Would you go back to Iran?

by Kamangir

You're living outside Iran, some of you for decades, some others have just stablished themselves here and there and some were born outside Iran. Regardless of why you or your families initially left Iran behind, regardless of your personal opinions about the situation in Iran, there's one factor that we all share, and that's we're living outside Iran, either in Europe or North America or elsewhere. There must have been a reason why we left, as people do not leave everything behind and start a new life, just for the sake of it.

Now, for a moment imagine that the Islamic regime of Iran, that has been ruling it for the last three decades, collapses entirely, just as the previous regime did. With their collapse, many of the issues affecting civil liberties and freedom will dissapear, however the results of a damaged and unhealthy economy as well as the huge social gaps will somehow be present for the years to come as the transitional and following governments will try to handle this. On the other hand Iran would be the primary target of international investors as at a later stage tourism will be. There will definitely be cataclismic changes that will affect almost everyone living in the country, specially the private sector. The creation of employement as a result of heavy foreign investment and companies, will need young and skilled workers that the sofisticated and large Iranian middle class will definitely be able to provide. We cannot deny that those will be very promising and interesting times for our country and for all Iranians. But what about the large Iranian community abroad? What about those who have spent more than 30 years living outside Iran? Their children have blended in these societies, but wouldn't a free Iran be so different to them? Without no harsh religious measures against our women and their freedom, would they go back? How would their return and presence affect Iran, in the long run?

What would you do?


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I'm Ready

by Hesam (not verified) on

I think we shouldn't wait till Iran gets free and economy gets better, we should go back and make Iran what we want it to be.
Revolution happened because we didn't believe in ourselves. We thought American stuff are better than Iranian stuff. After living in America for quarter of century I now know that they're not. If Iranians invest as much as Americans on everything they can make far better quality and quantity. In fact our engineers are running NASA, Boeing, and many large American companies. Our professors teach in every US. college and even the largest mall in America is built by an Iranian, so who says we can't do the same in our own country?
The problem with us is that we think "Jomhurie Eslami" owns Iran! No, they don't, we do. They're just stealing our resources for their own purpose for a while. if a burgler comes inside your house and eat the food in your fridge, would you move out to another neighborhood and leave your house, your picture album and your children to the burgler? I doubt it. We gotta get back and take our country back. I've never been truly happy in America. It feels like a bad dream that never ends. Lots of junk to buy and no soul.
I'm going back to Iran when Bush leaves office.


re: Kouroush Sassanian

by Anonymous321 (not verified) on

How long have you been hating yourself?!!


You g-d damn right I would!

by mehdi palang (not verified) on

I agree 100% with Anonymouse!!

Thanks for writing reality! (Keep on writing!)


Re: Anonymouse

by Kamangir on

Dear Anonymouse

Thanks for your comment. I do feel very sympathetic with your view as I mayself after decades abroad do know that I will go back someday. I never completely felt at home and I have lived both in Europe and North-America. You're right in saying that this has to do with one's memories. I still have very good memories of Iran, although there were some dark days but I was a kid and also had very good times. Iran is a great place very diverse and full of contrasts. I love Tehran despite its caotic traffic and lifestyle.

Only Iran (booye madar ra midahad) I visited Iran some 4 years ago after long time and loved it even more. That's the only place on earth where you really feel at home, maybe isn't the best home but still your home. I'm positive and look forward to seeing much better days for Iran and Iranians.



We are either retired or dead by that time

by Anonymouse on

Don't forget there are Iranians who have gone back to Iran to lead rich lives, like the guy who started Pars Online and many others who went back and opened their own businesses.  They left USA and Europe for the rest of us.


Iranians who are outside Iran and were born in Iran and lived at least some part of their lives in Iran, look at Iran based on their previous experiences.


If you have good memories, like favorite places, families in other cities, general look and feel of Iran that only you understand, parents, sibblings, friends or family you tend to go back and visit and enjoy your visit.  If you have bad memories, dark days, like comite harrasing you or bombs dropping in your neighborhood, or friends of family betraying you or no family left at all, then you tend to be indifferent about going back.


When you go back, you go back to your old memories.  Of course Iran has changed for all of us and all our memories are no longer valid, just there in our heads.  In reality Iran changes every day, so even if you left Iran a year ago when you go back, so much is changed. Everyone has his or her own story getting out of Iran.


JJ and others have said in that other blog that they have no desire to go back.  They prefer to go and visit a new place.  They prefer cruises to Carribeans or Europe or a Safari in Arfrica.  Of course it's their life and everyone should be leading their life however they choose and whatever makes them happy.


If Iran changes for the better, those who are not going back will not go back in any event.  They can get everything they want right here in US or other countries.  We are sort of like other immigrant communities, like Italian, Chinese, Hispanics, Irish and others when we have our own little Italy or China towns, but we bitch and moan the most.  We are all political potato heads.  We all think Iranian regardless of whether or not we've been to Iran recently or have any desire to ever go back. 


