Be Scared, be scared! We are All together!


Mehdi Saharkhiz
by Mehdi Saharkhiz

Original Farsi

A strange land my country is, a strange age my time is.

At this time, being in prison isn't something to be ashamed of but it's something to be proud of. It is most certainly not a proof of being guilty but a proof of believing in something. Someone who breaks the law is the one forcing it on other people and someone who is fighting for the law is the one behind the bars, tortured and murdered in the name of a non-existent law.

The government is so weakened by vengeance, hatred and above all egoistic acts that everything frightens and endangers its national security. So much that even the nightly chants of "Allaho Akbar"s shaken its base. I know that one day they will write in comedy books that These days were one of the most powerful days of the Islamic Republic and the commander of the army would say that their job is to prevent and crush the protests not to protect the people from attacks from the outside. They would even bring their subs to crush the protestors who are working for the west. Little do they know that we're not working for "the west" neither are we aliens but people, your friends whom you've alienated with your tyranny and cruelty. It's your fear and weakness to answer our shouts with bullets. You even torture and capture the prisoners' families. I pity you for your weakness, it shows that you know what you've done to the people and that you're not standing on your solid ground.

You who let Sa'eed Asgar be free and imprison Sa'eed Hajjarian, should imprison us too since our way of thinking is more like Hajjarian and not like Asgar. You who have thrown our fathers, brothers and sister in jail, should make place for us too if this is justice.

Imprison us like you imprisoned the journalists since we WILL continue to spread the news of your tyranny to others until our last breath and others will take over and continue our fights. We will stand your beatings and tortures and our blood will carry our will.

Our place is with our brothers and sisters in prison because we're against dictatorship, we are against the people who use their influence to give others the permission to brutally murder the peaceful protestors. We are against the IRIB for bribing the people by stealing american and european movies and showing them to prevent them from going out.

We deserve to be imprisoned and tortured because we're after our rights, we're after what our fathers were after 30 years ago. We're after the ideals our fathers fought for 8 years to preserve... because we're after freedom. Throw us in jail instead of our brothers and fathers, because they haven't done anything except protect the "Islamic Republic of Iran" year after year. Imprison and torture us to ask you what happened the Islamic Republic. What it was and what it is now. We should all be killed and hanged because we want to choose not to have another choose for us.

We are also bound to the Islamic Republic as our fathers and brothers are and we are completely against Ahmadi Nejad's government. We are, like Hajjarian, bound to the speeches of the Islamic Republic's founder and we're against the lies told to the people.

You can cuff us and break our legs, we will shout. You can shut our mouths but what are you going to do about our hearts that beat as one for our Iran? You can cut the stem but what are you going to do about the root? Throw us in prison but know that for each of us imprisoned there will be 10 more fighting in his place! At the end of the day not only your opponents aren't lessened but you have added onto them! We are limitless, we are IRANIANS!

The blood-shedding of yours is the promise of freedom for us! We are sure you are afraid of losing your grip on this government, if you weren't afraid you wouldn't have acted against the people who only wanted re-counts of their votes like this! You wouldn't have hit them with batons and you certainly wouldn't have answered their silent protests with bullets and gun fire! You wouldn't have thrown their fathers and sons into jail without the proof of crime! You're just like a cat who's been cornered and has no way out... you claw, scratch, growl at this country! But thank God you have no way to escape!

Be Scared, Be Scared... We are all TOGETHER!

Original Farsi 


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