Roxana Romance, Rošanak Nâmeh


Maryam Hojjat
by Maryam Hojjat

I would like to take this opportunity introduce a new historical novel entitled:

Rošanak Nâmeh

By: A.J. Cave

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The epic story pulls the readers in with love and lost, romance and scandal, and sweeping adventure. It starts in Bactria and journeys along the eastern edges of the Achaemenid Empire, returns to the heartland, laments the burning of Parsa, visits the royal cities of the empire and lingers in Babylon before leaving for the western edges of the empire. The story unfolds after the fall of the Achaemenid Empire, witnesses the disintegration of the Alexandrian conquests almost immediately after his death, and suffers through the bloody struggles of Alexander’s successors for the control=2 0of the Persian Empire.

At the heart of Roxana Romance is the unwavering love of the Iranians for their motherland and the Iranian determination and resilience to ride the tides of historical adversity and rise again.

The author’s motivation for writing the novel is two-fold:

1) An interest in the ancient history of Persia, especially the Achaemenid era

2) The recent surge in books, fiction and non-fiction, and movies about this period of Persian history. While some of the newer historical books, offer a fresh alternative to the Eurocentric or Hellenecist view of the Achaemenids, the literary works and movies, and even carton books, continue to perpetuate the outdated stereotypical and negative views of the ancient Iranians.

The story of Roxana starts at the end of the Achaemenids, a period well known in the West, especially in lieu of the Alexandrian conquests. The author plans to start another book will narrate the even ts at the commencement of the Achaemenid era, namely the story of Cyrus the Great. The book will be entitled: Cyrus Romance, Kuruš Nâmeh.

A.J. can be reached at Please visit for more information.


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