IRI Foreign Ministry spox attacked in NY

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This is purportedly a video of Ramin Mehmanparast (1, 2), IRI's Foreign Ministry spokesman, being attacked and spat on in NY, during the current visit to the UN.  I cannot make out the face, but you can make out the attire typical of many IRI officials visiting the West with the designer suit and a collarless white shirt.  He seems surrounded by a small but aggressive crowd with a few traffic cops in the midst, as they are wandering from one side of the street to the other and back.  You can hear those near the camera describing what is happening.  Around 24 sec you see someone run in front of the crowd in the middle of the street, apparently spitting at Mehmanparast.   Around min 1:20 you see a guy in a white shirt landing a kick from behind.  Around min 2:05 there's a woman trying to hit him several times with something in her hand.  Towards the end, as the police are escorting him to their car, he is hit from behind.  Around min 2:25 you see a couple of people waving Syrian flags.


These scenes of chasing and hitting the spokesman through NY traffic remind one of scenes from the post-election 2009 protests with security police chasing and beating protesters and passersby in Tehran streets.


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AP clip

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And a witness account by Associated Press:


There also seem to be MEK supporters among the hostile crowd, identifiable by the yellow (favorite color of the late designer Bijan and the Lebanese Hezbollah) vests and long balloons they sport.


"Seditious current" attacked him

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Though evident from one of the clips below, news agencies inside Iran, such as this one, have verified that it was Mehmanparast being attacked.  That article claims the hostile crowd consists of MEK sympathizers and members of the "sedition current."  But at least one person in the crowd, who throws several kicks at Meh., is wearing a "Ma Hastim" T-shirt, characteristic of Shahram Homayoun's group.


what a filthy shiite terrorist

by asadabad on

Look at that cowardly dog run from those women.  That same piece of sh!t is murdering Sunni Muslims in Syria and butchering so many brave/freedom-loving Iranians!!  


Dastetun dard nakoneh, Be in migan gheirat!

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Well done!

This should teach these bastards a lesson. These criminals treat people any way they want in Iran but here in the west they don't have their thugs protecting them (well, the NYC police could have waited a bit longer and observed the situation before so prematurely jumping in and interfering with people expressing their opinions). Here they can't unleash their Basiji or Pasdar assassins loose on people like they do in Iran.

The streets should be made very unsafe for these criminals to take a leisurely walk, take photos or do some shopping for the folks back home. They should be scared of going out of their hotels.

Once again, thank you for making my day. 

Here is the same incident from a different angle (it contains some profanity but this guy, if anybody, deserves it):


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


نوش جونش


به اميد روز محاكمه اش بخاطر جنايتهاش


where is ??

by fullback on

where is maryamjoon,and the rest of bssiji Mo.... JE.... These Islamist filth are in NY for free meals and furthur instruction , in case some of you where wondering!!!!


Zoomed version of the clip

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Cropped version of the same clip zooming in on the scene:


Much rejoicing...hope this

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Much rejoicing...hope this is true. He got what he deserved.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

First Amendment


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Please keep us posted.........there ought to be some kinda followup to this video...........They're saying that the "sugar nibbling" video has been recanted................


Waste of a saliva!

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A well targeted kick delivered to the rear end of this scum, on behalf of the mothers of every political/religious prisoner of this most corrupt , thieving, murdering dictatorship in our history, for the starters, is much appreciated.

Loved it!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

Very cool if that's him

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He very much deserves it.  This is the same piece of s**t who was at the airport with flowers when Bakhtiar's murderer, Vakili Raad arrived at Tehran's airport.


PS- the most ironic thing about this is that he had to be rescued by the Great Satan's police and hide in their car.  Pathetic!!!