The campaign for war with Iran similar to Iraq

The campaign for war with Iran similar to Iraq

In an interview with The Real News, Lawrence Wilkinson retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell, now lecturer at universities in the Washington area talks about wikileaks, Iran and US foreign policy. I wanted to highlight this part of the interview which I think is very important, but the whole interview is very informative. 

At 24:00 min+:

Drawing parallels between decade long campaign for the Iraq war by the neoconservatives and the current drum beats for a repeat on Iran Wilkerson says that  "we're probably about 1998 right now with that same group of people vis-Ã-vis Iraq, but now vis-Ã -vis Iran." Asked when a possible war could occur he responds "...if it's '98,'97, we're six, seven years away from the war."

First sanctions to cripple the civil society, destroy the middle-class while strengthening the IRGC, and then the final push for a major military conflict! Before it is too late, the sane civil society of the world needs to push back. It is of utmost importance to continue discrediting the war campaigners wherever they are and whenever they appear! bad  nagi nagoftam!


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Being realistic

by J.S. on

Does anyone actually think the military structure inside of Iran has not bought/developed/refined enough U235 for a bomb or 2?

I mean really? Iran of 2010 is far ahead of US of 1945 when the first A-bomb was developed.

The A-bomb works, not as well as an H-bomb.

 Iran of 2008 can send satilites into space. Iran of 2009 can blah blah blah...


Examinder, one could consider stuxnet virus as a military strike


They say the virus has done some serious damage to the nuclear program. Now I dont know if this is propagated in order for relavent parties to "save face" is another question.  ( the news of the extensive damage is still disputed by the regime). 

Besides Iran today is considerably less isolated and more powerful than Iraq was (note Kuwait invasion and the aftermath). And with America already at war in two different countries, with a broken economy, its harder to pull off another Clinton. 

All this does not reduce similarity of threat posted from the same sort of people who planned for Iraq. They might have changed tactics here and there but the entire process rhymes (if not repeats) and their ultimate goal is not changed. 

As you said I still would not count out a military strike in the near future. Particularly the future primaries for the 2012 elections is worth to keep an eye on.   Bolton and Palin are already warming up to enter the race and talk bomb bomb bombing Iran and painting Obama as a weak apeaser! They are agenda setting candidates that will force the future president elect to react! 


National Security racket

by Examiner on


Thanks for posting this very interesting interview. The parallel is unmistakable. However, the timeline is somewhat open to question. If my memory serves me well, by 1998 Clinton was swindling the UNSC resolutions to bomb Iraqi sites – under the pretext that they turned on their RADAR here, or they crossed the no-fly zone there. As for the 2010 Iran however, the military option is still on the rhetorical table, waiting for the next neocon administration to get it implemented.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Great news program and just sent my donation

by Bavafa on

Great report here just as I have seen on this news program recently