More photos from Ramsar Dinosaur

More photos from Ramsar Dinosaur
by Manouchehr Zargarani

There was a discovery of two pieces of a dinosaur in the easter part of the Caspian Sea (Khorason).  It was sent to  germany where scientists dertermined the age of the dinosaur to be 100 million years.  More information regarding the Khorason dinosaur can be found here.

The Ramsar dinosaur is also predicted to be 100 million years old and from the same time period and souce of the Khorason dinosaur. Exact determination of the age must be done by analyzing the potassium 40 test which has the lifetime of 1.6 billion years. 


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Persianasours weren't furry They were like ali-gators thick skin

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

David ET

Iran also has a 1400 year old dinausor

by David ET on

called Islamic Republic and it is still alive and eating the people.

hamsade ghadimi

mr. zargarani, thank you

by hamsade ghadimi on

mr. zargarani, thank you for your posts.  i'm not an expert on dinosaurs but i'm sure you're an intelligent man and have observed some artifacts of importance.  i'd like to read up on what you find and when you have some lab results, please post them.  i can not tell much by the picture you posted on this blog though.

anonymouse, persianasaurus lived in southern iran. they were furry and small.  not the same as these specimen in north of iran.


Bubba! Persianasours were small, tiny! Not like dinasours!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.