Advocate Smart sanction aginst IRI/IRR

Maryam Hojjat
by Maryam Hojjat

Dear. Friends @ IRANIAN.COM,

 I just signed several petitions on //  This organization has been working for Iranians for a long time.  I am urging you all to go to this site and sign all the petitions in order to help & support our compatriots in IRAN & freedom of IRAN. 

I also request to look for a letter written to the President Obama on this site.  The letter asking for a Smart sanction (remember S. africa) rather than dialoge with IRI/IRR. Please sign this letter and submit.

It is very good idea to help & support such an organization which works genuinely for Human Rights in IRAN.


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Thanx Maryam

by masoudA on

Mehr Org and Dr. Parvin have been doing a great job