Do what you want to do, go to Iran or stay out of it, but don't tell others what is the right thing to do. Iran is not changing for us.  Iran is changing because of it's own internal struggles and people's inevitable need for change.  It has nothing to do with us.  We should be so lucky if we can have even the smallest influence.


I like going to Iran because that is the only place in the world where everyone is like myself.  I don't have to explain myself to anyone or talk in another language or feel in another way.  I feel comfortable.  I breath comfortably.  I see comfortably.  I see good.  I see bad. I see funny.  I see love.  I see fear.  I see courage.  All in the span of a 10 minute walk in any street.  Most of all, I see Iranians everywhere.


Kouroush Sassanian Khafeh

by XerXes (not verified) on

What the hell do you do here in this site? man go to your Israeli web pages and fox news and talk to your kind. You are so superior because you are...European? Aryan? Go F#$K yourself idiot. Sell out


Re: Javad agha

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

Javad fesh feshoo, martikey ahamagh, baz to zer zadi? beband on gaalaro matikey pofyooz...


zizi, fesh fesh . . .

by Javad agha (not verified) on

So soon you gave in? Now you admit that you are the same person using zizi, fesh fesh, etc.? lol

khar khodeti. There must be a way to control posters who speak from both of their mouth and use multiple names.

Khoda shafa bedeh. You lose again. No wonder you live in the West.


javad agha = payandeh iran = David ET

by zizi feshfeshe (not verified) on

I am all in, I even raise you, how about 5000 bucks? lol
also, no need to bother JJ for that, I have already checked, the IPs match, huh huh, lol


To zizi, feshfesh, etc.

by Javad agha (not verified) on

You idiot use different names (zizi, feshfesh, etc..) think others are like you?

Let us bet, I said $1,000 in other posts, how about $3,000? JJ will check our IPs?
Are you in or not? If not, then you are like many Ey-ranians who are cheap and moftkhoor who think the U.S. is a better place to live because its government is stealing from other countries, therefore, life is better (bigger cars, bigger houses, but still a moftkhoor).


I love iran and i love

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

I love iran and i love america for what they offered me. Why do we always have to choose? I have not seen anything bad from neither country. I owe to both for providing me with the opportunity to live. Thank god;

Long live freedom, happiness and humanity;


javad = Payandeh Iran = David ET

by feshfeshe (not verified) on

Javad (aka javad agha) is the same person as Payandeh Iran and David ET, he koonesh badjoor sookhteh as harf e JJ that he siad "get used it" now he is trying to trash the site. just so you all know. :)


To Haijie

by Mamooshee (not verified) on

Haijije welcome back. Ghahar karedeh boodie?

You were not the right person to get the money, many received and are receiving. Why do not you come to the U.S. and benefit from some of $75,000,000?

Dar mamalaket azad hasti, movazeb bash koonant nazarand, koos pish kashat dadash.


trust Mullahs ?ha ha ha ha

by hajiagha on


حانباز حنگ و بردر شهید آخوند ها ما رو خر کردن و این هم سرنوشت ما من به یزید ومعاویه و هیتلر بیشتر ز این آخوندهای دزد ایمان دارم....تا به کسی سراغ داره که یک حرف آخوندها درست در آمده و به قول شان نیرنگ کاری نبوده.......بابا صد دلار وام ندادند به برادر شهید و سرباز امام زمان خودشان تا زن بگیره.....احمق باید بود تا آخونها رو باور کنید.....بوش به ایران حمله کن و این لکه ننگ را پاک از دامن ملت و اسلام...


so dangeres Iran with this crazy mullahs

by hajiagha on


حرات دارید به ایران مملکت ملا زده و بدون قانون و آدم ربائی....شکنحه....اعدام....سربه نیست کردن....تا زمانی که خا منه ای . و فلا حیان.و انصار خر بلا......هستند ایران اول باید چند تا آخوند دزد رو زندانی کنند تا مشخص بشه قا نو نی است....


Right on ... Javad agha

by Payandeh Iran (not verified) on

Right on ... Javad agha. The only thing you forgot is democracy. If any country has oil, gas, or any other resources, the U.S. will be democracy there.

Loved it... Ey-ranians. hehe how true. :-)


under mullahs regime no way

by janbaz (not verified) on

this mullahs are sucks, when i go back in Iran to make sure they are also back in hozea


If I were Ey-ranian . . .

by Javad agha (not verified) on

If I were Ey-ranian . . ., WHY would I want to go back to Iran? WHY?

We have Ey-raqi oil coming to our new country, we have companies such as Bloodwater (Blackwater) making tons of money and hiring us to work for them.

WHY would I want to come back? The West is good and we do not care if people are killed over there.

If there is NO war, we will make one so that we can prosper at your expense. Get it? We are Ey-ranians.


I dunno American, probably

by Heshtit (not verified) on

I dunno American, probably the same thing to Americans who are all about support our troops, even though the troops are raping and killing Iraqis, lining them up on each other naked and harassing them in their own homeland.


The problem is ....

