Fear Nothing


by LalehGillani

In this video, an elderly Greek citizen who has been a political activist for decades stops by the Campaign and encourages the protesters to continue their fight against oppression. “Fear nothing,” he says. “I will die standing but will not surrender.” Meanwhile the Greek government ignores Iranian political refugees' requests, forcing them to take drastic measures.

For over a month, Iranian asylum seekers in Greece have erected a tent in front of the Academy of Athens to protest the policies of the Greek government and the treatment of political refugees living in Greece in a state of limbo. From the beginning, the goal of this campaign has been to expose the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and to inform the Greek citizens why they must raise their voices and protest close political and economic ties between the Greek and Iranian governments.

In the last few years, political asylum has been granted only a few times: A family whose 3 year old child was raped while the family slept in a park was given political asylum immediately. In another case, a family whose daughter was killed by an explosion while rummaging through a dumpster for food and another daughter was blinded as the result of the same explosion was deemed to be eligible for political asylum. Similarly, a refugee who was attacked by right-wing thugs and his chest was cut open by a knife received political asylum. Finally, over two months ago, the cases of six Iranians one of whom had sewed his lips and others were on hunger strike were reviewed and found worthy of attention. While the Campaign of Iranian Asylum Seekers continues in the heart of Athens, Greek citizens have shown their support and empathy daily.


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Making a Stand

by LalehGillani on

What’s happening in Greece is of monumental proportions. Iranian asylum seekers are making a stand against IRI and the Greek government. They need our help.

Please contact the Greek embassies worldwide to express your outrage and demand an end to the inhuman treatment of our countrymen.


You made my day dear laleh with this blog, Thank you,

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I enjoyed reading this blog and watching the video for two reasons:

1) Showing the comitment of the Greek senior citizen to his cause of solidarity and brotherhood with oppressed people of other nationalities and races.

2)The Bravery and outstanding courage of Iranian asylum seekers.