Michael Rubin's newly found respect for "Iranian-Americans"


It looks like the Iran hawk Michael Rubin has found himself an "Iranian-American" advocasy group that he can go to everytime he wants to argue for policies that a considerable number of Iranians as well as Iranian-Americans reject. Sam Yebri of the newly founded 30YearsAfter group argues that Iranians on the streets of Iran shout "Obama, either you are with us or with them" or anti-russian and chinese slogans because they want to be gasoline sanctioned.

I am not sure if Sam Yebri has ever been to Iran (Roger Cohen certainly has) but he is not doing Iranians any favor by pushing for misguided and dangerous policies that will hurt average Iranians. 


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Dear Seagall

by MM on

Dear Seagall,

I was just trying to answer your question of where, time and who of Roger Cohen's meeting with the Jews and Baha'is in LA. 

I did not say anything bad about the debate, rather just to bring a sense of the 1.5 hours of the proceeding.   I did not mean to drag other religions into this.  I have a handful of it with Islam already.  As Roger said in the beginning of speech, I know some of you disagree with me, but that is ok in a debate in an open society.  So, while I agree that the audience in the room most likely had suffered a lot (especially the Baha’is) (so have the Jews) (so have the Moslems, cf. Neda Agha Soltan), if you listen to the proceedings, especially the questions from the Rabbi, you will note a “we know better than you condescending tone”, and gottcha moments and ……. 

You disagree?  So be it.  I can respect that also.




by HollyUSA on

I live here (in LA) and saw and heard first hand, a lot of the reactions and attitudes after Cohen's article was published, and after his meeting in LA. But there's plenty to read about it online - both the before and after the meeting articles. All you have to do is to read with an open eye to get to the bottom of the attitudes and agenda. And if like some you are bent on NOT seeing or admitting the attitude and agenda, it will make ni difference what references I provide.




Basiji style slander and trial, if green it must be USA

by Seagull (not verified) on

MM, what part of a " Iranian Jewish Community" says anything but that. Your attempt to officially envolve other communities is nothing but bigotry at its best.

Besides this is what they do in civilized countries, debate the assertions that others put forth as facts. And posing questions regarding the plight of the Bahais in Iran is as legitimate as noon Barbari in a town or public meeting by any member of the public this does not officiate anyghing but bigotry of those who wish to misrepresent this. What you percieve as wrong  is perhaps the notion that anything jews do even debating the issues that Cohen worte which involves them is wrong because they are jewsh!


Also from the look of it in the streets of Iran now, even moslems arent free to practice their religion without getting harrassed let alone the minorities. So much of the creative writting for the most part from Mr Cohen regarding the living environment in Iran.  Whatever he said about Iranian people is very accurate though. 


Live stream of Roger Cohen's dialogue w/ Jews & Baha'is in LA

by MM on

Here is what I found on Roger Cohen's meeting with Jews and Baha'is in LA on March 12, 2009 | 11:36 am

A Dialogue with Roger Cohen and the Iranian Jewish Community with some Baha’is present at the meeting.  LIVE broadcast of a dialogue with Roger Cohen (New York Times) and the Los Angeles Iranian Jewish Community, moderated by Rabbi David Wolpe and hosted by Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.

Roger Cohen gave a nice speech.  The Q/A session were longer than the speech.  The questions were somewhat aggressive (judge for yourself) and he was interrupted several times.  But, Roger Cohen was not really shut up, got a nice ovation, although some came up to him afterwards and were almost shouting.



by Seagull (not verified) on

"The Iranian Jewish and Bahai community in Los Angeles tried hard to
shut Roger Cohen up after his trip to Iran and his writings on the
Iranian Jewish community within Iran."

Do you care to provide references, and proof of when and how this Cohen was shut up and summoned by the said communites,or its just your guts feeling.


Mola Nasredeen

"He's a pimp!

by Mola Nasredeen on

Trying to pimp us for his Israeli bosses" Said Hazrate shotor.


First thing first, indeed

by پندارنیک on

Well, if Americans only care about the nuclear proliferation, and not threat, issue then they should start some serious negotiations with their Israeli friends as well.


First thing first

by benross on

Create an organization, put a face and a voice to it, then tell others what Iranian resistance wants and what doesn't want.

US doesn't care if Iran is Islamic, monarchic or republican. Democracy or dictatorship. US wants the nuclear proliferation to stop.


Michael Rubin's newly found respect for "Iranian-Americans"

by MM on

If we, the Iranian-Americans, do not articulate what we want and what we want the American government to do, then other newbie Iranian experts will do the thinking for us.   

I will gladly read or listen to folks like Roger Cohen or John Limbert (genuine Iran-dousts) instead of hawks like Michael Rubin whose interest in Iran stems from someone else's hidden agenda.


surgical strikes versus covert help to the real Iranians

by MM on

An Israeli/American surgical strike to send the Basijis and Pasdaars to hell sounds fine on paper, but if unsuccessful on the first round, will end the resistance movement in Iran for a long time to come back again.  However, as the resistance movement becomes more violent, I would not mind seeing covert help (moral support --> software --> guns) to the real Iranian demonstrators to counter the increasingly violent Islamist government of Iran.

Arming the people will definitely make the Basijis think twice before beating the daylight out of the demonstrators and killing them with impunity.


Roger Cohen

by HollyUSA on

The Iranian Jewish and Bahai community in Los Angeles tried hard to shut Roger Cohen up after his trip to Iran and his writings on the Iranian Jewish community within Iran. They even had a Rabbi of theirs 'summon' Roger Cohen to come explain himself (take a beating more like) all because he wrote about Iran in a factual manner that happened to be in somewhat of a positive light (he wrote: "....I’m a Jew and have seldom been treated with such consistent warmth as in Iran." and that inside Iran the average Moslem and the average Jewish citizen live side by side peacefully and work things out as IRANIANS. You can read his article at:


Mr Yebri probably belongs to the same group who just won't have it any way but their way. And their way is certainly NOT intended to do any favors to Iran or Iranians - Only what benefits their agenda.

Well, too bad.



Sanctions wont work, only surgical attacks will

by mahmoudg on

Surgucal attacks are the salvation for Iran.  Paritcularly when the surgical attacks will purge the 200K  or so Basij and Pasdars.  Unless these people are removed from amongst the iranian population, even a newly formed democratically elected free Republic or constitutional Monarchy will have trouble dealing with these backward and mentally challeneged bunch.  so the best is for the American/Israeli jont forces to do iranians a big favor and get rid of these rats for us.