Our Invisible War on Iran

Our Invisible War on Iran

Marc Lynch, a highly respected MidEast expert for the Foreign Policy Magazine gives a brief review of a book on Iraq sanctions:

Joy Gordon, Invisible War. While most Americans have largely forgotten the long decade of U.S. led sanctions on Iraq, Gordon forces attention back to their long-lasting effects on the Iraqi state and society. She offers a deeply researched account of American and United Nations policies towards the sanctions which captures the contradictions between an overt focus on forcing Saddam Hussein to surrender his WMD programs and a deeper interest in maintaining containment ("keeping Saddam in a box") and pushing for regime change -- contradictions which remain deeply relevant to current debates about Iran. Gordon tracks the effects of the sanctions on Iraqis, which drove international outrage as the decade of the 1990s dragged on but which most of the world now seems eager to forget. Joy Gordon in the Middle East Channel: "Lessons We Should Have Learned From the Iraqi Sanctions" (July 8, 2010).


I have this book and can't recommend it highly enough to Iranians. Any advocate of sanctions must read this book in order to understand what us anti-sanctions advocate go through in trying to dissuade people from even thinking about such damaging measures.



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Did not get it - did you?

by masoudA on

Just change the title of the book to:  Our Invisible War on IR - and things will look a lot different to you my dear MooSir-Piaz.  



propaganda ? ask Iranian.com moderators


I was not even promoted to the front page! While Fred the neocon war advocate and you get your posts approved on a daily basis advocating war and sanctions on the already suffering iranian people. What is up Iranian.com moderators? Why do these people get a pass? What is wrong with my post?


Dear IR agent

by masoudA on

Keep up the propaganda..... but get ready to say goodbye to all Soros grants....

Dear M&P - I think as soon as you start seperating the Islamic Rebublic and Iran - then things will look a lot different to you.   Maybe then you will start understanding who your highly respected Lynch works for.   Meanwhile go ahead and start with your usual namecalling and character assassinations.  

Isreal supporter who loves to see Iran attacked and innocent Iranians killed..... lol 

Dear All - this BS and other propaganda like it is not in support of the people of Iran - it is all about preserving the Islamic Republic.