Anti-Iran Neocons generating fake controversy to promote "Iranium" propaganda


Anti-Iran Neocons generating fake controversy to promote "Iranium" propaganda

A mini-controversy was generated in Canada over the screening of an anti-Iran propaganda movie called "Iranium" at a Canadian library. Apparently the Library 1) "received threats of violence" 2) was pressured from the Iranian regime and they had to cancel the event. The Canadian government then stepped in to force the screening of said film.

Now we know that all the reports about the "threat of violence" was a false alarm. And I personally suspect it was started by the same people who are pushing to get this propaganda movie reach as many audience as possible.

The focus of this blog however, is not on this fake controversy but on the propaganda that is Iranium.

Richard Silverstein of the Tikun Ulam blog and the neocon-watchers over at Lobelog have documented the people and money behind this effort better than anyone. From right wing ultra orthodox Israelis and highly motivated Islamophobes and pro-war-on-Iran neoconservatives to Koch-style conservatives. Previously they were responsible for anti-Muslim conspiracy films, Third Jihad, Obsession.

Iranium features hardliners such as Bernard Lewis, ex-CIA director and bomb-Iran man, James Woolsey, Ambassador Mustache, great friend of Maryam Rajavi, Israel-should-nuke-Iran John Bolton, Islam-is-taking-over-America, Obama-is-a-muslim Frank Gaffney, Former Israeli Ambassador, UN, Amb. Dore Gold, crazy Iranian "expert", colleague of Doug Feith and protegé of Bernard Lewis and Richard Perle, Harold Rhodes. "Iranian Chalabi" and neocon Richard Perle protege, Abbas Fakhravar, liar and distorter-in-cheif Michael Ledeen. and many more.


Concerned Iranians should not underestimate the reach of this propaganda campaign. The fact that the Iranian regime, which many of us are against allegedly protested against this film should not discourage us from pushing back against blatant fear mongering and pro-war agenda of neocons and their like-minded allies. anti-war activists need to push back far and wide, from America, Canada to Europe to a) peacefully denounce this misinformation campaign b) expose the people behind them c) arm themselves with facts to counter the propaganda. Obsession was distributed to 20 million Americans free of charge during the presidential race of 2008 to tarnish the image of Obama and Muslims in the eyes of many Americans. My guesstimate would be that Iranium will be circulated to more than America and Americans. It will be distributed wildly.




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Dirty Angel ain't so dirty this time

by MM on

Well said DA,

"If I were Canadian I'd be pretty pissed off to read that a minister orders a library what to do, instead of just providing extra security!"

AND, to tell the library that he will support the library's decision to show or not to show based on the merits of the film and not security issues.

Dirty Angel

smelly fuglies everywhere

by Dirty Angel on

One lot of insane smelly fuglies waging war against another lot of insane smelly fuglies; it's allergy-inducing perfume, ignoring expert international bodies.

If I were Canadian I'd be pretty pissed off to read that a minister orders a library what to do, instead of just providing extra security!

Thanks for the blog.

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"


well done Canada!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For not bowing to the threats by the Iranian regime and going ahead with showing this film.

I mean, who the heck do these little islamist fascists think they are, trying to dictate what people in canada can or can not watch?

I'll definitely watch this film. Does anybody know when it is being premiered in US? Oh, I might be asking the wrong crowd here! LOL 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Ahay! To all you Iranian regime supporting liars!

by Fesenjoon on

Please explain to me what you mean by "A world without America"?

Please do explain how you wish to achive that.


it's true, Iran wants the bomb to destroy Koffaar

by Fesenjoon on

در سالهای اول انقلاب سال ۵۷، به دکتر فریدون فشارکی دستوراتی داده شد که به محمد بهشتی، که در آن زمان یکی از مشاورین آیت‌الله خمینی بود، نسبت داده شده‌است:

"وظیفه شماست که بمب اتمی را برای حزب جمهوری اسلامی بسازید."



Leonard S. Spector with Jacqueline R. Smith, ''Nuclear Ambitions: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 1989-1990'' (Boulder: Westview Press, 1990), p. 208.

David Segal, ''«Atomic Ayatollahs; Just what the Mideast needs - an Iranian bomb,»'' The Washington Post, 12 April 1987


MM jaan:

by Bavafa on

This is an issue with IAEA and they need to provide details of non-compliance based on NTP guidelines and possible violations.

What you are asking is absolutely reasonable and for rational people but this group of folks featured in this charade do not by any means believe in rational or a just approach to this issue. From what we have seen during these past few years, it is obvious to see that the West is hell bent in preventing Iran from mastering the enrichment this is irregardless of Iran wants the Nuke or not. Each time Iran took a voluntary step forward, they were met by more stonewalling. Consider the volunteeringly stopping all enrichment during Khatamie's presidency and what was achieved by that?



What I would like the western 5+1 and IAEA to do is ....

by MM on

What I would like the western 5+1 and IAEA to do is to outright come on and say exactly why they think Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.  If they know for sure that Iran has a nuclear weapon program somewhere, what I like to see them do is to say that:  "We think Iran has weapon-grade facility at XXX site(s) and if they do not agree to be inspected immediately, we may act within the next xxx hours to destroy the facility". 

While I do not like to see nuclear weapons in the hands of an irresponsible Mahdi-end-of-the-world watchers, the nuclear issues have become a big distraction from the main issue in Iran, namely lack of freedoms and the human rights abuses in the hands of a repressive government. 

We need to think that what if the nuclear issue went away today, would the folks mentioned in this documentary care about Iranian activists like Majid Tavakkoli, Bahareh Hedayat and others who are right now being tortured and abused in IRI jails?


Its almost as if I am watching Faux news

by Bavafa on

One would think that such one sided and bias propaganda will be too obvious and only laughable for general audience, but then the gullibility of the American audience are only second to none.

Likewise, the Neo-cons propaganda machine rich with Zionist $$$$ operates at full speed and utilize all medium to brainwash the masses in order to achieve their goals.

This is not by any means a vindication of IRI from any mischievous behaviors but they are only in the like minded company with their criminal activities.

Great blog


P.S. I wonder if Canadians would just as openly and graciously provide for an IRI made documentary about Israel its WMD and occupation of its neighbors.