UPDATE: Iran: Our Pride; Their Shame


UPDATE: Iran: Our Pride; Their Shame
by lissnup

Phase one of the Iran Pride project I described in my last post is now complete and the results are available to view on GFM-TV and also on You Tube. The video files are also available to download here. I hope you will watch, share and comment, but most of all, I hope you will help to keep this project running right through to 22 Khordad 89 by submitting your own message - in any format.

What do I have to do?

Make a short movie clip – use your mobile phone or digital camera – of you saying “I am PROUD to be Iranian! BUT I am ASHAMED of the Iranian regime because.. (then name one thing that you know the regime are responsible for that makes you feel truly ashamed and disgusted)” Get your friends and family involved too – they all deserve to be part of this!

For example:

"I am PROUD to be Iranian! BUT I am ASHAMED of the Iranian regime’s behavior towards political prisoners."

Do I have to show my face?

No, you can hide or cover your face, or hold a poster or image in front of your face. Or do any other creative thing that you wish. It would be best to record your normal voice so that people can understand what you are saying.

Do I have to speak in Persian, English, or what?

You can speak in any language you like. If you also hold up a poster with your statement in English that would be GREAT because it will help spread your message to even more people! Please try to include the text of your message for subtitling and translation.

Can I make up my own message?

For this project, the impact is created by having everyone use the same format. If you change the format, you break the pattern and it destroys the concept. If you have a great idea for a video why not make two - one for this project and another separate one of your own? If you want help with your own video - eg formatting, uploading, subtitling, translation, send us a message.

Do I have to be Iranian?

If you are not Iranian, but you still want to take part, please do. Change the phrase to say "I am not an Iranian, but on behalf of.." then either state the name of an Iranian, for example Neda Agha Soltan, or a political prisoner in Iran [see below for a list of names] or a group "..I am ASHAMED of the Iranian regime because.. (state your reason)"

For example:

"I am not an Iranian but on behalf of the Mourning Mothers I am ASHAMED of the Iranian regime for the arrest and imprisonment of Majid Tavakoli"

Do I have to add background music or effects to my video clip?

No, all that will be done when the finished video is created.

OK I made my movie clip, where do I send it?

Please send your movie clip to virtualprotest@googlemail.com

Deadline: OPEN ENDED

I don’t have a camera, how can I take part?

If you have no access to a camera, please email your message to virtualprotest@googlemail.com include a poster or other image if you wish.

I don’t know what to say about the Iranian regime

Check here for a list of Human Rights violations attributed to the Iranian Regime.

Check here for a list of political prisoners in Iran.

Check here for people who have been killed during the political unrest following the election in June 2009 / Khordad 1388.

More Questions?

Please email Global Freedom Movement: virtualprotest@googlemail.com


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Just for you,

by lissnup on

because I expected you to comment, please see the section headed "Can I make up my own message?"


Proud to be iranian

by mehdi79 on

never associate iran with this regime .. I often tell my friend that i am iranian & this is ISLAMIC REGIME not IRANIAN REGIME.. make that distinction very clear.

Sargord Pirouz

"I am PROUD to be Iranian!

by Sargord Pirouz on

"I am PROUD to be Iranian! And I am proud of the independence and resilience shown by the Islamic Republic, in the face of multiple foreign threats and wrongly imposed sanctions."

How about that? 

(I'll send one in if you'll insert it into your project.)


Do it!

by Xtraballots on

Get those webcams rolling, people. Your creativity is needed!