Bahai Spy Ring Busted in India Working for Israel, Iranian-Bahais Involved


Bahai Spy Ring Busted in India Working for Israel, Iranian-Bahais Involved
by MaryamJoon

"Why are you picking on the Bahais?," you may ask.  I am not.  Iran's has legitimate national security concerns about the Bahais, and here are two other serious reasons why that only individuals that do not care for Iran's security would dismiss out of hand.

The two stories you are looking at are from India's National Newspaper. India is not Iran: India is a country that welcomed the Bahais, so there is no blaming this on Iran's 'Mullahs.'

Executive Staff Members of the Organized Bahai faith (which is head-quartered in Haifa Israel) were caught red-handed,  "smuggling classified defense documents" (engaging in espionage on behalf of Israel by misappropriating India's defense documents) and they had 'procured 80 false passports' to carry out their espionage activities.  Some of the Bahais were originally natives of Iran who stated they 'fled human rights abuses.'  They were caught in possession of state secrets that they had no business being in possession of: What's so hard to understand about this?  They had set up a surveillance cell using 80 false and illegally obtained passports: What's so hard to understand about this?

The next story involves another Bahai espionage cell -- again outside of Iran -- that was setting up a bank fraud scheme to dupe people out of their life savings.  That spy cell was broken up also.

For approximately 160 years the Bahai organization has been rejected by both secular and religious governments in Iran, including the people of Iran, and members of other minority faiths such as Christians and Zoroastrians which describe the group as "predatory" towards other minority groups.  Numerous and reputable Iranian scholars and academics have described the Bahai organization as a national security threat to Iran for 160 years.  For anyone to dismiss 160 years worth of admonitions out of hand by learned and knowledgable people that care for Iran's well-being is to gamble with Iran's national security. 

As I previously mentioned, if the government of Israel can infiltrate armed militant groups to use them for their purposes, they can certainly take over an unarmed religious movement to offload their agenda in countries (particularly Muslim dominated ones) that require non-zionist fronts to effectuate Israel's agenda.  Those that try to cast-off suspicion from the Organized Bahai Movement with sound-bites simply ignore facts, including facts like the highest U.S. appellate court finding that the Organized Bahai Movement tried to dupe Federal judges, restrict the civil liberties or people, improperly use the law to try to punish people that criticize them, and to even suppress their own followers.  (See Federal Court Confirms Religious Group is Security Threat to Iran . )  And still people want to advance the canard that 'the Bahais don't get involved in politics'?  Really?    Facts are facts.  Iran's national security is not for sale simply because someone dresses-up the issue in the cloth of "human rights." (See a 40 year veteran of the Bahai Faith and a Former Bahai leader states explicitly on video that "Bahais try to threaten, defame, and stalk" others to avoid talking about issues .) 

If you care about Iranians, whether they are Bahai or not, you seek to inform them of the facts instead of letting National Intelligence Agencies of foreign countries use gullible people in Iran as pawns, discard them, and then shift to a propaganda narrative that paints Iranians as boogy-men who want to drink the blood of minorities.  One of the reasons Iran has always taken a tough stance against the Organized Bahai Movement is because it is hostile to other minority groups, like Zoroastrians and Christians, often carried out through Bahai recruiting practices and even exploitation of those groups.  The followers of the Bahai movement do not adhere to secular rules implemented for the protection of Iranian society and security - They follow a religious ideology and set of rules, and answer to a higher power whose management and center of operations is in Israel, and as such are ready-made for offloading Israel's agenda in Iran.  Why do you think the Israeli government allows the Bahais to have hundreds of millions of dollars in land, property, tax incentives, and other perks but violently represses others including Christians, Druze, Muslims, and even Ethiopian and Orthodox Jews?

I wasn't born yesterday, and if you are Iranian I hope you also use common sense to see this issue from a secular national security perspective.

Iran's national security requirements must be primary, absolute, and non-negotiable and that holds true of past governments, the present government or any future government.        



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Bahai Spy Ring Busted in India Working for Israel, Iranian-Bahai

by frazelle09 on

It appears that this article is from 2006 - six years ago.  It says that their arrest was "stayed" until 25 September.  In other words, no one was arrested.

Do you have any more recent information regarding this case, especially what happened after 25 September 2006?

With loving regards.

"The earth is one country and mankind its citizens."



Because Bahais Care About Bahaism 1st, & NOT About Iran

by MaryamJoon on

"by Soosan Khanoom on If Fred is free to post [Israel's] agenda on a daily basis on this site in the name of free press why not [free speech for] Maryam?   If Fesenjoon is allowed to blog about all those twisted  anti Islam facts ... Then why not [free speech for] Maryam ?  And if an anti hate message is being mentioned here then why not for any other victims of hate[?]"  

  • That's a part of the answer to the Haifan Bahai ideology.  When they dodge your questions - that's what it shows.  When they dodge facts in articles - that's what it shows.   


Anis Cyrus - Bahai Proselytizing Materials Don't Address Article

by MaryamJoon on

The article has facts - it's not a call to send people to Bahai religious links.  It's a call to talk about facts concerning national security.  

When Bahais dodge factual concerns about national security issues, with attempts to convert people, the people of Iran will have serious issues.

