Recreation of Persepolis

Maryam Hojjat
by Maryam Hojjat

Recreation of Persepolis

The five part video below of Persepolis features a number of scholars including Professor Emeritus Richard Nelson Frye of Harvard University, Professor Remi Boucharlat of the National Center of Scientific Research (France), the late Professor A. Shapur Shahbazi of Eastern Oregon University, and Professor Abbas Alizadeh of the University of Chicago. The producers of this feature program were Farzin Rezaeian and Hossein Hazrati.

Before proceeding to watch the excellent video clips, readers may also be interested in viewing the following programs as well:


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Dear Maryam

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for posting this information. I have seen some digital recreation of persepolis and it makes you proud...for a second. Then reality hits.

Unfortunately, most Iranians do not care about their glorious past, or we would not be where we are today. For some of these so called Iranians, Iran's history starts after the national rape that happened around 14 centuries ago, AKA Ghadesiyeh. 

You find them right here on posting for the glory of the current anti nationalist regime of the unelected clergy AKA, Second Ghadesiyeh.