IRI's PressTV reports on religious minorities


by maghshoosh

Below are a selection of reports from the past couple of years by Iran's PressTV on the "recognized" religious minorities in Iran.

This 2011 two-part report is in response to the UN Human Rights Council's criticism of the Islamic Republic's treatment of religious minorities.

As expected, the clips do not mention the situation of the Baha'is, Sufis, Sunnis and apostate ex-Muslims.  In fact, the second video above erroneously refers to Christians, rather than Baha'is, as Iran's largest (non-Muslim) religious minority.  In that regard, this news piece and links therein provide the UN's view of the situation.  Another set of reports can be found here.

PressTV on Iran's ...

... Jews:

... Armenians of Isfahan:

(If the above clip is formatted poorly, try this link.  Also check out this human rights piece on the Christians of Isfahan.)

... Assyrians:

... Zoroastrian sites in Yazd:


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