Republican controlled congress bad for Iran Democracy

Republican controlled congress bad for Iran Democracy

Here is a list of initiatives that I suspect republicans will push for regarding Iran:


  • Stronger set of crippling or as Fred likes to say, "airtight" sanctions against Iran.
  • Urge Obama to keep military options on the table
  • Remove the Mujahedin (MEK, MKO, PMOI) from the terror list.
  • Treat unpopular Mujahedin (MEK, MKO, PMOI) as the main Iranian opposition group.
  • Direct Iran funds to Mujahedin
  • Make VOA even more partisan than it already is
  • Treat popular Iranian-American opposition groups as appeasers of the regime:
    • (Are you a monarchist, republican,communist or sabz Iranian-American?  Are you against war or "airtight sanctions"? Well, you are a regime appeaser!) 
  • Target anti-war and anti-sanctions organizations

To sum up:

  • following the footsteps of AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations when it comes to Iran 
  • Ratchet up empty gestures of support for Iranians suffering under opression while stabbing them in the back with their short sighted disastrous policies

you thought Obama was not with us? wait until you see what tea party flavored republicans are capable of.


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military option

by Fesenjoon on

I also dont have a problem with surgical strikes against IRGC facilities, and Baseej HQs.

Let them witness how no Imam zaman will be there to save their sorry asses.


about time

by mahmoudg on

guns blazzing.  Well more like bomb bays blazzing, we should go in and strategically take out the sites of the IRI basij, IRGC, and leadership assets.  Finally we have the congress in place, now we need to convince President Obama to do the deed.


Wrong Q


I believe you misunderstood the intent of the weekly standard post. had you read their columns regularly like i have you would know that they were meant to brag about the israeli support. it is not a sign of fear, but of joy and admiration.

they are trying to say that support for israel is"khodjoosh" and not manufactured.

"The rally Palin participated in wasn't exactly an AIPAC conference."


wow Moosir!

by Q on

when the WEEKLY STANDARD calls you out on being pro-Israel, it really shows that even Israel mouthpieces are scared of what these crazy teabaggers might do to this country!

Nader Vanaki

جناب موسیر و پیاز

Nader Vanaki

بعید می دونم یه دونه از این طرحهایی که گفتی رو اجرا کنن، فعلاً توی سرو کله همدیگه می زنن، بی کار که شدن میرن سراغ سیاست خارجی و تا اون موقع دو سالی مونده.  فعلاً دوره زورآزمایی بین خودشونه.


Sarah Palin, in West Virginia, Campaigning for ... Israel


Sarah Palin, in West Virginia, Campaigning for ... Israel

Take a look at the pin Sarah Palin wore during a rally over the weekend
for Republican Senate candidate John Raese in Charleston, West
Sarah Palin.jpg