It is time to unseat Jane 'ethnically divide Iran' Harman


Remember Jane Harman? The anti-Iran neoconservative-in-liberal-clothing senator who advocated dividing Iran? Well, it is re-election time for her and it is time to teach her a lesson! Let us help support her challanger Marcy Winograd! Washington post writes:

Harman, who has represented Southern California since 1993, has long drawn criticism from the liberal base of the Democratic Party for her vote to support the Iraq war and for backing former President George W. Bush's administration on several intelligence and homeland security issues.

It is time to challenge the policies of Jane Harman, one of AIPAC's greatest assets. By supporting the progressive candidate Marcy Winograd.


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Kamran Ramyar

Hartman! Hartman!

by Kamran Ramyar on

I have had it with this piece of shit!  Before un-seating her we ought to tell this fucking slut jew to just eat shit and die!


Long live Aztlan

by Iraniandudee3 on

the Mexicans will be taking over soon :D Puto madre Americano.


Almost a year ago to the day, she made a similar uttering

by oktaby on

With various petitions she ended up apologizing and crying and all. The reason she brings it up again now, is because she is in trouble and has made a calculated decision to ignore the previous back paddling, to ride the rising ant-immigrant and related wedge issues as a last resort. She has money advantage and is offset by anti washington sentiment and overall economic conditions and that of her district.

Any divide policy, ethnic or not, won't be something will be advertised or get to a congress vote except for rubber stamping. And can be attacked very effectively should he choose to open her mouth post an election. She carries no weight in foreign policy circles and her last gaffe does not help either.

Marcy sounds like she has more timely positions on issues and should benefit. Her name recognition will make all the difference. 

Looks competitive. Here is a donation matching offer 



Ari Siletz

Marcy Winograd

by Ari Siletz on

District covers a lot of Iranians:

Los Angeles County, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, El Segundu, Venice CA.

Foreign policy position (sample):

End occupations and air wars in the Middle East.

Remove Israeli settlements 

National policy positions (sample) :

Federal investment in public and private sector jobs. Massive federal stimulus in energy retrofits, infrastructure repair, solar and wind power.

Impose a fee on Wall Street for bank bonuses, stock trades, and lobbying. Use the money for job creation and federally-backed low-interest loans to small businesses.

Pass the Employee Free Choice Act with card check to uphold the right to organize a union.

Repeal free trade agreements that outsource jobs and erode labor and environmental standards.

Focus on environmental justice involving communities of color and working class areas.


Relax, Khoda pedar o madereta biyamorzed

by i_support_khamenie on

The Census will be out in a year or so and you will again see that Iranians in US can be counted on fingers...i.e absolutely no political power base for any politician!

2. These politicians are free to say as much as they want to, we have other nuts in Iranian parliament too. What you don't know is this:

These nuts are never taken seriously at National Security meetings...and are least informed about classified info.

DO you even know that many senior Senators were uninformed about torture and secret CIA prisons...

That is why, I tell you rest easy..keep your blood pressure low and ignore these non-essentials with big bullhorns....they are for public entertainment....

Plus the best strategy at this point is for Iran to antagonize the US as much as possible and for US politicians to cry foul and then for Americans to realize that the US is no longer what is was, "it can't do a damn thing"- total impotency just like Khomeini said.

Once that mentality sets in the American mind, they will reconsider their role in international arenas...

So let the nuts get elected, let the Americans realize they can't do shit and soon they will be discarded like used toilet papers


Thank You Moosir, let's donate to Marcy,

by Q on

America is a pay to play system. Nothing works unless there's money involved, unfortunately even "democracy". Marcy actually has a real chance to unseat a very hawkish democrat in a very anti-incumbent year. The area has tons of Iranians nearby living there who already expressed serious outrage at Harmon. Let's make this one count.

Of course AIPAC parrots and other "AIPAC really has the best interest of Iranians in mind" individuals love Harmon and are naturally alarmed. But this only shows how within grasp this victory really is. Is there a direct donation link or button?


Fred says:


"Back in IRR..."

I'm not in IRR, nor do I share IRR's views. Maybe you do, however Fred; considering how much you love to see everything (my post included) through IRR/neocon lens.

So no Fred. I did not mean actually physically throwing her under the bus.


The Concept Of Dividing Iran

by R2-D2 on

In Farsi, there is a much beloved saying that:

Khariat Faghat Alaf Khordan Nist:) !!

I can't think of a better phrase to describe our sentiments towards this puny enemy of Iran: Miss Jane Harmon, a prominent Zionist!! 

Regardless of whether we are pro- or anti- this brutal regime in Iran, the territorial integrity of our beloved land, Iran, is paramount to all else, and transcends all political differences - Pure And Simple!!




Mien Führer's what is, is

by Fred on

Mien Führer, you are either a simpleton which I doubt or confused about how to get out of a self inflicted foot in the mouth gaffe.

Back in Iran IRR people do it all the time but no one can safely call them on it, so they get away with it. It is different here in freedom.

An asinine statement such as: “In which world does throwing someone under the bus translate to actually physically throwing them under the bus?” is a no go.

A former super bright President couldn’t get away from it with his infamous define what is , is, defense neither can you with this line of nonsense, let it go.


Thanks MoosirvaPiaz,

by Bavafa on

Any politician that advocates war or even worse the break up of a country not only does not deserve any support, all effort should be pulled together to denounce her and out seat her from the very seat he/she is abusing. I appreciate you bringing this to every ones attention.




by oktaby on

It does not have to be a bus though. During the protest in Iran people were ran over by jeeps, motorcycles, minivans, Commions.... 





In which world does throwing someone under the bus translate to actually physically throwing them under the bus? Unless of course you live in the world of IRR and Israeli hawks and settlers who only know force and war.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, words have meanings and when someone recommends throwing a politician “under the bus” the meaning is rather transparent.

And unlike your claim, it is not just “the tiniest bit of evidence” it is a declaration of wishful intent.

Any ways, this here is not your IRR and all you can do is vote the bum out, that is if you can convince others to do it with you. Good luck.  


what threat oktaby?


I was merely implying that your idea was impractical and naive at best. There was no threat.

Jesus, why are Iranians so uptight?! its time we all chill ffs!


It it fits, wear it Moosir.

by oktaby on

your invitation to khomeini airport was an indirect & implied threat, albeit, in your own feeble sarcastic way. You are just another thug.

Try and think in human ways. You just might grow to like it. 



Yes I meant actually throwing Harman under a bus.


Grow up Fred.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, you should not change your wording for anyone, if you meant it stick by it.  

What needs to be changed is IRR style way of problem solving, physical elimination of those disliked.


cute Fred


looking for the tiniest bit of evidence to wrap around his own idealistic, immoral, hawkish narrative.

I've changed the wording just for you.


Becoming civilized

by Fred on

Mien Führer, unlike Islamist Rapist Republic where political killing is the norm in a civilized and sane governing system people are voted in and voted out on the regular basis.

Therefore there is no need of your nostalgic IRR inspired recommendation:

“It is time to throw Jane Harman, one of AIPAC's greatest assets, under the bus.”

Just vote the bum out and join the civilized system.


Sorry OKtaby, election is on june 9. unseating IR can wait.


how about we meet at khomeini airport on june 10 to unseat the regime? :D

Niloufar Parsi

great move moosir!

by Niloufar Parsi on



That's why I suggested lets focus on IRR first.

by oktaby on





its pretty damn easy to talk about unseating IR. Doing it is something entirely different. Good luck with that however!


Lets unseat IR(ethnically, culturally, socially divide Iran)R

by oktaby on


We'll attend jane later.