Akhoonds in Free democratic IRAN!

Maryam Hojjat
by Maryam Hojjat

Have you thought what to do with Akhoonds in a free, democtratic IRAN?

What shall we do with these moftkhorans? What shall we do with these parasites of our society who have kept us backward for more than 1400 yrs.  What shall we do with these enemy of IRAN & Iranians?

Should we ban akhoondi practice?  Should we ban titles such as Iyetollah, Hojjatoislam?  Should we ban akhoond outfit which being worn by these moftkhorans & others?

I appreciate your feedback or your opinions.


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Maryam Hojjat

Paidar Iran has

by Maryam Hojjat on

good opinion as well as MM.  Thanks for responding.


Nuremberg-type trials

by MM on

My wish is Nuremberg type trials for these !#$%allahs and if found guilty of capital crimes, to be hung on the trees in Pahlavi Ave (now?) which was my Dad's prediction 3-5 months before Khomeini came to Iran.

This time, the trials should be with juries and defence attorneys with appeal possibility, unlike the unmerciful ways of this regime with their opponents.

If not guilty, they should go back to their holes and prevented from preaching political Islam unless they take off their robes and follow a secular path in politics.

Paidar Iran

No More Funding

by Paidar Iran on

Does really anyone ever remember any of these bastard Mollas having any real jobs?  The problem was that throughout the history these leeches of our society were given funding for thier Hozehe Elmieh so these viruses could just seat and conspire against our country.

We should cut all sources of funding to these garbages of our society and have them find real jobs to feed their families. These people are as useless as shit, although shit has some fertilizing benefits.

Just imagine if for a week there are no garbage collectors in Tehran.  The stink would cover the city.  However, get rid of all Mollas forever and things get better and better every day.

Marg bar Islamic Republic and its bastard cronies.


I agree with IO, but

by Cost-of-Progress on

it'll be a few generations and a sustained objective effort on the part of everyone to achieve that...meanwhile.... we should dismantle the Qom akhund schools for starters.





The importance of education

by Observing_Iran on

Ideally we should educate our population to the point where they find these haroomzadehs antiquated and laughable. Problem solved.



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