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

most of the people in Iran are muslim thugs and deserve the Wrath of the whole World. The same cocksuckers that marched in 1979 are now running the country. Drugs, poverty, prostitution - all sound great for those idiots. I only hope it grows even more. Engelab konen..khobeh..LOL!!!!

Javad, bring another chelo kabob....ba gojehye izafeh...


Maybe some day

by Imposter (not verified) on

I have been going back and forth to answer this question for the past several years. And each time that I visited I witnessed that the situation there has been getting worse and worst, specially for youth and women. Kind of people that use vulgar language here and wish you to "drop dead" as soon as you appear to be insulting Islam or Islamic Republic, have guns in their hands and imprison you if not killing you there. We have a government with no purpose there, no purpose concerned with iran and iranians. They just want to maintain power and control of country's wealth at any cost, by propaganda, by distraction (nuclear, arab conflicts, etc.), or ultimately by force. Working for a living is for sure very tough there, and building a middle-class family is even tougher; and once your sons grow up, they have no jobs; and once your daughters grow up they will be oppressed by the government or their husbands with no protection of law. Show me a decent Iran which minimally values the lives of its citizens and I go back in a flash. But what I see there is not my Iran, it is simply a bunch of people struggling on a daily basis, ruled by a bunch of religious fanatics, manipulators, and thugs, where no-one can make a difference, but can only suffer.


My turn . . .

by Javad agha (not verified) on

Bashe? it is my turn.

If you are not planning to go back or help, then why do you call yourself Iranian? What is Iranian about you? Being mooftkhor and cheap?

Iran is better off by people who care about it and cherish it. Stay where you are, but do not turn the other countries into Iran and run into another country.

In brief,don't shit, then wonder why it smells.


The fact is, it's true we

by just me (not verified) on

The fact is, it's true we are still iranian living in America or anywhere else but don't forget that we became a part of this society that has rule of law, system, that we practice and living in it... by comparison, think of traffics, which one of you guys can drive in tehran, believe me it's tough..driving in tehran is like a hell, no one cares..i went to Iran after 22 years, it was nice first two weeks, seeing old friends and family, or smell the Sangak or Kalepacheh, than gradually you start hate it..seeing people that how easily lie to each other, truly after two weeks i thought about DARUSH song SALEH 2000.. any-who,Hypothetically speaking even the regime collapse,economy start booming,,what about peoles culture. Iranian people are not as same as i thought they were when i left 23 years ago..it was awful, sad experience to see how regime destroyed the persian culture that we knew. i think i will take a long long long time at least a generation to two to come that learn from the begging of their lives and school that how we should live respect others and living like civilized people..but till than i don't think i personally can live there..


I meant rear end of bacheh Akhoonds, insert by

by Slugger (not verified) on

baseball bat ...


I would go, but I would take with me about 1,000,000

by Slugger (not verified) on

Louisville sluggers wrapped in barbed wire and marinated in hot molasseses to take ram up and down the read end of bacheh mullahs such as Q, David ET (aka Payendeh Iran), and other mullah thugs.

Then, I would take my cell phone and take instant photos of these poor bastards so the whole world can see with their own naked eyes what can happen to criminals!?

Azarin Sadegh

My answer to this same question

by Azarin Sadegh on


A while ago I wrote an essay almost with the same title and voila the link to my essay:



PS: We can discuss and argure the subject but we don't have to judge and to insult each other just because we have different opinion.


Iran is our country and that

by voice (not verified) on

Iran is our country and that is the only place whereo no questions asked we all belong. Now it is a choice between wearing the hijab and listening to some nonesence or paying the tax and running like a dog. It is an individual choice. For those who left Iran for a better education opportunity, I can see why they find it hard to return, but for the one who is serving Kabob or baking bread, I think you are still better off in your country and for those who can not afford expensive boos, they better stay where are. The country Iran does not go paralel with who leads it. I love Iran and of course I will go back after I have acomplished my goal outside of it. Let's be frank, does anything replace a fresh sangak and a piece of leeghvan cheese? Or for that matter, reading the hafiz together or the familiar family gatherings?


you lazy asses only want

by shamsi (not verified) on

you lazy asses only want good life, money and freedom ( in your book , velgardi at bars and hopping from bed to bed) , i will go back and help my people, my country and the new generation starving for education, opportunity and new life. Yes , you need to stay here and regretably call yourself iranian,when you are having chelo kabab, get your hamburger and get the hell out of iran and being an iranian, shame on all of you, jerks.


Okay, dream on.

by Payandeh Iran (not verified) on

Hey David Ghoosfandy;

Khar khoddeti.

To expat, enjoy stoling goodies which your NEW government is bringing to you and others no have no spine.



by expat (not verified) on

Shakespeare: "Ignorance is the curse of God."

It is very obvious why Iran has the biggest
"Brain Drain" in the world.

This is an irreversible fact.

These facts speak for themselves.

The ignorant, illiterate, emotional, infantile
temper tantrums of the envious underacheivers and failures of this world, will not change
these facts.

Let them go on braying in their in their maliciously
envious and benighted ignorance. It's what they