Your favorite Iranian song

by Kamangir

Few could deny that our music, the Iranian music is indeed very rich and nowadays very diverse. Our musicians both inside and outside Iran have done a great job by creating the most beautiful styles. Starting from Ostad Banan, Mrs. Marzieh, Googoosh, Vigen, Dariush, Farhad, Moein, Ebi, Hayedeh, Shahram Nazeri, Sattar, Martik, ghomeishi..... to Andy, Balck cats, Helen, Mansour... they are all great singers and musicitians...

One could spend an entire day listening to Persian songs without really getting tired or bored, as long as diverse styles are involved. I couldn't really say which Iranian song is my favorite, as there're so many of them, but the other day I was watching an interview with Sattar on Bebintv and I heard a background song that sounded just beautiful, it took me a while to find the song as I had no clue on its title, but found it on youtube and would like to share it with thouse who enjoy good lyrics and perhaps you like it too: //

There's another very beautiful song I recently heard as one of the 'Santoori' movie soundtracks.

What's your favorite song? Is there a link to it as well?



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Thanks so much!

by Kamangir on

I thank every single one of you for having shared your favorite songs with us.

Ba sepas

Zende bad sarzamine Iran


Khalij Fars by Ebi

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

So many people are calling this gulf Arabian Gulf but it is Persian Gulf and in our own beautiful language Khalij Fars.

And Ebi made a great song back in days and I love it. Specially the live versions.


70'S MUSIC.....

by maziar58 (not verified) on



I found the 'Ali Santoori'

by Kamangir on

I found the 'Ali Santoori' soundtrack. A beautiful song equally matched by a wonderful film.

Song Title: Sange Saboor




I like this one too

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Niki Tehranchi

And now for some laughs

by Niki Tehranchi on

I did not know what "koocheh bazari" music is until I came across the music section of the old faturing Parivash's do taa limoo daaram, mikhari?  Aaaahhh, I can't tell you how many lonely poor student nights spent in front of a boring book in an anonymous metropolis, with no family and no real friends, Parivash cheered up for me.  Below is the link to the old Parivash section although I don't think the links work anymore.  Maybe our dear editor could help out?




Love the topic

by Abarmard on

Here is my all time favorites -The ones that I could find on youtube-

- //

- //

- //

- //

These are great songs with voda or Aragh while having shab-zendeh-dari and talk about the past :)

Thanks Kamangir for the topic.


I can't find mine

by XerXes (not verified) on

I love the song by Sattar "Sorkhe suratam az seelee amma zardeh tanam" but can't find them.


Everytime I try to get out,

by n.zanincanadai11 (not verified) on

Everytime I try to get out, you people drag me back in.

Do panjere song from JJ is the most depressing peiece of music on the planet. My dad used to listen to it all the time and now I feel like I'm an insect and that song is an insect repelant. Either I listen and get depressed for a few months or I avoid it at all cost.

Sattar:He has a song "arezou daram ke margat ra bebinam, bar mazarat shaakhehayeh gol bechinam" LOVE IT.

my fave iruni song of the moment,
sheypooooram daaran, baahaal

Bang Man

In My home

by Bang Man on

My father used to have marathon poetry and drinking sessions ….

I love all the oldies Ranga Rang music/poetry stuff

I like the folk songs the best ….

I searched the net for some of my favorite that I can find here it is



Shabe Mahtaab

Dar Fekre To Boudam


Also Framarza Aslani, He is y old time favorite.








Azarin Sadegh

There are so many..

by Azarin Sadegh on

My husband plays Setar and we have two good books: The lyrics of  iranian songs (old and new). During our gatherings, as soon as people get serious talking about Politics, he starts playing Setar and I start singing (so bad that it stops the debate!)! But it helps others to open up to the idea of singing because they're sure they can't be worse :-) So we spent a peaceful night!

So among our friends, the two songs that usually makes everyone sing is Morghe Sahar and Maraa Be-boos!

But my own favorite is Delkash's Yaad-e Koodaki.


Nazy Kaviani

What a good invitation!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Salam Kamangir:

Music is the most under-rated element of energy, hope, and reflection in our lives. Without it, life would be oh-so-boring! Some of my favorites of Iranian music, in no particular order or category are:

1. Farhad's Koodakaneh:

2. Mohsen Namjoo's Zolf Bar Bad Madeh:

3. Morgh-e-Sahar in a sweet rendition by a young Hengameh Akhavan, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, and Ardeshir Kamkar:

4. Ostad Molook Zarrabi and Anoushirvan Rohani, in a short clip where she was well over 70 years of age (in 1977). She was the very first female singer-instrumentalist of Iran:

5. And last, if we could see and hear what heaven sounded like right now (the Iranian section, ha ha!), we would see these two irreplaceable masters of Iranian music, Masters Bikchekhani on Tar and Farnam on Dayereh (playing live here at Hafezieh in Shiraz in the early 1970's). I have never seen the Dayereh played like that! Watch to the end!:

Thank you for asking for my opinion! Happy Valentine's Day, Kamangir.


Taghdim be shoma, jenabe Kamangir! (by ZedBazi)

by ProudIranian (not verified) on


Googoosh, second to none!

by Kamangir on

When it comes to googoosh, it's very difficult not to like most her songs, there's another song that was very beautifuly performed by her: //


Jahanshah Javid

Do Panjereh

by Jahanshah Javid on

Here's one of my favorites. Googoosh's "Do Panjereh":