


Nicely thought of

by Daryush on

You are asking questions that when answered you get the real
picture. You are absolutely on the right track. The fact is that we
Iranians separate ourselves with the IRI regime and that's clear. Yet
we see that there are policies out there not to get IRI but to weaken
Iran as a nation. We must be wise to question those policies. Many
Iranians out of Iran still see their help from the governments in the
west that are the original reason for all of our backwardness!

This is a very well thought of article and hope Iranians wise up to the current political affair.


The consultant is shrewd, isn't he? We all love him.

by Kaman's Fan (not verified) on

"The prince asks: what do you (westerners in general) think of us? to which the consultant answers: we think that 100 years ago you were here in the desert living in tents and chopping each other's head off and in another 100 years you'll be chopping each other's head again."

The consultant answering the question is a colonialist (old or neo). He is wrong. He is lying.
He has plans, material plans. He wants to create a 'mindset' for his actions. He wants to justify his crimes.

100 years ago they were living in tents but they were not chopping each other's head off. They were living as any other nation in the world. They had peace, love, mysticism, wars and killings like any other people.

100 years from now they wouldn't be chopping each other's head if -and this if is crucial Kamangir-
'the consultant would not set them against each other'.

Do you get the point Kaman? The consultant is doing 2 things with that sentence:

1- He is creating a mindset for the people coming after him and reading history, and for those who are 'writing history' telling them 'these people have always been savages.'

2- He is undermining the fact that he is planning the fighting and wars between them for his interests.
He is creating the vision that your future wars and killings are because you 'are' savages, not because I have many plans for you.


This was 199% Iranian

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

First of all you and the rest of Daie Jan Napoleons think that this revolution was the work of foreign powers. They might have enjoyed watching the Shah fall on his behind since he was getting a bit too bold and drunk off the oil income. But, as long as you think this is the work of foreign powers you are denying the truth which is we Iranians can not stand anyone in power and we are great at pulling the rug from under each other and most enjoyable when it is the authority in power we are doing it to.

Secondly, there is no Arabization and if you think that our heritage is only what is in Pasargad and Takhteh Jamshid, then you are missing 90% of the story. When the Ghajars were busy parceling off Iran so they could take 8 month trips to Europe, it was the mullahs that alerted people against the Ghajar's treachory. You can not deny their role in the constitutional revolution and the nationalization of oil. I don't call it Arabization since none of the Arab nations ever went through what I described above.

There is an element of nationalism in Iran which is not just the glory of 2500 years ago that we pride ourselves on. It is more connected to our recent history. Good or bad to you it is your choice, but don't call it Arabization.

And as for Arabization, we are wrong about them since they are so much ahead of us in just about everything. There will be a day when we have to send our workers to their countries to work.