From lunatic asylum to Government


From lunatic asylum to Government
by Mehdi Saharkhiz

During the past days, weeks and months, some of this land’s best young men and women were victims of rape. This kind of torture is new in its own way. Sadam or Hitler usually tortured their prisoners to get information or confessions from them but their successors in the Islamic Republic are now torturing to destroy their victims and to wipe them out. The first question I asked myself was who these rapists who took these inhuman actions were and what was their motivation for doing so? Is it possible that their motivation was religious? Just a quick look at the Iranian people’s culture will convince us something like that is hard to believe. The answer is quiet evident though, the only logical one is that they are psychologically and mentally ill. Rape can be seen all over the world. Everywhere in the world the mentally and psychologically ill are separated from the society and held in either prisons or lunatic asylums to keep others safe. But now we are witnessing a different event taking place which is that in the Islamic state although these lunatics are in prisons, they are playing the role of the guards and are taking out their personal grudges on innocent prisoners.

Let’s look further into this. The minister of road transportation of this government calls European students “cow and sheep” and himself the father of transportation and the other one calls himself the father of sports. The one who was assigned to remind women to keep their coverings has been arrested while praying with six naked prostitutes. The former attorney general of Tehran and the minister of internal affairs have been accused of rape. A member of the judiciary calls non-Muslims animals and the imam of Friday prayers calls women who do not wear their Hijab completely, whores. These are acts filled with personal grudges, self love and degrading.

Is it wrong to say Ahmadinejad is mentally ill? If we look back, during the last five years, he has been constantly lying. This might actually be because of his mentally ill mind that causes him to actually believe the lies he is telling. The list of his illusions is long. His speech four years ago about the way government should treat people and lies about the hallow of light on his head, taking a picture with US soldiers, the story of almost getting kidnapped by US soldiers, the thirteen-year-old nuclear scientist and etc. Regretfully, the list of these illusions is so long that they do not fit in articles like this. Even though videos have been recorded of him claiming such things, he is still denying to have said any of them. He says things which even the most careless person would feel embarrassed saying it on TV, he, with the president’s job is allowing himself to give fake statistics with numbers that show this government having done a far better job that the former governments. It would have been impossible for someone not mentally ill to behave like this.

We have to be careful whom we call a nonbeliever. But does someone who thinks of himself as God’s and the prophet’s successor know anything about religion? Does someone whom writes a letter to Imam Zaman and throws it into a well or leaves a plate and an empty seat for him waits for reply from him? Can he possibly be the country’s president? Don’t they allow stealing throughout the society by stealing the people’s votes themselves? Don’t they who take these actions in the name of religion deserve any name other than dictator?

Let’s look even further into this. Ali Khamenei has been in power for the last two decades and has been overlooking at the events taken place throughout this time. He has witnessed many crimes taken place throughout this time and not only has he stayed silent but he has actually demanded many of these crimes to be made. Someone who with a Middle Age way of thinking expresses his concern towards the Liberal Arts studies in our nation is the one standing in the way of the country’s progress. He has a feeling of hatred and of revenge towards those with less powerful as his. Khamenei accuses the “enemy” for all the events that take place in the country because of his mentally ill mind. He is not taking responsibility and explaining why we are facing such a crisis in our economy, diplomacy and society. He is the reason we are facing this crisis and he is not only the nation’s biggest enemy but also one of the biggest criminals in the world. Evidently, there should not only be doubts about the health of someone who gives execution orders and rapes and tortures in the name of religion but also about his humanity. He is not the Leader of this country; he is the Leader of criminals.




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Mad or just bad ?

by javaneh29 on

In the psychiatric profession we come across many people who fall into a void where their behaviour can not be distinctly attributed  to mental illness and we have to have ask ourselves is this person MAD or 'BAD? 

So looking at the evidence:

1.He is a liar there is no disputing that, we have masses and years of evidence to support that fact...... but being a liar does not define him as mentally ill.  So on that count he is simply BAD. All politicians ( it seems) lie, his lies are just transparant and he is a graceless, crude, and an ignorant  man as 'FRED' has already said, therefore he is unable to put his lies into eloquant speech. 

2. He has delusional beliefs? Does he though?   Delusions are if you like a warped sense of reality, ie those beliefs have a foot in the real world. They are not like hallucinations where there is no basis in the real world. But IF he has delusional beliefs they are more about how much he thinks he can get away with. And lets face it, we have to take almost everything he throws at us ... because where are any real challenges? He cheats, kills, tortures, maims, rapes.... and what has the rest of the world done? The protests of the people themselves , a few verbal protests from world leaders. a sanction here and there .....big deal. Do you really think he is worried about this? No because he continues with determination and the support of the powerful in Iran. So Im not sure he has any delusional beliefs.... he lies, he bluffs, he cheats. On this count .... he is just plain old BAD  again. 

If he is any thing, he has a personality disorder ( another one).... and it is feed by the fact he appeals to and is supported by the many other PD's in Iran eg those thugs in the baseeji and the so called men of god and by the lack of restriction placed upon him by the rest of the world. He is out of control and personally I think there is only one thing that will end his reign of terror.  

Personality disorder alone is not defined as a mental illness under any disgnositic manual as it is basically untreatable.  Only some of the symptoms can be adjusted or 'normalised' with some insight and hard work by the sufferer of the condition.... thats not likely in his case. 

So I feel that to call him 'mentally ill' is an unfair label and an injustice to those who have a mental illness. 

The truth is .. he is just 'BAD'. 



گر حکم شود که مست گیرند


Although it is totally understandable that many honorable former supporters of the Islamist Rapist Republic are having a hard time digesting the ugly truth which has become even more undeniable in light of the recent exposed barbarism—to try to limit the ugliness to a specific time period is not going to help.

The very first step in solving any problem or becoming part of a solution to it, is to understand the problem itself.

You say:

“During the past days, weeks and months, some of this land’s best young men and women were victims of rape. This kind of torture is new in its own way. Sadam or Hitler usually tortured their prisoners to get information or confessions from them but their successors in the Islamic Republic are now torturing to destroy their victims and to wipe them out.”

This statement is verifiably wrong. From its inception the IRR has tortured, raped and murdered the best men, women and children of Iran. There are just too many surviving torture and rape victims that it is no use denying it.  

Officials of the IRR, from Khomeini, the founding father of the regime, all the way to the present day all have either ordered or knew about the IRR’s crimes and still kept on supporting the barbaric regime. Just read Montazeri’s letter to Khomeini and you will see even back then raping the detainees was taking place in the IRR.

 It is also incorrect to single out Ahmadinejad or Khamenei as some kind of deranged liars, every top officials of the regime fall into the same category. It is only that Ahmadinejad is cruder, more loutish than lets say the smiley or charlatan Shariati disciple or the billionaire one.