Let's say 50 Bahais on this website are against this article - Iran has 80,000,000 people.  Those distractions mean nothing.  The only thing that matters is that Bahais are not willing to stick up for Iran's security on these issues and that is obvious to the 80 mil. Iranians for whom I wrote the article.  

Anis Cyrus

J.E. and Hojattiyye at work- who pays for it?

by Anis Cyrus on

  چراغی را که ايزد برفروزد هرآنکس پف کند ريشش بسوزد Ignorance and darkness have ever been afraid of light, knowledge and beauty. They try their best to put off the fire of love and unity. They are unaware that nothing, absolutely nothing can ever deter the advance of civilization and humanity.  How difficult is for them to realize that with lies and invented stories not only they can not do any harm against the world Known Baha´I community but on the contrary they show their real face of hatred and corrupted soul to the world. Fortunately today the world can easily distinguish your silly and false acts and is well aware of your aims and intentions. تاریکی از نور بیزار و فراری.نادانی برای بقا به تلاش برای نابودی علم و حکمت. زشتی و وهم و تعصبات پوچ و خالی در وحشت از گسترش زیبایی ودرک و عشق و محبت.بیخبر از آن که هر امری را منع و مقاومت میتوان نمود مگر اقتضای زمان را. //



If Bahais ignore a clear spy case, is Iran safe from their group

by MaryamJoon on


It's a real question Iranians have to ask themselves -- all 80 million of them sitting in Iran.  


Funny how the whole Bahai crowd ignores the article RE Spying

by MaryamJoon on

... Do you think the I wrote the story for India's National News?  

... Are the journalists in India a part of Iran's religious establishment also? Or are they concerned with their national security from the Haifan Bahai Organization also?   

... How many other excuses can there be?   


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Was it meant to incite hatred and division among Iranians ?

Maybe ; But CIVIL WAR is not the answer to liberate Iran.



stavackoli - ADDRESS THE ARTICLE ... not your fantasies about

by MaryamJoon on

... someone named "Wahid."  


you're not Wahid

by stavackoli on

But you sure behave, talk and walk like him.  You are a reincarnation.  The only problem is Wahid is ahead of you since he already posted everything, and I mean every little thing that you have posted over the past month on this site, before; on this same site.  None of what you have posted is new, none.  None of it has any credit to it either, for example if you actually read what the above post says, you will see that in the first post it say the court has stayed (as in stopped, hmmm, doesn't sound like a proof for, it sounds like a proof against) the arrest, probably because there was no proof for the accusation.  The second half-printed note says they are accused, the Yaran-e Iran are also accused, so are we to believe they are also guilty? If they are, then why has their court proceedings not been made public?  Why is it that a government bent on the destruction of The Faith is incapable of proving one, only one, little, measely, shred of proof against them?  Why is it that with all the power in their disposal, they conduct the court case behind closed doors?  

Now, I have read your funny and completely unfounded notes and they have provided much entertainment for me and my friends, and I never really meant to write anything on your blogs because I really did not want to waste the time; but there are those who visit and are not familiar with you and Wahid (who is not you, of course) and may for a second think what you are saying has some shred of basis to it; like for example posting a court case about who is to be called a Baha'i and who is not, and then going from there to Baha'is are a national threat to Iran (for which I have to hand it to you, you win the prize since even the IRI had not thought of that one); and may think why are the Baha'is not answering this character, maybe there is something to what he is saying, so I decided to write this and let it stay there so that people can see we are neither afraid of you, nor are we left speechless; we just don't really care what you write.  What you write here, is akin to what I would write here about, say Shajarian, or Reza Pahalvi, or Ahmadinejad, you don't really think they would care one way or another, do you?  So, this will be the first and the last post I will have on your comments.  Answer it, don't answer it, do what you want with it and have fun.  


Against treason of any type ... MEK, Haifan-Bahai ... all of it

by MaryamJoon on



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by Raoul1955 on

No, I don't, and I do read serious material posted here.
Cabbage-packing and taco-eating Raoul


Elham's question: How many people read what I write?

by MaryamJoon on

On the Haifan Bahai security threat to Iran, it seems to be about 2,000-3,000 a week, per article

I would also recommend that you watch the video of how the Haifan Bahai organization attempts to discredit its critics.

(See a 40 year veteran of the Bahai Faith and a Former Bahai leader states explicitly on video that "Bahais try to threaten, defame, and stalk" others to avoid talking about issues .)  

When you're done with viewing his statements, get back to me.

I'm not worried about a handful of people telling others not read - adults can make up their own minds.  Fundamentally, that's one of the problems with how the Haifan Bahai organization gets simple people to advance its cause and undermine the Iranian people.  



Thanks READER1

by MaryamJoon on

Yes, you're right. 

Iran's security is not for sale. 


I hope the decent Bahaii majority ...

by reader1 on

.. who frequent this web site come forward and condemn the action of these rough elements within their community who are prepared to  betray their motherland. This article seems to be a  fair and objective assessment of the events in India.   The strong hatred for the mullas is never a good excuse for betraying the country.  


I sure don't!

by Elham57 on

Does ANYONE read this Maryamjoon character's stuff?